Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bigger than the Royal Wedding

I don't mean to rain on the Royal Wedding celebration, I wish the couple every happiness in their wedded life, and hope the Brits have a wonderful celebration. I look back on my days living in Highbury, London with great affection. It was just this time of year when I reluctantly left Britain for the Continent. I've been back twice since, once taking a course at the University of London, and spending a delightful weekend at Oxford, city of dreaming spires. But I just can't help comparing as we Catholics have an even bigger event this weekend, and I am waiting with just as eager anticipation as I see on the news about the wedding.

Servant of God, Pope John Paul II will be beatified in Rome on Sunday. A human being has overcome tragedy and oppression, and reached extraordinary heights of holiness, touching the lives of millions, transforming the Culture of Death by planting seeds of the New Springtime of Evangelization. He has become the role model for millions of zealous young religious, and generously sized families often have a son bearing his name. Universities and schools are already named after him. His Theology of the Body is enthusiastically studied by scholars and the faithful alike.  John Paul rewrote the map of Europe, overcoming forty years of Communist dictatorship with prayer and encouragement of his people. His intercessory prayers healed a nun of Parkinson's Disease from which he heroically suffered.
Now he is to be raised to the altar with the feast day October 22. That's something to celebrate! The population of Rome has already doubled, swelling with pilgrims who are there for the occasion. I was just invited to join them but, alas, finances will not permit me. I will be there in spirit, however, celebrating with my family in a Beatification Party; Polish food while watching the big event on the TV. My portrait of John Paul will be festooned with bunting and spring flowers, and we will conclude our Divine Mercy Novena as we toast our new Blessed John Paul II.

Before I was a blogger, I used to write articles and poetry when I was inspired by something great. In 1979 I saw the young Pope John Paul in Madison Square Garden and wrote this poem, which won second place in the New York State Catholic Daughters' Poetry Contest. It helped me think that I might have a career in journalism.

The Pilgrim Pope
From Ireland's Emerald Hills,
To American's Freedom Shore,
Another humble pilgrim,
Comes 'cross the sea once more.

But this traveler is diff'rent,
Though, in looks, like all the rest,
His path is set by Christ,
Which makes his coming blest.

He comes in peace to spread,
The gentle Gospel Word,
So, open wide your hearts,
And let his voice be heard.

And then, in 1995 as a young mother I wrote this piece after attending the Mass at Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City with my two year old daughter. It aws published in Queen of All Hearts, a Monfort publication. Today is the feast day of St Louis de Monfort, whose Marian Consecration both Pope John Paul and I have made.

When John Paul died, I was so moved I wrote this piece which was published in the National Catholic Reporter and Faith and Family magazine simultaneously.
Soon, I began to get the idea that I was being called to write as my small part of the New Evangelization, and in 2006, this blog became the vehicle to launch a writing career. Next month, I will be publishing my first book, "A Special Mother is Born".  We've both come a long way, Karol Wojtyla and I .
Blessed Pope John Paul, thank you for the hope you gave me, and for inspiring me to become a part of the New Springtime of Evangelization.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The reason for our hope

The Easter season is a time of renewal and hope. It had been a long winter, the dry and confused season in the Church during which I came of age. But the times, they were a changin'. Hope was on the rise, thanks to Pope John Paul II. We saw it on TV and we felt it at his huge rallies. We were inspired to change the world.

Colleen Carroll Campbell's book "The New Faithful" which she describes in her piece  in the National Catholic Register was one of the reasons for my hope when in the middle of the last decade, I was contemplating my role in what Pope John Paul II called the New Springtime of Evangelization. Reading her true life stories of young people doing extraordinary things due to the inspiration of a aging pontiff. resonated so closely with my own experience, that I decided that it was time to finally put that writing gift to use.

Here Colleen summarizes the impact of Pope John Paul on a generation of Catholics living in the ravaged of what he termed the 'Culture of Death':

Still, the soon-to-be Blessed John Paul planted seeds of faith, hope and love that have borne lasting fruit in this generation, fruit that will continue to ripen in the decades to come. As one young woman told a reporter at his funeral, “The Pope loved us enough to tell us the truth.” That truth is one that JP2 Catholics now want to proclaim to the world.

 I began to blog in 2006 and sound found that my voice found a home amongst like minded Catholics in the blogosphere, in fact, most Catholic bloggers would agree that they are the JPII generation. Thank you Colleen, for summing up in vivid description what so many of us felt in our hearts, but were hesitant to share. You, like Pope John Paul II have encouraged us to "be not afraid".

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Christina's show on Crossroads TV program

The show which features my daughters and I is now available online at: Just click on the date of the show: April 23, 2011, and it should pop up.
We are on at 8:30 after the piece about the Pope John Paul II exhibit at the Knights of Columbus Museum.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crossroads Show to be aired Holy Saturday

The Archdiocese of Hartford's TV show "Crossroads" will feature my daughters tomorrow on Channel 20 at 10:30 AM CCTV. You can get it across the state of  CT. 
 It focuses on the documentary Gabbi did on her sister with Down syndrome for a film competition and their close relationship. I got in a few words as well!
If you miss it, I can post a link on Cause of Our Joy

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Please pray for me as I present a paper tomorrow in New York

I would like to ask for your prayers for me as I present a paper tomorrow  at Nassau Community College. 
I will be presenting at 10:35 about Dr Jerome Lejeune. See the schedule below to see the powerful minds who will be sharing the stage with me. The Keynote speaker is EWTN series host,  Mike Acquilna.

No wonder I'm nervous!


7:30 to 8:10 A.M.-Coffee/Bagels
8:15 A.M. Introduction, Joseph A. Varacalli, Center Director, Nassau Community College
8:20 to 8:50 A.M. Alex LaPerchia, Author/ Playwright and Mercy College, “Blessed Margaret of Castello,” “St. John Vianney,” and “Venerable Louis of Grenada”
8:55 to 9:15 A.M. Salvatore J. LaGumina, Nassau Community College, “American Catholic Ethnic Groups and Social Catholicism”
9:20 to 9:40 A.M.  Clara Sarrocco, C.S. Lewis Society, “The Concept of Evil in Christian Literature”
9:45 to 10:05 A.M. Mary Ellen Barrett, Long Island Catholic, “New Age: Catholic Critique”
10:10 to 10:30 A.M. Florence Scarinci, Feminists for Life/Nassau Community College, “Prostitution”
10:35 to 10:55 A.M.. Leticia Velasquez,  Catholic Blogger, Cause of Our Joy, “Jerome Lejeune”
11 to 11: 20 A.M. David Bonagura, Jr. Kellenberg Memorial High School, “Cicero”
11:25 to 11:45 A.M. Rick Hinshaw, Long Island Catholic, “The Political Responsibilities of the Catholic”
12 Noon to 1 P.M. Luncheon
1 to 1:25 P.M. Andrew Essig, DeSales University, “Faithful Citizenship” and “Democratic Theory”
1: 30 to 1:50 P.M. Adrian Calderone, Author and Society of Catholic Social Scientists,
1:55-2:15 P.M. Anthony L. Haynor, Seton Hall University, “Cultural Lag/Technological Determinism”
2:20-2:50 P.M. Monsignor Robert A. Batule, Immaculate Conception Seminary, “St. John Bosco,” “St. Francis Xavier,” and “Father Benedict Groeschel”
2:55 to 3:15 P.M. James Krug, Kellenberg Memorial High School, “St. Louis de Montfort”
3:20 to 4 P.M.  Plenary Address: Mike Aquilina, Author and Columnist, “Getting to Know the Church Fathers”
4-4:05  P.M. Concluding Remarks, Joseph A. Varacalli, Nassau Community College
Jane Gilroy, PhD, President
Long Island Chapter University Faculty for Life

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seven more pro-life Senators in 2012

from Jennifer Mesko at Focus on the Family

For the second time this year, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to stop sending taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. The U.S. Senate, however, was quick to run in the opposite direction, with 58 senators voting in favor of funding the nation’s largest abortion business.

The House voted 241-185 on the measure, and 240-185 to defund the widely unpopular health care law. The Senate voted 47-53 on the health care funding bill.

We need seven more pro-life senators in the 2012 election to vote out Planned Parenthood funding. Seven more senators to take over the Senate from the Culture of Death. And a President who is not in love with abortion. We'll have to elect them, those who are in the Senate have now voted twice to fund abortion and human trafficking.
As Ann Coulter so aptly put it. "On this aborted fetus, Democrats plant their flag. Abortion is the ONLY hill on which Democrats are willing to die.

And then, totally by accident, Republicans stumbled onto the Democrats' Achilles heel. Among their specific defunding proposals, Republicans had suggested taking mere peanuts away from Planned Parenthood.
All the Republicans had to do was threaten to cut federal funding for abortion, and they won $40 billion in spending cuts overnight.

 How sad is it that so many Catholics re-elect them when it is clear that abortion is the only area on which they will not compromise.
 I pray that if we make a big deal out of each Senator's vote on Planned Parenthood funding, that at least some Catholics will listen to their bishops and vote pro-life next election.
 My soon to be 18 year old daughter plans to .

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Rick Santorum's pro-life testimony

Benefit 2011 - Sen. Rick Santorum from Coalition for Life on Vimeo.
He has just thrown his hat into the Presidential ring. Some pro-lifers are still angry at him for his misguided support of Arlen Specter for Senate against now Senator Pat Toomey. You need to listen to his testimony in this video. Its long, detailed and from the heart. He is living in a profoundly pro-life manner, thanks to his son Gabriel who is with Our Lord, and his daughter Isabella with Trisomy 18.
God has been preparing him for something by refining his faith, and his commitment to life issues.
 Is it the presidency?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is pre-natal screening and abortion a crime against humanity?

Mike Sullivan  an engineer from New Zealand says "Yes" and is going to prove it.He and his friends who have children with Down syndrome are incensed at the national health care's push for pre-natal screening for Down syndrome.Its about money, they say, having a child with Down syndrome is just too expensive. Isn't that what we fear in America with Obamacare?

Whangarei engineer Mike Sullivan, along with 19 other parents and Right to Life NZ, has applied to the Director of Human Rights Proceedings to represent them at the Human Rights Review Tribunal, on the grounds that screening discriminates against people with Down syndrome, is a crime against humanity and is in violation of the Crimes Act
If there were pre-natal testing for race it would be easy to see it as discrimination, and Sullivan is likening the common physical characteristics of those with Down syndrome to those of people of the same race. Dr Langdon Down believed it enough to call people with Down syndrome Mongoloids, because he thought they originated in Mongolia, because of their Asian-like eyes and flat  faces. 
Think about it, they are very similar genetically, have similar facial structure and similar physical and intellectual challenges.The only real difference between members of the same race and those with Down syndrome is that racial characteristics are passed on in a direct line, where Trisomy 21 usually appears randomly in the population. About five percent is inherited from the parents. 

 They are being sought out in a search-and-destroy program which is eugenic in nature, an attempt to cleanse society from undesirables. Very much like racism. So it IS a crime against humanity to seek out and kill
babies with Down syndrome because of their appearance or ability. 

Sullivan has a good point.
Think about it
Read the entire article here. 
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Budget agreement saves 1,000 unborn babies a year!

We didn't get Planned Parenthood defunded. But it was trending on Twitter, which proves we had the attention of the public, it was discussed, even on CNN who tries to ignore abortion issues. It will be voted on in the Senate, giving Democrats and Republicans who claim they are pro-life to prove it. It will be a topic of discussiion, giving us a chance to win hearts and minds. Taking down 38 years of the abortion industry will be laborious, but I can see it accelerating, thanks be to God. Here is more reason for hope; we are already seeing reason to rejoice; saving 1,000 precious lives a year in our nation's capitol.

from the Susan B. Anthony List
 1,000 innocent, unborn children.

That’s the number of lives that are saved each year thanks to the Dornan Amendment, which prevents federal funding of abortion in the District of Columbia.

And in last night’s eleventh hour negotiations on the federal budget, our pro-life House leadership forced the radically pro-abortion Senate and the most pro-abortion president ever to concede on the Dornan amendment, which will save one thousand lives in the shadow of the Capitol building.

Leticia, I know you know the value of one life saved, and will join with me in celebrating all those children in Washington, D.C. that will be born as we all are: with a purpose.

And while we did not win everything, we cannot loose sight of this partial victory.

Like you, I am extremely disappointed that Planned Parenthood will continue to receive federal funding. But the debate these past few months since Lila Rose released undercover footage from an abortuary in Perth Amboy, NJ has dealt them a significant blow.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed. Their friendly “pro-woman” image has been shattered. Instead, they’re now seen for what they are: a billion-dollar business centered around abortion, a habitual and unapologetic ally of those who wish to exploit young girls.

It was thanks to your emails, phone calls, participation in pro-life vigils, and your conversations with family and friends that we came further than ever before in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. And as this battle continues, we have a huge leg up thanks to you.

Our work, your work, the work of pro-life America isn’t done yet.

Your SBA List will not rest until Planned Parenthood is defunded and we will continue working with our pro-life leaders in the House to get the job done. We already have work ahead, including Congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood that will further expose them.

A debate and vote on defunding Planned Parenthood will come up very soon in the Senate. While we do not have enough votes for passage, this will allow us to put each and every Senator on record, especially those up for re-election in 2012. 

Friday, April 08, 2011

Dems to shut down Govt over PP funding

Staff in both the Senate and House have been meeting to try to find a compromise
solution in order to pass a budget for the rest of this fiscal year.
As I expressed in my email to you yesterday, the stakes are high for our movement. For months, we have been
sacrificing and working overtime to federally de-fund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.
And because of everything you have done...calling and visiting your Congressman; writing Letters to the Editor
of your local newspaper;
 praying in front of Planned Parenthood facilities; and educating your friends and family
via social networking, on campus, and in church...
we have never been closer to achieving this goal!
Yesterday, Planned Parenthood held a rally on the Capitol Lawn with only 1,000 people using the same old scare
tactics to demand that Congress continue to fund their operation.
Despite these protests and President Obama's repeated vows not to support any budget that de-funds Planned Parenthood,
our movement, along with pro-life Members of Congress, has been moving forward.

And because of your tireless dedication, the Senate, lead by the pro-abortionSen. Harry Reid, and President Obama are willing to
shut down the federal government in order to protect Planned Parenthood's funding. 

This is crazy. 

Our nation is facing an insurmountable fiscal crisis in the trillions of dollars, and 
President Obama and pro-abortion leaders
in the U.S. Senate are willing to shut down the entire federal government over $330 million taxpayer dollars which flows to
Planned Parenthood.
Time and time again, Planned Parenthood has proven it does not deserve our taxpayer money. In fact, if any other
government-funded organization did the things Planned Parenthood has been proven to do, they would have been
 immediately .

(Go here for more information about Planned Parenthood's history of corruption:

And we can't forget...

Every second, $11 taxpayer dollars goes to Planned Parenthood.
Every 96 seconds, Planned Parenthood ends the life of a precious pre-born child and hurts an entire family.
Because these shocking facts, we know we cannot cease in our demands to de-fund Planned Parenthood. And, now, is our greatest chance to go all the way.

This morning, before you do anything else, please join me in taking action:

1) Call your House of Representatives Member (Go here for the number:

- If your Member is pro-life, demand that they stand strong to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

-If your Member is still supporting Planned Parenthood, remind them that Planned Parenthood's claim that they provide mammograms is 100% false. 
Then kindly ask them to read a former Director of Planned Parenthood's explosive Op-Ed about Planned Parenthood's business
model before casting any vote:

Yesterday, the phones on Capitol Hill were ringing off the hook - let's keep them that way today.
2) Forward this e-mail to all of your friends and family members and paste it on your Facebook wall or on your blog.

3) Donate your Facebook or Twitter Status to the Pro-Life Movement.Sign up at the new and donate your Facebook or Twitter status.
This site will change your Facebook/Twitter Status once a day for all your friends to see – posting messages about why Planned Parenthood must be de-funded!

4) Chip in a few dollars at and help SFLA continue to help lead the pro-life movement in our fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

5) Pray. Remember, through Him all things are possible!
Leticia, thank you for all that you have done over the past 3 months to de-fund Planned Parenthood. You are the reason we have gotten this far,
something that most people told us was impossible.

Now, today, help us go all the way! 

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Let disabled infants starve; Canadian Paediatric Society

In a media release, the Canadian Paediatric Society stated:
ANH [artificial nutrition and hydration] refers to nutrition or hydration that is delivered by artificial means, such as via a feeding tube or intravenously. Legal and ethics experts say there is no difference between withholding or withdrawing ANH versus other therapies that sustain or prolong life. The CPS makes clear that any decision should be based solely on the benefit to the child, while considering the child’s overall plan of care.
“Food and drink evoke deep emotional and psychological responses, and are associated with nurturing,” said Dr. Tsai. “But artificial nutrition and hydration is not about providing food and fluids through normal means of eating and drinking. It should be viewed the same as any other medical intervention, such as ventilatory support.”
Yes, the headline is right, now Canadian parents can give consent to let their disabled but otherwise healthy infant starve and dehydrate to death like Terri Schiavo. Less than a week ago, in this piece for Patheos,  I expressed fear that my daughter with Down syndrome would be refused medical treatment if I were not there to fight for her.
Now it seems that my nightmare coming true, bit by bit. First they dehydrate your child with your consent. Do you think it will be long before they justify doing it without your consent, or behind your back? It happened before, in Christ Hospital in Illinois.
Not surprisingly,  the media is silent on this abomination. 
  What's worse is that the American Association of Pediatricians agrees with this position.Peter Singer's 'bioethics" is actually a nighmarish reality. 

According to Life Site News;
The statement is similar to the statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Both statements approve the withholding or withdrawing of nutrition and hydration (fluids and food) from infants who may not be dying. 
It is most likely happening in a hospital near you.
What are you going to do about it?

Read the entire story on Life Site News.
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Republican presidential hopefuls weigh in on defunding Planned Parenthood

The field of hopefuls is wide open at this point, with even Donald Trump jumping into the ring. As I explained to my soon to be voting teenager, he would make a great Secretary of the Treasury, but he hasn't got the moral fiber to be president. Neither does the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
However, there are many candidates who do, according to these statements they made about defunding Planned Parenthood. I will not vote for anyone who doesn't make a statement on this crucial issue.

This week, the Susan B. Anthony List contacted Republican presidential hopefuls to ask them where they stand on defunding Planned Parenthood. Several potential candidates, including Gov. Haley Barbour, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Gov.Sarah Palin, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty provided statements directly to the SBA List. Rep.Michele BachmannHerman CainNewt Gingrich, former Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Rick Santorum had already publicly spoken out or provided statements to media outlets in support of defunding America's largest abortion provider, which receives a third of its income from taxpayers' pockets.

Gov. Haley Barbour:
"I support a halt to any federal funds going to America's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood."
--Statement provided to SBA List

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee:
"We need to demand this Congress vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Our tax dollars should never be used to provide abortions and our government should put an end to it immediately."
--Statement provided to SBA List

Former Gov. Sarah Palin:
"I join Rep. Mike Pence and others of conscience and common sense who are leading the charge to end the taxpayer funding of the nation's largest abortion provider. We recognize that not only is our country buried under Mt. McKinley-sized debt, but that the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves."
--Statement provided to SBA List

Gov. Tim Pawlenty:
"Washington has a massive spending problem, and we need to set priorities. Recent undercover videos show that employees of America's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, aided alleged human traffickers wishing to exploit young girls. Yet, they continue to receive significant taxpayer funding. That should come to an end."
--Statement provided to SBA List, April 1, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN):
" thing that we can do, quite simply, is to withhold funding from Planned Parenthood."
--CNS News, "Rep. Michele Bachmann: De-Fund Planned Parenthood," December 6, 2010

Herman Cain:
"I absolutely would defund Planned Parenthood...people who know the history of Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, they know that the intention was not to help young women who get pregnant to plan their parenthood. No -- it was a sham to be able to kill black babies."

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich:
"...I want to say I strongly endorse his cutting out all funding for Planned Parenthood which has become a major source of abortion in America."
--Speech at Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, March 7, 2011

Former Gov. Mitt Romney:
"Mitt Romney supports the Pence amendment."
--NRO, "The Defunding of Planned Parenthood Litmus Test?" April 2, 2010

Former Sen. Rick Santorum:
"If you look at Planned Parenthood; if you look at the abortion industry...they fight every single regulation every single bit of information that should be given to the patient, they all fight it as an affront to the right of abortion."
--Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, February 24, 2011

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Faith and family Mom's Day Away

Hallie Lord 
 I didn't sleep much the night before,  I was worried about having a backache when I drive (turns out I was right, four hours on the road gave me a bad backache), and, knowing my daughter set the alarm for 6AM, I shut if off, intending to sleep in and arrive late. But my guardian angel had other plans, for at 5:30 AM, I was awake, walking out of the house by 6:15. A major accomplishment, though Christina did pop up in her bed like a piece of toast. Why is it that on school days, you could run the INDY 500 through the bedroom without waking her up, but try and sneak past her on the weekend, and she's wide awake? Gabbi took over for me, and I grabbed a coffee and ran for the car before guilt keep me home. I needed a retreat to restart my Lenten fervor.
 I was on the road as the sun was clearing the horizon, and at a pit stop, I found my John Denver CD (the one that makes the teens roll their eyes) and played it, full blast, singing along to "Country Roads";my day away was off to a roaring start! I was greated in St Patrick's Church in Stoneham by two friends from CT; Robyn Lee and Lynn Wehner, and I knew that the conference was going to feel more like a reunion than a roomful of strangers.Soon Rachel Balducci came over to say hello, and I felt like I was at a family reunion.
I found a table near the sun-filled window in the most beautiful church auditorium I've even seen, with Palladium windows and vaulted, timbered ceilings, thinking it was as pretty as a church (that's only because I hadn't seen the church yet, it was breathtaking).
Though most of the women at my table were stranger from as far afield as Martha's Vineyard and Maine, thanks to plenty of breakout sharing sessions in the day, we shared from the heart about our stuggles to live  as holy moms and wives. By the end of the day, we took a group photo and promised to look for each other next year.
When Pat Gohn began singing "Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest" I knew this was going meet my high expectations. The Holy Spirit indeed was there, in the loving embraces of women who met online and were now meeting face to face, the fervent prayers during Benediction and the Scriptural Rosary in the gorgeous church, and the beauty of women's voices lifted together in traditional eucharistic hymns. There was a perfect blend of fellowship and sharing, quiet prayer and funny speakers, good food and perfect take home  gifts (each attendee received a lovely chaplet from Melanie Gillespie from Trendy Traditions and her choice of Noah's Ark or Jesus and the disciples toy set from Bible Toys). Three women from my table won prizes, handmade necklaces, Mystic Monk coffee and lovely hand cream and goat's milk soaps. We felt pampered in body, mind and spirit.
I enjoyed the reminder from Danielle Bean that we can ask God for help in every minute of the day.  She was in rare comedic form, explaining how a simple trip to the post office to mail a tricycle can lead to a lesson in learning to trust God in the little (or no so little) things. Rachel Balducci reminded us to offer God even our frustrated desire for prayer, as she described circling the parking lot of the adoration chapel unable to find a spot, while precious time to pray before the Eucharist ticked away. She gave us the takeaway line, "Love inspires more than the law requires", to remind us to give love the more difficult people in our lives without counting the cost, so that we too can be saints.
Some of the bloggers at "Faith and Family Live" pose for a photo
  Jennifer Fulweiler's talk centered on how fear can keep us from getting closer to God, we fear that He will not give us the grace to do what he asks of us. The common theme was putting prayer first, beginning our day with ten minutes for Our Lord, and remembering Him throughout the day, to keep our daily routine centered in His will. Hallie Lord, aka Betty Beguiles(see her at the podium in the first photo) was the picture of femininity in her red dress and platform shoes, balancing her baby as she spoke to us about her terrible night in the hotel room with a sleepless baby. It reminded me of the time American Life League was giving me an award for this blog, and Gabbi, Christina and I stayed in a hotel in Washington DC the night before the ceremony. Christina had a stuffy nose, and I took a taxi at 3 AM to find nasal spray. No one slept much, and I felt awful when it came time to give my acceptance speech. Such is the life of a mommy who blogs, these ladies do it with such grace and sincere love, that the 'comparing monster' was nowhere to be seen. We were swimming in a sea of love.
Pat Gohn said we should ask God to speak to us through the speakers of the day, and my message from Our Lord was to start the day with ten minutes for Him. I have been getting better at a daily rosary or Mass, but still, there are days when God gets my last ten minutes, as if He were on my to do list. We reminded each other in our sharing time at the table, that a day given to God is a day which has peace and order, and goes better than when we do it alone. If Jennifer Fulweiler can find time to pray the Divine Office with little babies, then certainly I can get up ten minutes early and give my day to God in a morning offering and short meditation.
Thank you Pat, Danielle and my new friends at my table (last photo) for a wonderful day which has me happy to serve God right where He has me; wife, mom,and a  blogger.

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