Saturday, December 29, 2007

Media 2007 winners and Losers

Brent Bozell of the watchdog group the Media Research Center names the winners and losers of 2007 from a family values perspective at Catholic Exchange.
"Winners: Walden Media, which placed more well-made family-friendly movies in the cineplexes in 2007, from Bridge to Terabithia to the brand-new, critically acclaimed "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep."
Additional kudos to Walden Media from an unexpected source: The New York Times who reported that the two top favored films of 2007 by readers are Ratatouille and The Bridge to Terabithia.
Fox News called "The Golden Compass" a flop on their morning show, "Fox and Friends" today.
Families show that they are not easily deceived after all!

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Jean Heimann said...

That's wonderful! Those were great movies! People appreciate more wholesome, family movies today.