Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tide is turning against Obama

Since Catholics formed a circular firing squad and helped Obama pass the disasterous health care legislation which even Max Baucus admits he never read, I have been depressed.
 I kept asking myself, "How could this happen to the United States? How could we wilingly surrender our most precious freedoms to an inefficient, wicked government leader, which has no heart for the weakest among us?" President Obama, unlike the rest of Congress, said he would not have passed a bill to save Terri Schiavo, and he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. How could this immoral man be the leader of the free world?"
Well, it seems something positive has been happening among my fellow Americans, reason has been dawning and new polls find that they are realizing what a mistake it was to elect Obama and his cronies. Citizen Link says that:
Rasmussen Reports released two significant polls – on stem-cell research and health care – that help quantify America’s growing distrust of President Obama, the U.S. Congress and the intrusion of the federal government – especially when it includes using taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Both polls show a colossal disconnect between the views of Americans and of those whom they elected to public office – or what Rasmussen dubs as the “political class.”

Case in point: While 57 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research, 73 percent of the political class strongly supports it. Nearly 80 percent of political class does not want to repeal Obama’s health care law, while 58 percent of Americans voters are in favor of its repeal.

This diconnect between Obama's clones and real Americans they pledged to represent, but in reality don't respect or represent, portends well for the coming election. We are poised for a major sea change, and a possible Republican takeover of both houses of Congress. Nancy Pelois, according to a political scientist from University of Buffalo, will be handing over her gavel to Republicans in January.

Will that mean significant changes, however? It depends; as Mark Levin said last night on his show, can we trust the Republican leadership to do what we want when we put them back in charge of the government?
We want health care repealed, embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage AND abortion ended. Got it?

A recent poll showed 42% of Americans consider themselves conservative, more than twice the number who call themselves liberal. The liberal experiment sounded good, but Americans are learning that without a strong famliy, society unravels, and no government program; welfare, health care, etc can weave it together again.
What God has joined, no man must seperate.

Read the entire article on Citizen Link website.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fr Euteneuer to leave Human Life International

It sounds a lot like what happened to Fr Frank Pavone under Cardinal Egan. He was asked to leave his pro-life ministry and become a pastor on Staten Island. Fr Thomas Euteneuer has been asked to leave his international pro-life ministry and become a paston in an unnamed parish in West Palm Beach Florida.

He is accepting this with grace an obedience, according to his Spirit and Life Newsletter, but it appears to me that he is being silenced. Many of his letters have called various bishops to task for supporting pro-abortion politicians. Maybe they have united against him to silence his powerful voice.

The entire situation looks eerily familiar. Fr Pavone settled his dilemma by forming his own religious order, Missionaries of Life. Maybe Fr Euteneuer should join it.

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Mom's love works miracle with preemie

The doctors had tried to revive the 2 lb, 27 week preemie, and given little Jamie into his mother's arms to say her last goodbye. His twin sister had survived, but Jamie was dead. Or so they said.
After two hours on his mother's chest, the baby began to breathe on his own.

The miracle of a mother's love overcomes the odds.

Read the entire article here.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VA AG will hold abortionsists to same health standards as hospitals

It's an absolute travesty that the most common operation in the US, the abortion is the least regulated. In most states, abortion mills are not held to any sort of health standard, and the so called doctors who perform them are not regularly checked for valid medical licenses.
Now the Attorney General of Virginia will hold the states' clinics to the same standard as other medical facilities, and soon the pro-aborts will he heard howling "unfair"! Their protests will reveal the ugly truth; abotion is an industry which demeans women, not a service to women,as they like to pretend. If abortion were a service to women there would be pro-abortion leaders making sure the clinics were the cleanest in the nation.
However, abortion advocates are protesting the attorney general’s opinion, arguing that if most abortion clinics carried out the same standards of care for women that are mandated at hospitals they soon would be out of business.

According to the Washington Post, abortion advocates predict that only four out of 21 abortion clinics would be able to fulfill that standard of care if mandated by the state Board of Health. The rest would be shut down
So, if so called women's advocates know this, why weren't they the first ones shouting for these dumps to be shut down? Because its all about money.
The good news is that AG Cucinelli said that the definition of abortion clinic as an outpatient hospital, making them comply with hospital standards, has been upheld in Federal Court. This could spell the death knell for thousands of abortion mills accross the nation, and a new era of abortion as truly "safe, legal and RARE".

Read the entire story at Life Site News.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pro-life ad from Youth Defense

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Mother Teresa to be honored everywhere but at the Empire State Building

You can tell a lot about a person or organization by watching how they resond to the the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa's birth. First, the US Postal Service is issuing this stamp honoring the greatest humanitarian of the 20th Century.Good for them, let's make sure these stamps sell out in record time!
Catholics for a Free Choice, and the rest of  the so-called Catholic pro-abortion groups however don't want to honor Mother. Its because her love of her fellow man extended to the unborn, the poorest of the poor, with few laws to protect them from death.
Read the Life Site News story here.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on what is taking place on August 26:
In honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa's birthday, there will be celebrations the world over. From St. Peter's Cathedral in Belfast, Ireland to the Hutchinson Metro Center in the Bronx, blue and white (the colors of the Missionaries of Charity) will shine brightly. Billboards in Times Square will shine blue and nearby Hoboken will feature posters of Mother Teresa in several venues. Miami's entire skyline will be cast in blue and white, featuring the iconic Miami Tower. Brooklyn's Borough Hall will be aglow in blue and white, as will the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
The Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario will light up, as will Buffalo's Electric Tower. Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas is on board as well. Moreover, we are hearing daily about events throughout Europe, including memorial initiatives from Switzerland to Bulgaria. Albania, Mother Teresa's birthplace, is pulling out all the stops.
Moreover, Catholic churches all over the nation are celebrating Mass in honor of Mother Teresa, and many are sporting blue and white ribbons. Furthermore, Resolutions honoring her have been passed by city councils, state legislatures and Catholic organizations.

In lone contrast to these tributes is Anthony Malkin, owner of the Empire State Building: he has decided not to light the towers blue and white for Mother Teresa. As a result, there will be a rally outside his trophy edifice on Thursday, starting at 6:00 p.m. It promises to be quite an event.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

AFA announces boycott of Home Depot

It began with the corruption of children during gay parades (in the above photo, the red and white flags which were given to the children, by a Home Depot booth present at the gay pride parade advertise a gay sex website). Isn't that giving pornography to children?
Now, patriotic pin wearing Americans are fired, in favor of those supporting the gay agenda. According to the AFA, here is a list of the Home Depot's actions in support of the gay lifestyle.
•In June 2010, The Home Depot set up a "Kids Workshop" as a vendor at the Southern Maine Pride Festival and parade. Read more.

•In 2009, The Home Depot gave over $5,000 to be a major sponsor of the Nashville Gay Pride Festival. It also sponsored parades in Atlanta, Kansas City, Portland and San Diego. Read more.

•The Home Depot offers insurance benefits that cover sex-changes operations for employees. That insurance also extends to same-sex partners of homosexual employees, proving The Home Depot considers gay couples as "married." Source: Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

•In 2008, The Home Depot sponsored the Durham Pride Weekend with a kid's workshop and parade march. The events include "massages for couples" and "Drag Shows."
•As early as 2005, The Home Depot placed a full-page ad in the Out & Equal homosexual workplace conference program guide.

I voiced my opinon about the first outrage last summer in this post, which caught a bit a flack from homosexualists. I expect the same treatment for this post, however, if the over 160.000 signatures on the American Family Association petition  to boycott Home Depot are any indication, they may be too busy to harrass me.

Join the boycott by signing the pledge  here.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conservatives abandoning the marriage issue

Glenn Beck doesn't see how gay marriage threatens America. Ann Coulter will address HOMOCON 2010, a convention of gay Repuglicans and CPAC allowed GOProud, despite protests from legitimate conservatives,  to support their convention. Conservative leaders are bailing out on one of the crucial moral issues of our time, the Judeo Christian view, held for millenia, that marriage is between one man and one woman. In his World Net Daily article, David Kupelian states.
Very simply, most people in today's America, including conservatives, are afraid of "the gay issue." Although most know deep down there's something wrong with homosexuality, they don't want to be called "intolerant," "bigoted," "hateful" or "homophobic." Even though they don't really want open gays in the military, and disapprove of same-sex marriage, are repulsed by Obama's appointment of notorious gay activist Kevin Jennings as the nation's "safe schools" czar, and on and on – the "gay issue" no longer registers on their radar screen as one on which they should take a public stand.
The homosexual jamming, the constant drumbeat calling opponents haters, homophobes and intolerant is starting to take effect. Even though whenever Americans vote on gay marriage, traditional marriage wins, we are losing the hearts and minds of the leaders, who are selling out for the easier route of acceptance. Kupelian's excellent article details how Dr Bernard Nathanson led a similar public relations campaign, using falsified data about back alley abortion deaths to sway American public opinion towards legalizing abortion in prepartion for Roe v Wade in 1973.
Now we find another landmark decision, on Proposition 8, though it was temporarily upheld, will inevitably be heading for the Supreme Court, where newly appointed gay activist Justice Elena Kagan awaits,  while homosexual activists pave the way by a concentrated propaganda campaign on every level of society.
This campaign has been going on for decades, in the media. TV shows and movies have included sympathetic portraits of gays, both single and in couples, and 'lessons' about tolerance. Children are already being taught tolerance in school, and soon we will find it illegal to state the Christian view that homosexual activity is a sin.
 Observe how I was attacked when I said I was shopping at Lowe's  because of Home Depot's support of the gay agenda, homosexualists sought out my blog and attacked, with vicious ad-hominem attacks on my character. It is unpleasant to stand up for marriage today, you have to deal with such attacks, but at least you aren't arrested herefor such a statement,  like you are in Canada. Yet.

If we fail to defend marriage like we failed to defend the unborn in the 70's, our children will live in a society completely hostile to the moral values of the Bible, where Americans, lost in the pursuit of their sinful desires, become increasingly dependent on the government to provide "bread and circuses" (sustenence and mindless entertainment) as we hand over our liberty to dictators. We dull our consciences at the cost of our own freedom to follow Godly lives.
Read the entire article on World Net Daily.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

My five favorite devotions

Patty in CT tagged me for this meme on my five favorite devotions.
They are:
1.Eucharistic Adoration; I have a 6PM slot at the Friary today, and its nearly five. Meeting Jesus face to face in the Blessed Sacrament is my greatest source of inspiration as a writer.
2. the rosary; brings my family together after a day going in many directions, reminds me of my Mother's love, and keeps me focused on the life of Christ.
3. singing traditional hymns like Salve Regina are a sure way to transport my heart and soul to heavenly realms, St Augustine said, "he who sings prays twice".
4. The Divine Mercy Chaplet; Although we always had dedication to this devotion and St Faustina,wer were amazed at the power of this was a tremendous source of peace when my mother died on 2:55 on a Friday, we prayed the Chaplet as a send off from this earth, and into the arms of our Jesus of Mercy.
5. Five first Saturdays; we began this practice as homeschoolers, and continue it with the community who gathers at The Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I tag whoever wants to participate in this meme, just leave a comment to let me know you are joining in.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Join Fr Benedict Groeschel and me at the Ave Maria Home Gala

Ave Maria Home Gala!
Sept 25, 2010,

at the Holiday Inn,
10 Laura Blvd,
 Norwich, CT

Keynote Speaker: Good Counsel Homes co-founder Fr. Benedict Groeschel!!!

Plan to Join us!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No First Amendment rights for pro-lifers

It used to be that public prayer was protected by our Constitution. But now, under President Obama, two silent abortion protesters, David Avignone, and Joe Holland were arrested for praying the rosary outside a prominent abortion mill in Chicago,
"This arrest was about one thing: trying to scare pro-life people away from Planned Parenthood," said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel for the Thomas More Society.

This is not an isolated case, however, but it seems to be part of an intentional campaign to silence protests over abortion.
Recently  Rev Pat Mahoney  had been arrested in June for praying near a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, in Washington DC, but the charges were dropped. According to his attorney they were bogus. He was praying on the sidewalk, which Planned Parenthood has tried to claim as private property, thus the trumped up charges were 'Unlawful entry'.
This is in direct violation of their First Amendment Rights.
IF we don't make noise now, we will be silenced too,
Read the entire story here.
Watch the video below, these men were arrested for "Disorderly conduct". They are standing still and quietly praying, they didn't even talk to people entering the abortion mill, as they are rudely blocked by a so called 'escort',

Monday, August 02, 2010

Circle Media Picnic

Thank you Tom Wehner from the National Catholic Register who invited me to the Circle Media Picnic. I was one of the few who were not on staff, however Tom said I was welcome as 'one of the Circle Media family'. And a family it truly is.
 I was readily welcomed by those I have been working with at the Register, like John Burger and Tom Wehner, and those luminaries whose work I have admired for years. like Fr John Bartunek, Fr Owen Kearns, Celeste and Michael Behe,  and Donna Marie Cooper-O'Boyle.

Here I am, feeling like one of the family, seated between my friend Kristin (read her post here, HT for the photo). Fr Owen Kearns, who is the publisher of both the National Catholic Register and Faith  and Family magazine, Claudia, director of Circle Media, her assistant Tracey and her lovely daughter. On the left is Donna Marie Cooper-O'Boyle, author of many books including Mother Teresa and Me (which I will be reviewing shortly) and Dan Burke.

We enjoyed discussing how Circle Media is adapting to the New Media revolution, and recent efforts to expand its readership, as well as the exciting birth of  Faith and Family books.
If you haven't subscribed to the National Catholic Register, and Faith and Family, you should, they are the finest, most orthodox Catholic periodicals out there. I am honored to be an occasional contributor. Staff members from Circle Media will be on hand at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in King of Prussia PA this week, and at SQPN New Media Convention in Boston, MA Aug 7-8. Be sure to say hi and tell them Leticia sent you!

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Young woman dies of neglect in UK hospital, texting her demise

Jo Dowling, age 25,  young woman was a fighter. She had survived for years, despite Cystic Fibrosis, however, an infection, left untreated in a UK hospital in Milton Keynes, UK killed her.
And she texted the entire horrific scene, leaving those of us who are approaching the same socialized medicine, wondering why we would want this in our nation. And those of us who are parenting disabled children wonder if Jo was allowed to die because of her Cystic Fibrosis. She was on the waiting list for a lung  transplant.

Read the entire story here.

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