Monday, May 31, 2010

Bishops slam Catholic Health Association for support of Obamacare

And in "Setting the Record Straight," as the document is titled, they affirm their teaching authority and say that dissent from episcopal teaching among Catholics, such as the endorsement of the health care reform by the Catholic Health Association, resulted "in confusion and a wound to Catholic unity."

The Catholic Health Association (CHA) came out in support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) during the heated debate over the bill, despite the USCCB's criticism of the measure for its funding of abortion, lack of conscience protection, and other serious flaws.

The dissenting Catholics who supported Obamacare have finally been called to task. Well done, USCCB!

Read the entire story on Life Site News.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

63% of Americans want Obamacare Repealed

This is the will of the people, Obama, are you listening?
Of course not, you are deciding what else you can impose on us, like a Supreme Court Justice who is above the law. Who uses a relativistic view of compassion to decide her cases, no wait, she's never been a judge, so we don't have ANY IDEA what she'll be using to inform her decisions on the bench. We only know that you like her philosophy, which is enough reason to vote against her nomination.
Read the entire story here
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Censorship in Norfold Va schools

Try and deny the horrors of slavery or the Holocaust and this would be the MSM headlines. But when two educators gave children in elementary school a small fetal model and described the developing baby in the womb (not abortion just fetal development) they were dismissed. A simple anatomy lesson. PLanned Parenthood gives extremely offensive and graphic anatomy lessons funded by our tax dollars. and no one complains.
What is wrong with children seeing these adorable little baby dolls? We had one for years and Bella used to play with him. We called him "Freddie the fetus". I remember at the Baptism of the daughter of  a large Catholic family, Bella was feeding "Freddie" a cup of milk. A pro-abort woman who was bellyaching about the size of the family who had Baptized their child, observed her and fell silent. And a little child shall lead them. .
What bothers me in this story is the parents reaction to the fetus being shown to their children. If you took a look at the graphic sex and violence they probably permit their children to watch on TV, this fetus is  completely innocuous. Maybe they are post abortive and have guilty consciences.
Parents and other officials at Oakwood Elementary School met for a closed meeting on the matter and were quoted by the Virginian-Pilot expressing disgust at the "human fetus dolls" given to third, fourth, and fifth-grade students, and calling them "entirely inappropriate and unacceptable." Oakwood spokeswoman Elizabeth Thiel Mather told the paper Thursday that the baby figurines were not authorized by the division as instructional materials.

Board member Kirk Houston Sr. reportedly called the tiny models, "Very life like, and it's a pro-life tool," and said that board members were "all pretty dumbfounded" at their distribution.

"As a parent, I choose to teach my children about those things later in life," said one parent. "I did not sign a waiver for my daughter to be given a fetus."

We are approaching a police state, where the truth is suppressed, unless we raise protest over this incident.
Read the entire story at Life Site News.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

New conservative Social Studies standards come from Texas

In the field of education, the surest way to set my blood a boilin' is the mention the words 'revisionist history'. I fell victim to the 'values clarification' agenda way back in the 1970's, and fought it vigorously. In World History, my liberal teacher taught Mao Tse Tung's little red book (the spelling used then) as sacred doctrine. We carried little copies and memorized excerpts from it which were enshrined on the walls, in little stations around the walls of our classroom, like the Stations of the Cross. This was in the late 70's when Mao was starving 28 million of his own people. But not according to Ms Hair (not her real name, she just dressed like a character from the musical with a blond Afro) who told us all year, "there's no hunger in China". Indoctrination, pure and simple. Ms Hair was a pot smoking, lesbian, New Age, card -carrying Communist, whose father was on the school board, giving her immunity, that is until they caught her dealing pot to the students.
Mr Green was another case. He taught European History in Northport High School. Mr Green's course "Great Minds and Monarchs of Europe" should have been called, "Why the Catholic Church is the Enemy of All That is Good". From the Inquisition to the Crusades, the Reformation to Pope Pius X who he accused of collaboration with the Nazis, there was no Catholic left unblamed in Mr Green's class.
Thanks to Mr Green, I became an apologist. I had debated with Ms Hair the virtues of communism for a year, and with Mr Green, I began to do research into the history of the Catholic Church with Jesuit Fr Fagan (real name) in St Philip Neri Parish. Fr Fagan had a great library of books to support my arguments, and I learned about Catholic heroes like Msgr. O'Flaherty the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican who hid Jews and US airmen to refuge in the Vatican itself right under the noses of the Nazis. Monsignor is immortalized in the wonderful film "The Scarlet and the Black".
So, the liberal members of the Texas Board of Ed have been outvoted and are crying foul. The new curriculum, vitally important because it determines what major Social Studies textbook companies willl print, will more accurately reflect the religious and cultural heritage of the United States. For example it is mentioned that the "separation of church and state" is NOT found in the Constitution, the bogus term BCE and CE do NOT replace BC and AD (before Christ and Anno Domine). Students are warned about the dangers which international treaties place on US sovereignty, and the US is named a "Consittutional Republic"rather than a Democracy. Democrats should like that last one, if this were a direct Democracy, Obamacare would never have passed; instead our elected officials ignored the vox populi.
So, now after years of domination by the liberal revisionsists, a more accurate portrayal of US History may be printed in our children's textbooks. Don't get too excited, there are mostly liberals in publishing, according to the textbooks I have used as a teacher. I don't expect them to change to the truth overnight, when they've had decades to rewrite history.
I just hope that Catholic school administrators have the good sense to use good Catholic textbooks like Ignatius Press Catholic Textbook Project which present a balanced view of American and World history. Pleanty of cultural diversity, NO Catholic bashing. In fact the accomplishements of Catholics like Christopher Columbus are lauded.

Read the entire AP story here.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eduardo Verastegui hosts pro-life Latino Conference in LA

The pro-life movie "Bella" has saved 125 babies from abortion, but Eduardo Verastegui is not content to rest on his laurels. He spoke of his organizaion "Manto de Guadalupe" in my interview here, and this conference in Los Angeles will bring him one step closer to his goal of giving poor Latina women in LA real choice; choice to keep their babies rather than abort them.

The funds raised … will be used to open a medical center in Los Angeles that provides free, high-quality care for pregnant women and their preborn babies," stated Eduardo Verástegui in a press release.

Verástegui said the forthcoming Guadalupe Medical Center will be situated in an area that has ten abortion clinics, making the center “an oasis of life in the midst of a desert of death.” The dream of building a pro-life medical center in L.A. has been on the Catholic performer’s mind for several years, after he discovered that at least nine abortion clinics were operating within a one mile stretch of the city.
Wouldn't this be a wonderful country if the power of Hollywood saved lives instead of destroying them?
If stars cared as much for human life as they do for the rainforest?
God bless your work, Eduardo!
Photo: Eduardo with my sixteen year old daughter Gabriela last August.

Read the entire story in Life Site News.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Protest over Empire State lighting heats up

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Day 8 of the protest campaign on behalf of Mother Teresa:

Today I am writing to the U.S. bishops in the Midwest notifying them that Anthony Malkin, the owner of the Empire State Building, has decided not to overrule those who have chosen to deny a tribute to Mother Teresa: our request to have the towers shine blue and white, the colors of her congregation, on August 26th, the 100th anniversary of her birth (and the day the U.S. Postal Service is honoring her with a commemorative stamp), was denied without explanation. Yet the same persons who chose to stiff Mother Teresa decided to honor the Chinese Communist revolution last year, even though 77 million innocent men, women and children were murdered under Mao Zedong.
Sign the petition to light The Empire State Building in honor of Mother Teresa here.

Everyone is being asked to sign our petition (click here), and to write to Anthony Malkin. His address is

 Malkin Properties,
One Grand Central Place
60, E. 42nd St.,
NY, NY 10165.

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Bishops back out of pro-abortion civil rights coaltion

It seems that civil rights types have defined killing your unborn child a civil right. So, the USCCB has got to re-examine it's relationships with formerly good orgainzations. You have to stay with the times, those who supported a good thing in the sixties, have become those who would destroy the family and thus society today. This is good news that the bishops are aware of this trend and announcing their disapproval by withdrawing their support. I sense that there is much more disassociating yet to be done. Thanks to watchdog Deal Hudson, one more scandalous relationship is severed.
The release stated that the bishops withdrew following the group's published support for the pro-abortion and homosexualist Supreme Court nominee, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, which was pointed out earlier this week by Deal Hudson of Catholic Advocate and reported by LSN Tuesday.

In withdrawing from the coalition, the USCCB "reiterated its commitment to oppose discrimination based on race, religion, sex, ethnicity, disabling condition, or age, and said that these are grave injustices and affronts to human dignity."
Elena Kagan has been described by one pundit as Obama's political "Soulmate". No way should Catholics be supporting someone with the pro-death, anti-family agenda of our president.
Read the entire article at Life Site News.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catholic writers to gather on Long Island in June

Charitable Event Launches New York Writers’ Group

Catholic Writers of Long Island, which is poised to become the first local chapter of the Catholic Writers’ Guild, will hold a full-day conference at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, 440 West Neck Road, Huntington, New York, on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 from 9:30-4:30pm, entitled, “The Word Made Flesh: A Day of Encouragement and Enrichment for Catholic Writers.”
Signed copies of good Catholic books, theater tickets, and other valuable prizes will be raffled off and proceeds will benefit Catholic Relief Services, which is a 501[c]3 organization. All are welcome, including nursing mothers with their babies.

The event’s keynote speaker, Rick Hinshaw, editor of the Long Island Catholic, will receive the Catholic Writers’ Guild’s “Lily” award for Meritorious Achievement in Catholic Arts and Letters. Other speakers include: award-winning author and publisher, Josephine Nobisso; author and composer, Alexander J. Basile; retreat leader and host of “Among Women” podcast, Pat Gohn; and author and seminary rector, Msgr. Peter Vaccari. Msgr. Charles Fink, Director of Spiritual Formation for the seminary, will be the homilist.

The event emphasizes connectedness in the Body of Christ and supports professional networking via breaks with refreshments and a special bonus; early-birds will have bios and contact information listed in ¼-page sections in the program, an added value worth $15. Mass, Rosary, and buffet lunch included.
Tickets before June 1st: $25 for adult early-birds and $17 for student early-birds.
From June 1st-June 15th, tickets: $35 for adults and $25 for students.
Meal head-count closes June 15th.

Register at:
and click on the “Catholic Writers of Long Island” link in the left sidebar under "Important Links." Add your 100-word [max] bio in the “comments” section, or mail check and typed bio to:
 mater et magistra,
P.O. Box 251 ,
 Hamlin , PA 18427
 and put “LI Writers” in notes section.
To learn more, see Facebook page for “Catholic Writers of Long Island” or contact chapter president, Lisa Mladinich, at

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be Careful when you give to disability charities

Not only do their execs make huge salaries, such as that of Geraldine Dawson,  but they may be spending research money, not on a cure, but on pre-natal diagnosis, AKA search and destroy techniques to kill babies with the disability. Not curing our children who already have the disability.
Such was the case with the March of Dimes and abortion of babies with Down synrome in the 1970's and the same thing is happening now that Autism may soon be prenatally diagnosed.
Geraldine Dawson is part of a movement determined to eradicate people with autism from our society. We need more respect and understanding when it comes to the autism community. Sebelius’ choice to appoint Dawson to the IACC does not represent the hope and change that many in the autism community were expecting.
The National Down Syndrome Society and National Down Syndrome Congress both call themselves pro-choice as well. We already have a 90% abortion rate of our children, yet they stand silently by about it.
Read the story at Big Government.

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What real men love; a video from the Friars of the Immaculate

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Always Catholic

I am constantly amazed by the proliferation of excellent Catholic blogs and websites out there. Many times, I discover them as their owners follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Here is one site called Always Catholic. Run by an Italian American named Sophia, with a fondness for St Joseph.
Great work, paisana!
It reminds me of my sponsor for Confirmation, Aunt Kay, who, just before I received the sacrament, made me promise to always remain a Catholic. Thanks to daily Mass, my holy pastor, eucharistic adoration, the rosary,  and wonderful websites, to read, being a Catholic is a joy.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Nothing Christian about Socialism: Fr Corapi

Contrary to what many Catholics believe Socialism is NOT the answer to poverty, on the contrary, it just gives power to the few, and lowers us all down to the lowest common denominator, according to Fr Corapi in a speech to Legatus.

In his final segment, Fr. Corapi said that in all of his years as a priest, he's never seen such fear in people. "There's a lot of anxiety, a lack of trust in government, elected and appointed officials. There's a crisis of trust," he said. Then quoting from the Gospels of Mark and Luke, he advised "fear is useless; what is needed is trust."

Read the article here. HT Life Site News
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Pro life pictures available here

I attended a talk given by Lila Rose last year, the woman \who is exposing the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood with undercover camera work. She made an excellent point that each time a grave injustice was fought, be it slavery, the Nazi holocaust, or civil rights for African Americans, it was powerful images which moved the people.
Now we are fighting for the lives of unborn babies. Let's use the images on this blog to arm ourselves with the truth.

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Miami laymen have Vatican fire bishop

In the midst of the priestly scandal a few years ago, a devout friend reminded me that every time Holy Mother Church is deeply mired in scandal, it was laymen who cleaned up the mess and set her straight. This is the case in Miami, where a lay group Christifidelis, sent the Vatican a detailed report on how a gay cabal of priests was running the archdiocese. The Vatican verified that it was true, and retired Archbishop Favola early. He is being replaced by more consevative Orlando bishop Wenski.
Good work, faithful sons of the Church! If more lay groups would do this, we could truly clean up from the scandal. Right now all that has been done in the US is put sex abuse programs in place which teach little children to protect themselves. How about removing those priests whose immoral behavior give scandal to the faithful and endanger innocent children? How about starting with homosexual priests whom the John Jay Study said are responsible for 90% of the sex abuse, with adolescent boys?
Until the American Church makes sweeping changes, the Vatican will only be able to react to crises like that in Miami. No wonder Fr Cutie was allowed to live in sin with a woman, causing scandal,  the hierachy of his diocese was too steeped in sodomy to care.
That lawsuit served as the launchpad for the investigations during which Christifidelis gathered the information that it included in its lengthy report submitted to the Vatican.

Giunta says that after the group submitted its report on the alleged corruption in the Miami archdiocese, Baroussa, “was contacted by a Vatican monsignor, who met with her in person and assured her that the Holy See would be investigating each and every one of the allegations presented in the report.” He adds that in the fall of 2006, “this monsignor contacted her again, informing her that our allegations had all been vindicated, and that Rome was going to act on the report.”

If you have a diocese like Miami, take action, send a report to the Vatican and clean it up, the souls of many are at stake!

Read the story here.

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