Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dr Henry Morgentaler dead at 90, Godfather of Abortion in Canada wanted Mother's Love.

He is responsible for the death of millions of unborn babies, both by his own hand and from his relentless activism in support of abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy.
 He sponsored Canada's abortion policy, which is as broad as that in the USA, abortion throughout all nine months, for any reason whatsoever. For that reason he is called the Godfather of Abortion in Canada. His legacy is one of unspeakable evil.

And he did it all because his Mama loved his baby brother more than he. Really. Even being a survivor of the Holocaust does not seem to have as profound an effect on this twisted soul. He spent years in Freudian therapy to no avail trying to overcome what his young heart perceived as rejection when his mother had a baby.

Don't believe it? Read his own words in an interview quoted by Life Site News.

Morgentaler: 'My whole life has been devoted to doing things to get me the love of women'
Morgentaler is well known for being a philanderer, having been married three times, and having had affairs with many other women while married. "I’d say my whole life has been devoted to doing things to get me the love of women," the abortionist candidly admitted in one clip from a deeply personal interview that aired on CBC in 2008.

When asked why he has had so many relationships over the years, Morgentaler - who told interviewer Evan Solomon later in the interview that he has been receiving Freudian therapy for "a long time" - responded: "What explains it is my inordinate need to be loved by women.
"Some time along my emotional development," he continued, "I got the impression that my mother didn’t love me, because there was a younger baby that she devoted a lot of attention to, which happens in many families I guess. I personally believe that she neglected me and that she didn’t love me. So, to be loved by women was emotionally to me very important."
So his rage at being forsaken for a younger sibling lead to a lifetime of murder. How many abortionists and mass murderers have the same rage against their mothers or fathers? How much pain could those parents have spared the world if they had healed their own wounds and not taken out their own pain on their children? I would not be surprised if we found similar dysfunction in Dr Kermit Gosnell's childhood. Or Adolf Hitler's. So much pain caused by broken hearts of children  who never learn to love.

Please take your parenting role seriously, the hearts and minds and CONSCIENCES you are forming will have a much greater impact on the world than you can imagine.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Where Heaven Meets Earth - Trailer HD (2:15)

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How to Win Hearts with Catholic Apologetics

Micah Murphy has an amusing and instructive post about the frustrating tactics we encounter in the New Evangelization.
Here we are in the midst of the New Evangelization and there are certainly other Pearls before Swine moments out there. Yet it must be possible for a person to prepare their debate opponent with some preliminary points so that they might be more ready for the Gospel. What are these Pearls before Swine moments and is there a way around them?
Note: I use the term “opponent” below technically, not uncharitably. Always be charitable to your opponent. You’re there to help them approach Christ.
And then there is a list of the most common tactics which we encounter.
Here is my answer:

As a pro-life apologist, I have encountered all these and more. But I am not discouraged, because Patrick Madrid once told me, speak to their hearts. That's where true conversion begins, and you may not see the change you make there at first, it may come only after years of reflection about what you and others have said, but if you speak to the heart, you are more likely to be successful at bringing about conversion down the road. Too often their pride keeps them from conceding your point in a debate, but God can penetrate that armor.
Don't forget God is already working on this person and possibly reminding them of your words (IF they were charitable!) over and over again, at opportune moments. That is why I read conversion stories, they give me hope, the person resisted truth for years and one day, one person's word or example was the straw which broke the camel's back.
This is why I met with infamous Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer in the quiet of his office on a Monday morning. I wanted to tell him my daughter with Down syndrome is a wonderful human being who enriches lives all around her, and to challenge his view that she has less value than an animal because of her IQ. I talked to Singer gently but firmly and left him with a copy of my book, 34 stories of Catholic parents who didn't want to raise Special needs children till God showed them what blessings they are (A Special Mother is Born). I still pray for Peter Singer a year later, and look for signs that God has done some work in his soul. Never give up, where there is life, there is hope God can reach a soul. We are only His instruments, He is the Divine Physician and Healer of the heart.

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