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Chuck Colson defends Catholics against Bigotry

One of my favorite books is by Colleen Carroll Campbell entitled, The New Faithful. in which she describes the yearning of Generation X and Y for more traditional faith and morality. It reinvigorated my will to fight the culture wars because Colleen's yearlong research has shown that the youth in this nation are more pro-life, and more traditional than their Baby Boomer parents. Colleen hosts an interesting TV talk show on EWTN called Faith and Culture. which airs on Wednesday nights at 11PM EST. It's one of three shows a week which I will stop blogging to watch.

The latest show is an interview of Chuck Colson, co-author with Fr. Richard John Neuhaus of the 1994 document Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission for the Third Millenium Chuck became infamous as one of the Nixon Administration who served time in prison for Watergate, but he turned his life over to Christ, and founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, and is the radio personality in the popular series Breakpoint.
I have long known of Chuck's outspoken leadership on family issues, as well as his respect for the Catholic faith. What I learned during the show, is that he is also married to a Catholic wife.
Here's a recent statement Chuck made in defence of the cartoon in the Philidelphi Inquirer, and the resulting torrent of anti-Catholicism.
"Protestants have a special duty to condemn anti-Catholic bigotry. Shamefully, at one time many Protestants accepted the vile teachings of Paul Blanchard, author of American Freedom and Catholic Power. They supported the anti-Catholic agenda of the group for which he was general counsel: Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Our Catholic brethren should not have to wait to hear our voices forcefully raised against the bigotry now directed against them.
That’s why I am circulating with some other Christian leaders a statement calling on Protestants to join us in condemning this bigotry.
We also call on groups that present themselves as the enemies of prejudice to join us as well. And in particular, we invite Americans United to do so. Let us know once and for all: Are they selective opponents of prejudice? Do they regard anti-Catholicism as an acceptable form of bigotry?"
Chuck Colson has a blog which links back to many of my favorite Catholic blogs, including Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, and is a contributing writer at Catholic Exchange.

Mexico City Abortion Law Takes Effect, Government Clinics Ready to Do Them

( -- "The new abortion law in Mexico City allowing abortions up to 14 weeks into pregnancy has taken effect and city officials say that government-run clinics are preparing to begin doing abortions. The bill the capital city's legislative assembly approved requires the clinics to do the abortions for any poor person and for anyone having the city's health insurance. The new law gives 60 days for the city government to establish guidelines and procedures for implementing the requirement to do abortions on women unable to use private hospitals or clinics. Mondragón said guidelines could be published by next week and said that 858 physicians and 1,875 nurses will receive mandatory abortion training. However, he said that most government clinics should be able to do abortions because they have been allowed in cases of rape or incest or fetal abnormalities. He said as many as 7,000 abortions had been done annual under those circumstances. Meanwhile, President Felipe Calderon is helping to reduce the number of places doing abortions by not allowing them in federal Social Security hospitals in the city."

President Felipe Calderon is allegeded to be a devout Catholic. How his heart must be breaking, as mine is, as the terrible spectre of abortion clouds once innocent Mexico. I know what happened, the minions of Planned Parenthood have bribed and convinced Mexican legislators that to be rich like America, you have to sacrifice your babies on the altars of materialism. Life has returned to the pre-Christian barbarity of Aztec human sacrifice. Our Lady of Guadalupe, come to crush the head of the serpent once more, pray for Mexico, patroness of the unborn.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hypocrasy in RINOS:"I'm more pro-life than you are"

Mitt Romney sought to score political gains against a key rival for the Republican presidential nomination by taking a thinly veiled shot at Rudolph Giuliani’s pro-abortion stance.
The swipe came amid charges that Giuliani has been inconsistent in his position regarding a ban on partial-birth abortions.
In what called a “fairly obvious reference to Giuliani’s reliance on his record of appointing judges in New York as a key conservative credential,” Romney said in an interview with the Web site that “there’s a lot more to being pro-life beyond appointing conservative judges.
You also have decisions as an administration on things like abstinence education, on the morning-after pill, on teaching kids to wait before they have babies, on insisting on parental responsibility for a father who has an out-of-wedlock child.
“These policies are also important, and will become a major part of my effort to encourage a culture of life rather than the culture of death.”

Former New York City Mayor Giuliani said the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was “the correct conclusion.”
And he insisted during a campaign stop in New Hampshire that his position was consistent with his past opposition to the ban.
“I think you can be personally opposed to it, hate abortion, respect somebody else’s conscience who might make a different decision, and also believe that particular form of abortion is wrong,” he said.
Somebody pinch me, am I listening to Clinton here?
During the 1990s Giuliani was a strong advocate in favor of keeping partial birth abortion legal. He opposed the partial-birth abortion ban in the 1990s passed by the Republic-controlled Congress and supported President Clinton’s two vetoes of the ban. Giuliani says says he felt the exception for saving the life of the mother wasn’t strong enough, the Web site reported.
And in 1999 he told CNN that he didn’t support even a modest ban on partial-birth abortions, saying, “No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that changing.”
Now he explains that he shifted his position on the ban when legislators adopted “more scientific language” in the life of the mother provision in the 2003 bill.
Giuliani supports abortion rights and has drawn criticism for backing public funding for some abortions.
Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Romney opposes abortion rights, although he previously supported the issue.
The last pro-abortion candidate to win the GOP presidential nomination was Gerald Ford in 1976.

Am I the only person confused by this?! Just what kind of murder is OK for unborn children, and when, gentlemen? Let's be clear about this! We would hate to sound like politicians!!

Feast of St Catherine of Siena: Patroness of the Internet?

by Mary Ann Sullivan
St. Catherine of Siena deliberately told popes, queens and kings how to behave. She was spontaneous, unafraid of authority and fearless in the face of death. She was a Dominican religious who corresponded with Popes and peasants alike.
Born in 1347, at Siena, Italy, Saint Catherine lived through the Black Death, famine and numerous civil wars. During her lifetime the papal residence moved from Rome to Avignon and back again, and the great western Schism pitted Pope against anti-pope.
Even at a young age, Catherine sensed the troubled society around her and wanted to help. Childishly she dreamed of dressing up like a man to become a Dominican friar; more than once she ran into the street to kiss the ground where Dominicans walked.
Catherine's parents tried hard to discourage her from becoming religious, but eventually, when she was about sixteen-years-old, Catherine, with the help of the Holy Spirit, was permitted to enter the sisters of Penance of St Dominic, the Mantellate.
During her life as a religious, St. Catherine had numerous visions and long ecstasies, but she is most remembered for her writings, which eventually led to her being declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI in 1970.
Truth be known, she didn't learn how to write until the end of her life, but that never stopped her. She dictated her literary masterpieces, sometimes reciting three documents to three secretaries at the same time.
Rebuking Cardinals
Her bold letters, even today, have a way of shocking the reader into reality. The style of her letters was lean and direct. She sometimes broke with polite convention. For example, during the Great Western Schism, in defense of Pope Urban VI, she rebuked three Italian cardinals who were supporting the anti-pope, writing to them, "what made you do this? You are flowers who shed no perfume, but stench that makes the whole world reek."
These words are strong, and it is not recommended that we imitate them. St. Catherine had a unique call from God, which Pope Paul VI referred to as her "charism of exhortation." it was her great love and fidelity to the Pope and college of bishops that prompted her to respond to God's urgings that she be forthright with those who were against the Vicar of Christ.
Encouraging the Pope
Wanting Pope Gregory XI to leave his residency in Avignon and return to Rome, and knowing the Supreme Pontiff was afraid of being poisoned, Catherine wrote to him, "Be not a timorous child, but manly . . ." she spoke to him as a loving daughter would. In other parts of her letters to the Popes she used an affectionate pet name for them: Babbo, which means Daddy.
Giving It To the Queen
To Giovanna, the Queen of Naples, who supported the anti-pope and was accused of murdering her husband, St. Catherine wrote, "You know that you do ill, but like a sick and passionate woman, you let yourself be guided by your passions."
Catherine risked death by sending such words to the authorities of her time. But she was not afraid. "I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not in myself" was one of her favorite prayers.
It was with this kind of courage that Catherine approached the Vicar of Christ. She succeeded in convincing Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome, but he soon died and Pope Urban VI took his place. Relentless, Catherine began to write to the new Pope. She was direct with him and told him he needed to control his temper. Pope Urban VI appreciated her forthright counsel. When an anti-pope was supported and the Great Western Schism began, Urban VI invited Catherine to Rome. He needed her support. She went to Rome in 1378 and from there wrote regular letters to state and Church leaders in defense of Pope Urban's sole right to the papal throne. Every day she walked to St. Peter's Basilica and prayed for church unity. After two years of this exhaustive work, she died in 1380 at age thirty-three.
St. Catherine's impact on her society was so profound that Europe was unable to forget her. Only eighty-one years after her death, she was canonized by Pope Pius II. Even now, Rome recalls her aptitude for unprecedented action. For example, Pope John Paul II recently honored her "impassioned liveliness" and "freedom of initiative," when he marked the 25th anniversary of her being named one of the FIRST women Doctors of the Church.
© 1996 Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima Reprinted from March/April 1996 SOUL Magazine.
Giovanni di Paolo
St Catherine receives the stigmata
Metropolitan Museum, New York

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Don't participate in March of Dimes fundraisers

Resist the propaganda of the adorable preemies, and read Jill Stanek's article about the March of Dimes' pro-death agenda. They have paid for research into search-and-destroy methods for diagnosing Down Syndrome which have contributed to the death of thousands of unborn babies.

V for Victory!: When a Supreme Court Justice Doffs Her Tinfoil Hat

V for Victory!: When a Supreme Court Justice Doffs Her Tinfoil Hat

Hispanics and the Faith

The Washington Post has the interpretation of a recent survey of Hispanics in the USA and religion. By the year 2050, they will comprise half of the Catholic population here in the USA.

"Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, said this brand of Christianity, mostly associated with evangelicals, attracts Catholics who don't feel a strong connection with God through the traditional Mass.
"This is introducing a new way to worship, a new way of being the church," Lugo said. "You could call it bringing the fiesta spirit into the Catholic church."
Lugo said Catholic leaders will be challenged to incorporate clapping, shouting and even speaking in tongues into worship, a potential point of conflict in an institution that cherishes tradition. Those issues will be brought into relief next month when Pope Benedict XVI visits Brazil, the world's most populous Catholic country, where Pentecostals are making inroads.
The embrace of charismatic Christianity has not turned Catholics into Pentecostal Protestants, however. The survey found charismatic Catholics are even more likely to pray the rosary, go to confession or serve in their parishes, suggesting a strengthening of Catholic identity."

Thinking Blog Award

Alicia the author of Studeo, and contributor to the wonderful homeschool blog, Love2Learn, which has been nominated for not one but TWO Blogger's Choice Awards (Best Religion Blog and Best Education Blog) has tagged me with the coveted Thinking Blogger Award.
What an honor coming from a Thomas Aquinas College graduate, Relevant Radio personality, prolific writer and mother of six!
Now, according to the rules, I get to tag five bloggers who make me think.
minion of the pope
pro ecclesia pro familia pro civitate
The Wine Dark Sea
Happy Catholic
Ego Adsum
Don't forget to visit them to offer your congratulations!
And go visit my other blog Cause of Our Joy, which has also been tagged by Alice of the popular homeschool blog, Cottage Blessings. I certainly have been blessed today. Thank you, ladies!

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I'm honored to be a Mount Carmel Blogger

Paul VI of Mount Carmel Bloggers has invited me to join the renowned authors at this blog. As soon as I can think of something intelligent to say, I'll be posting there as well as here and on Cause of Our Joy. Go on over and pay them a visit.

Moneybags is now Matthew!

One of my favorite bloggers, Moneybags over at A Catholic Life has just been accepted at the seminary in Minnesota. A faithful, articulate, holy man entering the priesthood in a diocese which has a great new bishop.
Praised be Jesus and Mary! So much wonderful news from Minnesota!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Am A Voice (Crying for Mercy)

This is a song I wrote for a beautiful nun from Kenya who is my dear friend. She asked me to write a song for the poor and suffering in her country, I Am A Voice is the song the Lord gave me for her. It is sung by another dear friend of mine, Michael Bethea who also sings the 'Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song' with me and my friend Crystal Yates on EWTN. Someone has also uploaded that on Youtube if you would like to hear more of Michael's amazing voice. God bless you, Trish

Good News for the Twin Cities

What is it about the words, "hard-line new bishop" that make me smile? I feel the loving care of a Holy Father who has heard the cries of his people, and is coming to their aid. The people of Minneapolis/St. Paul have suffered a slow Purgatory with scandal after scandal, and are now being vindicated. The new co-adjutor, Bishop John C. Nienstedt, is a 'clean-up the mess' bishop like Bishop Finn the cool in Kansas City, who immediately took Fr. McBrien's column off the diocesan newspaper, causing the establishment liberals to whine.
Bishop Nienstedt is causing similar howls of complaint. Kenneth Irrgang, a retired priest who clashed with Nienstedt when he was bishop in New Ulm, predicted that Nienstedt will meet resistance among the 654 active priests in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. "I expect disaster there. "He's a micromanager. He has to control everything. He hews the line from the Vatican without any question whatsoever. He's not a very good people person." Twin Similar complaints will no doubt be heard at infamous St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis, where the New Age reigns.
The conservatives are thrilled: the Rev. Philip M. Schotzko of the Church of St. Peter in St. Peter, Minn., praised Nienstedt's abilities. "Bishop Nienstedt is a consummate man of the church," said Schotzko. "He thinks with, prays with and loves the church with everything he's got. He just follows very carefully the teachings and all aspects of church theology and moral teachings. You'll get a very committed man in that way."
Offering prayer of thanksgiving no doubt will be faithful priest, Fr Robert Altier, who was silenced for speaking out against the diocesan safe-environment programs. Catholic Parents online has been fighting with Fr. Altier and Primary to oppose the terrible "Talking About Touching" program adopted by the majority of dioceses in the US as a response to the priestly scandal, which violates the modesty and innocence of our children.
This is a joyful day for those who have long suffered in silence. Deo Gratias.

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: And Finally ... The New York Times Weighs In

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: And Finally ... The New York Times Weighs In

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sad news from Mexico City: abortions may be approved

Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has the information.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn, you saved Tenotichlan once from the horrors of infanticide under Aztec rule now please, dear Mother, save Mexico City again from the demonic forces which control abortion.
St. Juan Diego, pray for us!

Sanctity Meets Science

For those of you who want to fund good, pro-life genetic research, I reccommend The Michael Fund. Rebecca Taylor at her blog, Mary Meets Dolly has a great post explaining their work.
Next time someone puts down the Catholic Church when it comes to genetic research, saying we want to go back to the old days, I have a name for you: Gregor Medel, the Austrian monk who for his work with pea plants in 1856 is considered a pioneer of the study of genetics.
I have another name for you: Dr. Jerome Lejeune who discovered Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down Syndrome. He is called "The Father of Modern Genetics" and has had his case for beatification opened. His biography, Life is a Blessing, written by his daughter Clara, tells how his life's goal was to uplift the dignity of individuals with Down Syndrome. As the mother who has a child with Down Syndrome, I consider him a pro-life hero. I'm not the only one.
Jerome Lejeune was one of the most highly regarded geneticists of modern times. He discovered numerous sicknesses of genetic origin, of which Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) is the best known, and he was an ardent defender of life and of the dignity of "those who are mentally wounded", as he called them, to whom he dedicated his entire life, his energy and his talents. Jerome Lejeune was a "sign of contradiction for our time" according to the words of Pope John Paul II.

Catholic Carnival 116: Pearls of Wisdom

A sampling of the best in Catholic blogging is up at my other blog: Cause of Our Joy. Go forth, and be ye enlightened!

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Tuesday is National Pro-life T-shirt Day.

American Life League is sponsoring National Pro-life t-shirt day Tuesday, April 24, 2007. The theme is "What part of abortion don't you understand?". Take a photo, send it to my email, and I'll post it here. Take a stand in your school, workplace or just around the town. Let me know what the reaction is. We are fighting for America's hearts and minds.

Catholic Mothers Online

Catholic Mothers Online realizes the influence that Catholic mothers have on the internet. Angie, the director has a blog named Many Little Blessings where she writes about her family. It's an encouraging sign to see the various new Catholic groups springing up on the Internet, especially since they all insist on perfect conformity to the teachings of the Magesterium and allegiance to the Holy Father. We are part of Pope John Paul II's new springtime of evangelization.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feast Day of St Anselm

Indifferent toward religion as a young man, Anselm became one of the
Church's greatest theologians and leaders. He received the title "Father of
Scholasticism" for his attempt to analyze and illumine the truths of faith
through the aid of reason. His care and concern extended to the very poorest people; he opposed the slave trade. Anselm obtained from the national council at Westminster the passage of a resolution prohibiting the sale of human beings.

from Saint of the Day

I attended St Anselm College, a fairly traditional Benedictine school in Manchester, NH. This day was always celebrated, and we studied St Anselm's proofs of the existence of God.

Looks Good to Me!

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: And the Philadelphia Enquirer [sic] Joins In (With an Anti-Catholic Cartoon)

Naturally, that tolerant liberal, Rosie O'Donnell, ex-Catholic raised in the town next door to me, weighs in.
"At the end of her abortion tirade, she addresses her co-host Barbara Walters:
O'Donnell: You know what concerns me? How many Supreme Court judges are Catholic, Barbara?
Walters: Five.
O'Donnell: Five. How about separation of church and state?"
But Bruce Hausknecht, legal analyst for Focus on the Family puts her in her place.
"Remember liberal Sen. Chuck Schumer expressing misgivings over 11th Circuit Judge Bill Pryor's (another Catholic, by the way) "strongly held beliefs" at Pryor's confirmation hearing. Now Rosie and the Inquirer have escalated the bombast by alleging outright impropriety by the Supreme Court in the partial-birth abortion case.
Is there no shame? Apparently, not.
Here's a small reminder of the role of the Supreme Court: 64 senators and 282 representatives passed the 2003 ban on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis. It was also "bi-gender," if there is such a word. They all thought it was constitutional or they wouldn't have voted for it.
Agreeing with those elected officials is all the five members of the court who decided the case are guilty of. Except being people of faith -- which is more than Rosie, the Inquirer and whoever else can tolerate. "
What can I add to that?
Another sign of ecumenism in the trenches. Thanks and God bless you, Dr. Dobson!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The beginning of the end. .. of abortion

Imagine a nation where the most at risk children are no longer in danger of death. NO, not our nation's schoolchildren, who are in danger from homicidal maniacs like Cho, though that is a growing problem. I am speaking about the unborn, 30% of whom are killed before birth. The Partial birth abortion ban is the beginning of the return to sanity for my beloved, corrupt nation.
Imagine a nation where angry, mentally ill young men aren't fed glorious-looking stories from the media, of "manifestos" from school shooters who go from being rejected geeks to overnight celebrities merely by premeditating the killing of dozens of innocent people, and sending a tape. As Senator Rick Santorum said on the floor of the Senate while debating the original partial birth abortion ban, which was twice vetoed by Bill Clinton, "what kind of a nation is even engaging in this debate?". Why are we so insensitive as to even allow Partial Birth abortion?
Thank you, Lord, for allowing justice to triumph. The late Cardinal John O'Connor begged Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays for the overturn of what two liberal fellow New Yorkers, Sen Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Mayor Ed Koch called infanticide. We had a long, hard struggle, but I believe this is the beginning of the end of legalized killing of the unborn. It had better be, or it will be the end of civilization in this nation.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A True Intellectual

I can't decide which post to link to over at a new blog I have discovered by a University Professor who has relinquished his tenured position at Evangelical Trinity University in order to become a Catholic. Should I post on his conversion story, his insightful take on the 'gay rights' movement, or his well researched discussion of the teaching of liberal arts?

Just go over to Una Sancta and find your own favorite post!

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Breaking News: Supreme Court Upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Fidelis is pleased to report that the United States Supreme Court this morning issued its decision upholding the nationwide ban on partial birth abortion. The justices ruled 5-4, with Justice Kennedy authoring the opinion. The ruling upholds the law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in 2003.
Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority wrote, “The government has a legitimate and substantial interest in preserving and promoting fetal life.” Joining Justice Kennedy were Chief Justice Roberts, and Associate Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito.
Operation Rescue celebrates the great victory for life!“Today’s decision justifies our faith in the new composition of the court,” Newman said. “The time is now right to launch aggressive legal challenges across America to abortion on demand.”
Pro-life Action League President Joe Schiedler Celebrates the Victory here:
"The court majority comprised Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy. "I am heartened by the fact that Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion," said Scheidler. "The whole pro-life movement has been energized by this 5-4 victory. We may now have our Supreme Court majority."

Scheidler also noted, "Abortion is not a civilized solution to the problems that arise from an unplanned pregnancy. It is not a reasonable option for the medical community to present to women. Certainly in this age of advanced medical technology we can do better than to kill our unborn children and tell women it is their best choice."

Roe Begins to Crumble, as we remember the exhortation to fasting and prayer on Fridays issued by our late beloved Cardinal John O'Connor to end the evil practice of partial-birth abortion.We can feel your prayers, Cardinal! Let us keep praying to total victory of 100% protection of all human life in America, from conception to natural death.
Jill Stanek's blog has reactions from leading presidential candidates.

Senator Sam Brownback, MY leading presidential candidate, said this on the Senate floor today:

"I rise today with great hope in my heart that a great step was taken forward on human dignity today. Earlier today, the United States Supreme Court upheld the partial-birth abortion ban that was passed by congress in 2003, and I applaud the Court for this decision. As many of my colleagues know, partial-birth abortion is one of the most heinous and grotesque forms of abortion. Science has shown that after 20 weeks, unborn children do, indeed, feel pain. Imagine the pain a prenatal baby feels as it is so savagely destroyed in the latter parts of a pregnancy. It is incomprehensible that we should allow such a procedure to continue in our nation. "

"I’m thankful — I’m thankful that the congress passed this important ban, that President Bush signed it into law, and now the Supreme Court has upheld this in the face of a challenge. And I think this is an important day for human dignity that we’re starting to recognize the dignity of everybody at all stages."
And, from the real hero of all this, our poor, beleaguered President Bush, without whose signing of the original bill and nomination of two great justices, Roberts, and Alito, this would never have happened.
ONE more justice and we have ROE overturned!!
Deo gratias!

Another Motu Proprio Sighting

I just read a blogger say she was compiling a list of motu proprio rumors expounded by irresponsible bloggers, playing with the emotions of traditionalists. Our nerves are frayed, it's true, but we're Catholics after all, offer it up!
This comes from Time Magazine with an interesting title. It's also somewhat gratifiying to hear the libs worried about Pope Benedict again:
"Eighteen months ago, one Rome-based progressive cleric had said he was "surprised to see that [Benedict] seems to be open to hear new ideas." But today, the same priest is disappointed. There has been no sign of any of the hoped-for reforms: overturning the ban on communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, reconsidering the celibacy requirement for priests, allowing gays in seminaries, or a softening of the condom ban to allow for distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa. The release last month of the Pope's final document on what had seemed to be a convivial and intellectually open October 2005 bishops' meeting on the Eucharist is a good example of the Pontiff's approach. According to a senior Church official who participated: "He took all that debate of the Synod, and then gave us a document that simply defends the status quo." This same official acknowledges a bit of past excessive optimism on Benedict: "People were hoping that with his intellectual acumen and understanding of theology, he'd be in a position to make some of these changes. Unfortunately, at this point, I don't think we'll see any of them."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I made a big mistake

By missing an opportunity to hear a modern day CS Lewis give a talk in my local Catholic College last Thursday. Dr. Peter Kreeft, philosopher, cultural commentator, and author of so many of my favorite books;
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven But Never Dreamed of Asking

The Refutation of Moral Relativism

Yes or No?

The Snakebite Letters (an updating of Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters")

I have a good excuse, I was planning an out of state trip to meet Dr. John Seel, Outreach Director of Walden Media the next day. While preparing for the meeting, I happened upon Dr. Kreeft's website, and reminded myself that I missed his talk.

Deep regret gripped my heart as I jumped into my car, sped over to the college, and found some friends who promised to put together their notes for the blog. I'm waiting. . . Meanwhile, here's the Long Island Catholic story on the talk.
Christopher West is speaking on Long Island tonight on the Theology of the Body. That, I'm NOT going to miss!

Monday, April 16, 2007

My article is out in "Faith and Family"

If you aren't fortunate enough to have a copy of this in your mailbox today with my piece, "A Special Mother is Born" on page 42, then click here and get your free copy.
Edited by Danielle Bean, author of two wonderful books, My Cup of Tea, and, Mom to Mom, Day to Day.
"Faith and Family" is the "Family Circle" of the Catholic mother. Thoughtful articles on faith, and family, coupled with helpful hints for our homes, and buying guides for those special seasons in Catholic homes. Fr. Richard Gill, LC gives spiritual insight, there's plenty of reader input on the Faith and Family pages, and the photo essays are breathtaking. My girls love the party planning ideas, and the Umbert the Unborn comics.
Grab a cup of tea, find a quiet place, and spend some quality time reading "Faith and Family" magazine every other month, and rediscover the joys of Catholic motherhood.

Regina Caeli

Leader: Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia.
Response:For He whom you did merit to bear, alleluia.
Leader: Has risen, as he said, alleluia.
Response: Pray for us to God, alleluia.
Leader: Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia.
Response: For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia.

Let us pray. O God, who gave joy to the world through the resurrection of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, grant we beseech Thee, that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may obtain the joys of everlasting life. Through the same Christ our Lord.

For the next 50 days, until Pentecost closes out the Easter season, the Angelus is replaced by the Regina Caeli.
This is a hundred year old statue of Our Lady with the child Jesus in my parish church. Lovely, isn't it?

Happy Birthday, Holy Father!

To send a personal greeting to Pope Benedict XVI, click here.

HT Catholic Fire

Don't forget to read the new book he has released,
"Jesus of Nazareth", the definitive biography.
I hear the Holy Father has many changes in store for the Church this year. Bring them on!

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: Bush Stresses School Choice, Sanctity of Life at Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: Bush Stresses School Choice, Sanctity of Life at Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: Pope Set to Make Mark on U.S. Church

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: Pope Set to Make Mark on U.S. Church

cause of our joy: A Catholic Life: Divine Mercy Sunday

Vote for your favorite Catholic Blogger

I am so proud of my fellow Catholic bloggers who dominate the "Religion Blogs" section of the Bloggers Choice Awards! Catholic bloggers are a force to be reckoned with!
The only problem selecting my favorite. Here's the short list.
Happy Catholic
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Not a very short list, is it?
I have been nominated for this blog as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pope Benedict's Easter Homily

Some excerpts from his Easter Vigil Homily,
"My hand upholds you. Wherever you may fall, you will always fall into my hands.
"I am present even at the door of death. Where no one can accompany you further, and where you can bring nothing, even there I am waiting for you, and for you I will change darkness into light."
To the candidates for baptism, the Holy Father said that what is new about the sacrament is that "our life now belongs to Christ, and no longer to ourselves."
"As a result," he said, "we are never alone, even in death, but are always with the one who lives forever."


Benedict XVI said that the joy of the Easter vigil is that "we are free."
The Pope continued: "In the resurrection of Jesus, love has been shown to be stronger than death, stronger than evil. "Love made Christ descend, and love is also the power by which he ascends. The power by which he brings us with him. "In union with his love, borne aloft on the wings of love, as persons of love, let us descend with him into the world's darkness, knowing that in this way we will also rise up with him."

The Holy Father encouraged the faithful to ask the Lord to "show us that love is stronger than hatred, that love is stronger than death."

"Descend into the darkness and the abyss of our modern age," continued Benedict XVI's prayer, "and take by the hand those who await you. Bring them to the light!" The Holy Father added: "In my own dark nights, be with me to bring me forth! Help me, help all of us, to descend with you into the darkness of all those people who are still waiting for you, who out of the depths cry unto you!

"Help us to bring them your light! Help us to say the "yes" of love, the love that makes us descend with you and, in so doing, also to rise with you."


The Catholic Quizzes just keep coming!

You are 100% on the ball!

Wow! You can give the Pope a run for his money. Just memorize every saint and you will have nothing left to learn.

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Watch this video on Fr. Zulhsdorf's blog. It gives one hope for the Motu Proprio, no?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The keyboard is mightier than the sword!

With a part time job, a blog, a household to manage, and oh, yes, homeschooling three children; I am VERY busy. But, that is not a good enough excuse not to fight the culture war; we are in crisis in America, and good Catholics cannot be silent while we slide into moral decline and our freedom of speech is endangered. We owe a decent country to our children.
Click here to view a short message from The Family Research Council on the Democrats' attempt to reintroduce hate crimes legislation and how it endangers our freedom to express Catholic teaching regarding sexual morality. There have already been Christians arrested merely for expressing their religious beliefs.
Remember the calls for the explulsion of General Pace because he dared to state Catholic teaching on homosexuality?
And besides sending emails to our elected officials,what can we do from the keyboard? Fr Frank Pavone encourages us to write letters to the editors of our local newspapers. Some of us shrink from that because we lack the information to back up our claims that traditional morality is not only right because it pleases God, but because His plan for the family is always healthier mentally, physically, and even financially, as well as spiritually. Priests for Life, Human Life International, The Population Research Institute, and now Family, an outreach of the Heritage Foundation are great resources for your letters to the editor.
Let me know when you get them published.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scholars Find Case for the Resurrection of Christ

“The compelling evidence for me is the unanimous testimony of all the apostles and even a former persecutor like St. Paul,” said Brant Pitre, assistant professor of theology at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans. “There was no debate in the first century over whether Jesus was resurrected or not.”
Scholars say that the witnesses to Christ’s resurrection are compelling for a variety of reasons.
“People will seldom die even for what they know to be true. Twelve men don’t give up their lives for a lie,” said Ray, who recently returned from France, where he was filming his “Footprints of God” series at the amphitheater in Lyon, the site of a persecution in A.D. 177. “The martyrs of Lyon underwent two days of torture and all they would say is, ‘I am a Christian.’ They knew the resurrection was true and didn’t question it.”

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

Senator Harkin obfiscates the truth about adult stem cells

Dear Senator Harkin,
"We tuned in to the Senate debate over the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, in which you attempted to argue the futility of adult stem cell research. Using the story of a 12 year-old diabetic girl as an example, you talked passionately about the injustice of children who are forced to "inject [themselves] with insulin 120 times a month." You were quick to say, "Scientists have known about adult stem cells for 40 years and they still haven't brought about a cure for juvenile diabetes." Referring to your young friend, you said, "If adult stem cells could provide a cure for juvenile diabetes, she'd gladly take it."

Well, Senator Harkin, it just so happens that scientists have treated Type 1 diabetes with adult stem cells. While you and your colleagues were busy arguing that embryonic stem cell research is the only avenue for success, scientists were announcing another revolutionary victory using pro-life alternatives. In a breakthrough trial, 93% of young patients using adult stem cell therapy were able to stop taking insulin because their bodies began to produce the hormone naturally again. As the co-author, Dr. Richard Burt, said, "It's the first time in the history of Type 1 diabetes where people have gone with no treatment whatsoever... no medications at all, with normal blood sugars." In 13 cases, the patients didn't need insulin injections up to three years after their treatment ended. But don't take our word for it. Details of this progress, which you hinted was impossible under President Bush's current policies, are published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Although Dr. Burt is American, he was forced to move the trials to Brazil because doctors and leaders like you weren't interested in his approach.
As for the young girl you alluded to on the Senate floor, please give us her name. FRC would be more than willing to fly her and her parents to Brazil if they wish to take part in this trial, which, by your account, does not exist."

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

He is risen. He is risen indeed! Allelluia!