Monday, December 31, 2007

Huge Spanish protest in defense of the family

MADRID (Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards demonstrated in favour of the traditional family in the centre of Madrid on Sunday, in a show of force by Catholics in what is now one of the most liberal countries in Europe.
Organisers said more than one-and-a-half million people packed Colon Square and surrounding streets for the event, which was addressed by Pope Benedict in a live video link.

Que viva la familia en Espana!

Mike Huckabee and Catholics

To say that Mike Huckabee is a stranger to national politics explains in part, his recent blunders with regards to the Catholic voters he insulted with his recent trip to Pastor Hagee in Texas. There isn't much of a Catholic voter base in his home state of Arkansas. Here he is in his own words, discussing his relationship with Catholicism with Deacon Keith Fornier on Catholic Online.
“First, let me say I have appreciated that Catholics led in the pro-life issue and were firm on this even before the Baptists. Before the Baptists really started taking a strong position on the sanctity of life, I was a part of an organization called "Southern Baptists for Life" which was launched to move our denomination to a more consistent pro-life position."
I just love the humility and honesty of this statement, as well as the pithiness of this one,
In short, if I held any animosity toward Catholics, I don't think Justice Scalia would have ever taken me up on my invitations to go duck hunting.
You have a point, there, Huck!

HT Spirit Daily

Prayer request: Dawn Eden

Dawn Eden has need of prayers on two issues; her health and her career. May the Lord give you His peace, Dawn, we are praying.

Something to read while I finish my review of "Juno"

It seems that some people at Planned Parenthood don't like movies where abortion isn't the inevitable outcome of 'choice'. Juno, Waitress, Knocked Up and Bella are wearing down the 1970's stereotype that abortion is the only enlightened option.
HT Dawn Eden

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Media 2007 winners and Losers

Brent Bozell of the watchdog group the Media Research Center names the winners and losers of 2007 from a family values perspective at Catholic Exchange.
"Winners: Walden Media, which placed more well-made family-friendly movies in the cineplexes in 2007, from Bridge to Terabithia to the brand-new, critically acclaimed "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep."
Additional kudos to Walden Media from an unexpected source: The New York Times who reported that the two top favored films of 2007 by readers are Ratatouille and The Bridge to Terabithia.
Fox News called "The Golden Compass" a flop on their morning show, "Fox and Friends" today.
Families show that they are not easily deceived after all!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Catholic Exchange Bible Study on the Dignity of Women

Helen Heslin Bonk, my Irish Grandmother always asserted that 'women are the backbone of the Catholic Church'. Not that she was a radical feminist, on the contrary, she was a traditional Catholic wife and mother, forced to seek work outside the home by the Great Depression, but who relished her time with her family, and never missed Mass or her daily rosary.

Helen had always wanted to be a nurse, but finances never permitted, did this make her bitter and frustrated? Not Helen, she took in the elderly, infirm relatives of my grandfather, and did the thankless task of caring for them at home, without praise or renumeration. She opened her home to her three children to live in after marriage, until they could afford their own homes, helping to raise her grandchildren.
I was one of these, and my earliest memories are of waking up to hear Grandma coming home from early Mass on Sunday, into her bedroom which was next to mine. We lived with her until I was five, and I complained bitterly that we had to leave Grams to live on our own. I missed her tales of her childhood in Ireland, the poems and songs she'd sing, and her ever present sense of humor. No crisis was too big for Grandma's faith, love and perspective to bring down to size. She taught me about love by her infectious joy.
In a flash,when company would come, Grams would roll up the living room rug, pull our the Irish records, and we would get impromptu Irish dance lessons. Grams never neglected Grandpa's Polish heritage, there were polkas too, and waltzes.
Most of all, I remember learning what it meant to be a Catholic from Grams. She told me of the British persecution of Catholics for centuries in Ireland, of going to Mass past the glare of the armed 'Black and Tans' and how, above all things, I must remain a Catholic till I die, to honor the memory of generations who died for that same privilege.
I learned the inherent dignity of womanhood, fully lived in the home, and in the community, from a woman whose only fame was within her own family.
But I was blessed on both sides of my family. My Italian Grandmother, Philomena Galluccio Crafa, was born on Mulberry Street in the heart of New York City's Little Italy. One of nine children, Philomena was a hard worker throughout her life, and when the Depression forced her out of her home to work, to support her six children, it was at a local hospital, where she could translate for patients in Italian, Spanish, and English.
Philomena was a matriarch in her neighborhood, often reading letters for the illiterate immigrant, and solving finicancial problems with her superior math skills. These were the days before calculators, and Philomena could perform complex math problems in her head, as well as correct the grammar in my father's law school papers as she was typing them out for him. She too took in numerous relatives, and served up homemades macaroni sauce twice weekly made from the tomatoes Grandpa grew in their garden each summer.She taught her children the faith and sacrificed to send them to Catholic school.
Philomena loved all of her 19 grandchildren, who spent every holiday together with her, until her untimely death in 1971.
Both Philomena and Helen would probably blush at my mention of them here, they did what they did for love of God and family, not for recognition or money. Their example of faith, and love in action have given me inspiration to share here in this blog, some of the glories of our Catholic faith and the beauty of my loving family.
So, in response to this rich heritage of femininity, and to further enhance my ability to influence this Culture of Death for Christ, I will be taking part in an online Bible study given by author Cheryl Dickow of Catholic Exchange with women from all over the world on the theme of Pope John Paul's apostolic letter Muleris Digniatum.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prayer request

There is a premie baby named Alanna with Down Syndrome in Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. The hospital is pressuring Alanna's parents to pull the plug.

Tony Blair swims the Tiber!

I just love how the author of this article lists Mr. Blair's sins for him, and gets so many wrong, by Church teaching though she is a Catholic. Ihope Mr. Blair found profound peace in confessing his sins and receiving absolution and Holy Communion with his family.
I found it incredible that there are more Catholics at Mass each Sunday in the UK than Anglicans at their services. It just proves how attractive is the fullnes of Truth.
Welcome home to Rome, Tony!
We are a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints, as you must already know. I am grateful this didn't keep you away from Holy Mother Church.

Christina had a doctor visit today

Her blood oxygen saturation is only in the low 90's, and she still has the "crackling" in her lungs, so we are back to using the nebulizer and steroids to open her lungs. She is not happy, due to recent memories, and is putting up a better fight as she gets stronger, so we still need your prayers to help our little one take her treatments. She is far from "all better" this will be a long recovery, from the looks of things.
However, she is NOT going near the hospital again, thanks be to God, and will be at home with her sisters and parents. Bella and she are enjoying playing with their many Christmas gifts under the tree, and Gabbi is helping with nightime, now that Francisco is back to work.
God is good.

A Christmas gift to scientists, and the rest of us

I knew, deep in my heart, that if we just trusted God to reveal the secrets of His finest creation, the human body, that He would provide us with the means to cure diseases without resorting to destroying human embryos.
A new report published this week in the journal Nature shows that a third team of researchers has been able to "reprogram" ordinary skin cells to take on the properties of embryonic stem cells.
These new scientific breakthroughs hold real promise for savings lives without cloning human beings. In addition, Dr. Ian Wilmut - the scientist who cloned Dolly the Sheep - has even cited the new techniques has his reason for abandoning human cloning experimentation.

Here it is, a gift from the Divine Child Jesus on His birthday. We should have trusted Him from the start, we would have saved millions of dollars, and untold numbers of little humans from destruction in laboratories.

Human skin cells can now produce embryonic stem cells. So there, scientists who say that Catholics hold back the progress of science.
What have you to say for yourselves now?!

Christina is slowly recovering

It's 10:30AM and Christina is still sleeping peacefully, through the night for the first time in nearly two weeks. No struggling to breathe, no fever. It was difficult getting her to sleep, she has been having diarrrhea with cramps, so she wouldn't settle down till 1AM, but I am SO grateful to see her sleeping deeply; I have been watching her for hours. I still hear the crackle of pnemonia in her breath, as my brother Bill an RN, told me that it takes two weeks to recover from viral pnemonia. So, please keep up the prayers.
Today we see her pediatrician and I will find out how high her oxygen level is. My pediatrician, though he didn't have priveleges at the hopsital we ended up in, nevertheless came by to visit her on his way to the hospital he works in. He once examined Christina's heart in our home when she was too anxious to let him do so in the office. He knew that, at home, she would be more relaxed, and offered to do a house call.
He is a very special man, and I am fortunate to have a doctor like him.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mario Lanza - The Virgin's Slumber Song

A Blessed Christmas to all. I'll sing this to my little Christina tonight as I rock her to sleep.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Praise and Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ!

On the eve of her feast day, Christina Maria, named for the third mystery of the Holy Rosary, the Nativity, has returned home from the hospital after a five day ordeal I will never forget.
Your prayers are what brought her home, may the Infant Jesus repay you for your charity, and for the dear friends who came and held our hands (literally) through this ordeal.
What a marvelous Christmas gift this is! I will never be more grateful in my entire life than I was this evening as we turned into our own driveway and let out a cheer that our little angel has come home to celebrate Christ's birth.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thank you for your prayers

Christina has double pnemonia, and is refusing all medical treatment, so we are worn out trying to keep oxygen and liquids in her. I count on your prayers.
God bless you.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I need your prayers for my daughter

Christina was admitted to the hospital today for pnemonia. Please pray for her.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reuters links to my post on "The Golden Compass"

Huckabee says the unthinkable; and starts a trend

Urgent prayer request

A woman whose name I don't know has an appointment on December 21 to have her baby, who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome killed by abortion.
Please pray with me to St. Peter Canisius, whose feast day it is, for a change of heart, and a life saved.

Nativity Scenes vandalized nationwide

For a complete list, go to my Christmas blog.

Good news for those who love children with Down syndrome

Movement of the Kennedy-Brownback Bill
“Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act” (S. 1810)

To read the bill go here.
National Down Syndrome Congress and NDSS have been following this bill, the “Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act,” S. 1810, since its introduction in 2005 and successfully promoted improved language that was included in the latest version which was introduced in July, 2007. We have been informed by Senate staff members that Senator Edward Kennedy (D.MA) and Senator Sam Brownback (R.KS) are scheduling a briefing for the other members of the Senate Health Education Labor Pensions (HELP) Committee on January 16, 2008, the second day of the next Congressional session.
The HELP committee has jurisdiction over this bill.After this briefing, a date for a “mark-up” has been scheduled for January 23rd. The mark-up is a process that takes place in committee when a piece of legislation is analyzed section by section and changes are made, if necessary. Generally, the bill then can be brought to the floor for a vote or attached to another piece of legislation that is moving through Congress. Throughout the various stages, Governmental Affairs staff members will be closely monitoring the proposed legislation.
NDSC and NDSS are working closely with congressional staff members to facilitate the movement of the legislation. Please pay close attention to future recommendations for action made in Newslines and Alerts. The timeliness of your advocacy efforts at that point will be critical. We will keep readers informed so the membership can advocate at a time when their contacts will have the greatest impact.

Harry Forbes does it again!

Here's another movie review on "Rent" a homosexual themed movie which was given a positive review by Harry Forbes. This is becoming quite embarrasing for the bishops.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jill Stanek's take on "Juno"

'Juno': The movie pro-aborts will hate
That means pro-aborts will hate it. "Juno" is a great story that undermines almost all their talking points. . .

I have to jump to my favorite part of the movie, which pro-aborts will hate most, when Juno decides to "procure a hasty abortion."
The pro-life protester greeting Juno at the mill is a nerd but friendly. She and Juno engage in a civil conversation, and she ultimately gets the job done by calling out to Juno, "Your baby has fingernails!" as the teen determinedly proceeds into the mill. This little humanizing point grabs Juno, causing her to change her mind and ditch the abortion.
Read the complete review here.

American Life League's video on "Choice on Earth"

Michael Hichborn of ALL has some choice words to say about Planned Barrenhood's "Choice on Earth" greeting card. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. They have closed 124 abortion mills in the past 12 years, an average of over 10 closed each year. Let's wish them another year of clinic closures, and a change of heart before they kill more children and destroy more women's lives, and meet their judgement.

Is the tide turning toward a Culture of Life?

I want to begin my second thousand posts on a hopeful note. A new survey by ABC News found that Americans are 6% more pro-life than 6 months ago. I believe that the rash of pro-lifed themed songs and movies out there may have had something to do with it. The Romanian "Nine Months" movie, which won the Cannes Film Festival this year, "Waitress","Juno", "Knocked Up", "In the Wake of Choice", "Bella", and "Noelle". I can't think of another year with so many movies, though not officially pro-life which contained strong pro-life themes, perhaps even unintentionally.
There is a saying "politics is downstream from culture" which a friend gave me as his reason to work for a family-friendly media company, Walden Media. I'm beginning to see the wisdom in that, and it inspires me to keep writing this blog, and the many articles which keep getting rejected, but eventually find their way to this blog. We are making a difference, Catholic bloggers!
Let's hope it will in influence this year's presidential election. From the look of the performance of Governor Mike Huckabee in the polls, it may be that pro-life, pro-family, homeschoolers are influencing the nation in a big way.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Thousandth Post on Causa Nostrae Laetitae

Unbelievable! The week I began blogging in October of last year, I had difficulty coming up with things to write about. Thanks to the industrious work of the Culture of Death merchants, I will never run out of material, this side of Heaven.
I would like to dedicate this momentous post to interesting posts from my favorite bloggers.
Jeff Miller at Curt Jester creates some cards which Planned Barrenhood may consider for it's
"Choice on Earth" holiday theme. Macabre, but, as usual with Jeff, right on the money.
Dawn Eden continues the Planned Barrenhood art motif with a shocking display of their infertility propaganda posters worldwide.
A Long Island Catholic sets the record straight with the dwindling movement of Voice of the Faithless.
Jean at Catholic Fire holds abortonist Killer Tiller and Attorney General Morrisey's feet to the fire.
Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii gives a taste of Christmas in Hawaii.
Mele Kalikimaka!
Elizabeth at The Divine Gift of Motherhood, who is now celebrating her 100th post, has reviewed my favorite book, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.
God bless you, my friends, who have supported me, and inspired me during this first year of blogging. I owe my career in writing, and my messy office to you!
Maybe the Visits to this blog, counted on the sidebar will hit 50,000 today as well. That would be an awesome coincidence, and some really smart person could figure out the average visits per post(uh, would it be 50?)At the time I'm posting this, that would require 512 more visits.
Come on people, don't make me bump up the site meter all by myself!

And her comment below reminded me of an oversight, please forgive me, Jackie.
Mrs. Jackie Parkes, MJ the Catholic Mom of 10 including a lovely 21 year old daughter who has made it through her teens with her Catholic faith intact, and a son who is serving the Tridentine Mass here. Jackie, who has been a contstant commenter on this blog and my family blog, Cause of Our Joy, is far ahead of me on hits, nearly up to 50,000 when she only began counting last April, and she knows absolutely everyone who is anyone in the Catholic blogosphere. A great mom, a holy woman, and a blogger who keeps you up on the Catholic Church in the UK.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Opening on Christmas Day: The Water Horse

Life 1: Kansas Killers: 0

From cartoonist John Francis Borra
Under pressure from both friends and foes, including the state's self-serving pro-abortion governor, Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas attorney general Paul Morrison resigned from office Friday, Dec. 14, just five days after admitting being sued by his former mistress and staffer for sexual harassment. He leaves amid very credible claims he has tried squeezing information from her about Johnson County Attorney General Phill Kline's ongoing investigation into illegal activity at Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

But such revelations should surprise no one. What is one to expect of a man whose campaign for the Kansas attorney general's office was financed by the abortion industry? Notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller was just one anti-life contributor, funneling one million dollars in blood money to smear incumbent AG Phill Kline in last fall's battle. The axis of death quite literally purchased the state's highest law enforcement office and Morrison wasted no time whitewashing Tiller's manifest violations of Kansas law.

While admitting marital infidelity, Morrison turned the rhetoric up full-blast, vowing "to continue to fight for the safety and security of Kansans to the best of my ability." But why would anyone have believed such nonsense? Could a man with so little regard for his family have any more regard for the welfare of John Q. Public?

And what about "the safety and security" of the uncounted girls and women whose victimization Morrison perpetuated by absolving out-of-hand George Tiller and Planned Parenthood of systematically covering for rapists? Bought and paid-for, Paul Morrison shielded Kansas' notorious abortion industry to the end-- at the expense not only of young women, but of a future without their children!
Semper veritas!
John Francis Borra

New blog by a friend of mine

A friend of mine, with great devotion to the Blessed Mother, under her title of Our Lady of Czestochowa, and our late Holy Father John Paul II, has started a blog entitled, Behold Your Mother.
He has a deep love for and understanding of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, and has a great post about 'active participation' in the Traditional Mass.

Mothers who want large families ignored by EU

These days,Europe seems to have a death wish, and in a few short generations, predicts pundit Pat Buchanan in his book, "The Death of the West" Europe will be made of the children of Muslim immigrants. Look at what the EU is doing to women who, like me, just want to stay home and raise their children.
Maciej Golubiewski (NEW YORK — C-FAM)
At a meeting of the European Parliament this week, the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) warned that the long-term economic well-being of large families is “seriously compromised” by current EU family policies. Stating that “large families are the only key to the demographic future of Europe,” ELFAC argued that the EU’s current policy towards the demographic crisis in Europe ignores the fact that almost a third of European women aged 20-34 years would like to have three or more children while the birth rates in many EU countries continues to drop alarmingly. ELFAC argues that the EU’s family focus is on the “average” woman, which creates inequalities for large families since these policies are based on a family size of fewer than three children. Large families are treated as only marginally important for the well-being of the whole society and family life is devalued to the level of a “hobby.”
Instead, the EU focuses on programs such as promoting reconciliation of work and family life, while ignoring the fact that policy should also be geared to women who choose to stay at home and care for their children, which is not recognized as “work” in any of the policy documents. This situation of deprivation, which stops many women from having more children, is evident by the scant attention paid to those families who against all odds decided to have more children according to ELFAC. The group points to such failures of policy as no value-added tax exemptions on obligatory products for children (e.g. car seats), very low tax deductions for children, lowering of child allowances after a child reaches three years of age, and taxation schemes that penalize married and widowed parents. Recent data on the ideal family size in Europe show that the fertility rate of 2.1, which is needed for keeping the population at a replacement level, can be achieved if more policy effort is spent simply on helping these women achieve their goal.
Currently, not a single EU country has the desired fertility level and six countries are experiencing dangerously low fertility rates under 1.4. Calling for a meaningful change in the social attitudes towards the family, ELFAC advocates that a policy priority should be first to acknowledge that close to a third of European women do not seem to have “a right” to have more than two children, and that helping these women will singlehandedly solve the demographic problem in Europe. ELFAC’s report ends with a call to the EU and national government authorities to improve their family policies “so that the minority of women that want to have three or more children are free to have, raise and educate them.” It also includes a pledge to provide the EU institutions of up to five experts specializing in the needs of large families.

GK Chesterton on "Why I am a Catholic"

Is over at "Fatima Now" blogspot. Leave it to Chesterton to give the most persuasive and lucid arguments in an engaging fashion. He is a Catholic because it's the intellectual thing to do, and the best way to holiness. Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Abortions shown on Spanish TV

Fr. Frank Pavone has said, "American won't reject abortion until America sees abortion". He has this link to graphic abortion images on his website(warning, I mean graphic). I was just thinking about them, and I am getting over my fear of using these images. They are quite powerful. So what if they hurt, they are the truth of what is happening in this nation as I write. Forty four hundred babies a day die like this in this nation.

When William Wilberforce wanted to make a point about the horrors of slavery, he brought members of Parliament to see a slave ship, and when the American troops liberated the emaciated survivors of Hitler's death camps, they filmed the horrors of death they saw there. These films started movements for good, because they created outrage. As long as abortion is an unseen tragedy, it can be forgotten, and glossed over by clever phrases like "Choice on Earth" the card used by Planned Parenthood who wishes it's family a peaceful holiday season, when their abortion mills contain death, pain and bloodshed. And that's for the women. It's even worse for the babies.
At least they have the guts to show the reality of abortion on Spanish TV. Bravo!

Do you think "Homeschool is cool"?

YouTube is hosting a video contest of homeschooled kids on this theme. Video entries will be accepted until Jan 8, 2007.



Friday, December 14, 2007

I have another piece in "Faith and Family" magazine

Go over to "Cause of Our Joy" for the details.

Last chance to vote for me at Homeschool Blog Awards

Saturday, December 15 is the last day to vote. I've been nominated for Best Curriculum Blog, and Best Current Events, Opinion or Politics Blog. If you are a reader of these blogs, please take a minute to vote.
Thank you.

A Woman's choice is violated; why no outcry?

A man gave his pregnant girlfriend RU-486 in a drink to kill his unborn child. Read this story of a woman whose choice to carry her baby to term was thwarted. You won't hear it in the news.

Religion and Politics

Many of you think I am completely informed on current events. I am ashamed to admit, I missed Mitt Romney's speech on religion. Partly due to my distaste for his attitude, which strikes me as insincere,partly because I still have to get my mind around this whole complicated concept of how to express one's faith when one is a presidential candidate. Why worry so much, I'll never be a candidate? I don't know, I just like to have these things resolved in my mind, and I hate to admit that a sincere Catholic can't be president, but a sneaking suspicion tells me this may be true, at least nowadays.
So, while I write my nomination acceptance speech, read this column by Colleen Carroll Campbell, on the subject;
"John F. Kennedy's speech on how his Catholic faith wouldn't influence his presidency.Kennedy said a President's religious views are "his own private affair" and reminded the crowd that he was not the Catholic candidate for President, but the Democratic candidate who happened to be Catholic. He explained the relationship between his faith and his political decisions this way:
'I do not speak for my Church on public matters – and the Church does not speak for me. Whatever issue may come before me as President – on birth control, divorce, censorship, gambling, or any other subject – I will make my decision in accordance with these views, in accordance with what my conscience tells me to be in the national interest, and without regard to outside religious pressures or dictates. And no power or threat of punishment could cause me to decide otherwise.'"

Mega Killing Center to Open in Colorado

From Eric Schiedler:
I've just received a special request from Will Duffy, who's leadingthe fight against Planned Parenthood in Denver, CO. The pro-lifefolks there need our help TODAY.
Planned Parenthood is building an abortion facility TWICE the sizeof the one they opened in Aurora, IL. Will Duffy is trying to convincethe general contractor, Weitz Construction, to quit.Will is asking pro-lifers ACROSS THE COUNTRY to call the top brassat Weitz Construction TODAY and ask them to STOP working forPlanned Parenthood.
* * * Ten Phone Calls for LIFE * *
*Please call each of the ten Weitz executives below TODAY and, respectfully but emphatically, urge them to pull out of the PlannedParenthood abortion center project in Denver.
1. 303-860-6600 Weitz main line
2. 303-860-6673 Bill Hornaday
3. 303-860-6639 Gary Meggison
4. 303-860-6625 Rich Haas
5. 303-860-6688 Don Gendall
6. 303-860-6676 Colleen Kilkenny
7. 303-860-6675 Donna Jordan
8. 303-860-6626 Doug Flemmer
9. 303-860-6601 Tom Harper
10. 303-860-6654 Shad Cloeter
When you get through, tell them about how bad Planned Parenthood is for women, for youth, for families and above all for the unborn babies they kill more than a quarter of a million of every year. If you're sent to voice mail, leave a message.
But please don'tstop calling until you've gone through the whole list.Will Duffy has already convinced several subcontractors to drop outof this sinister project. Please help him convince the big general contractor to do the same.
The folks in Denver have the chance we NEVER had in Aurora to stop Planned Parenthood long before construction is completed. Let's help them out today!

Yours for Life, -- Eric

P.S. We're holding our monthly protest at Planned Parenthod's "AbortionFortress", tomorrow from 9-10:30 at New York and Oakhurst in Aurora.
Keep us in your prayers, or dress warmly and join us!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Archbishop Chaput on "The Golden Compass"

"The aggressively anti-religious, anti-Christian undercurrent in The Golden Compass is unmistakable and at times undisguised."
Archbishop Chaput has seen plainly what Harry Forbes couldn't; the aetheistic undercurrent of "The Golden Compass". Read his full review here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Website for Pope Benedict's visit to NY and Washington DC.

It's run by the Catholic University of America. Click here.

Our Ladyof Guadalupe, Patroness of the Church Militant

by Fr. Tom Euteneuer
The apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe which occurred in Mexico in 1531 were an evangelization experience unsurpassed in all of Church history with the possible exception of the Day of Pentecost. December 12th marks the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who I believe can be titled Patroness of the Church Militant. I say this because, in that experience, she brought together all of the elements of a spiritual army that conquered what was then a total culture of death; if she could overcome the evil forces that directed the massacre of thousands of innocent human beings in 16th Century Mexico, we can be assured that she can repeat that victory for our modern day culture of death and dethrone the abortion demon from his altar of sacrifice.
Read the entire article at Catholic Exchange.

Call for firing Harry Forbes at USCCB Office of Film Intensifies

The review he authored of "The Golden Compass" has been pulled from the USCCB website. Now, Catholic leaders like Fr. Tom Euteneuer of HLI have called for his firing.

At the risk of sounding self-serving since I am a film critic, I think that it's time to disband this office. It served well in the days before the internet, as I said before, my mother relied on it, however, it has lost it's moral compass, and is no longer reliable. I don't have faith in much that the bishops do as a body these days, after the weak message on pro-abortion politicians, so, let the marketplace of Catholic film reviews take over, and abolish the office altogether. Let people go to me at Mercatornet, or Steve Greydanus, at Decent Films Guide, Jeffrey Overstreet, or the blogs, to find out if the film they're interested in is objectionable for the children, and why.

By the way, the USCCB Office of Film gave "Enchanted" an AI rating, and I gave it an AII. due to inappropriate sexual content; in a fairy tale. My insight that this movie would spark good mother-daughter discussions about the nature of romance and marriage after the film was appreciated by mother and Catholic blogger, Kathryn Gerold-Miller, who said, " As always, Leticia Velasquez has pointedly detailed some of the points parents should look for in preparation for their post-viewing discussion with their children."
Harry Forbes gives the impression that he has no family, or any idea of what sort of material is inappropriate for adults, let alone children. This is a constant temptation for film critics, to become enamored of a particular film's style, or plot, or acting, forgetting to look for objectionable moral content. Did you realize, that until the late 1960's the US bishops were THE moral authority of Hollywood? Their thumbs down would automatically sink a film.
How far we've fallen!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sister Marie De Mandat-Grancey: Dec 12 - The Virgin of Guadalupe and Sister Marie

Sister Marie De Mandat-Grancey: Dec 12 - The Virgin of Guadalupe and Sister Marie

Christmas at Maxwell's

I plan to order this film, which came out last year and is available on DVD.It's called Christmas at Maxwell's, and looks Catholic-inspired.

Here's a review from Peggy Moen of The Wanderer, who begins, "If you have time after going to see Bella in the theaters and watching It's a Wonderful Life at home, you might also want to see Christmas at Maxwell's, now available on DVD. "Watch the trailer here.

Maureen Wittmann: You're Invited to a Party

Maureen Wittmann: You're Invited to a Party

"Spe Salvi to invigorate the Church"

“A constant theme of Pope Benedict’s preaching and teaching is the priority of God,” Bishop Blair said. “Human thinking and acting in the modern world is increasingly man-centered rather than God-centered. But when God is lost sight of, the human person is lost sight of too. In Spe Salvi, the Pope says that we all need the ‘greater and lesser’ hopes of this life in order to keep going, but that God alone is the ‘great hope’ who makes life worth living, and who makes sense of it all in the light of eternity.”

“ there are some wonderful sections on suffering written from a pastoral point of view,” he said. “Those sections are what would be of most interest to people and of most pastoral use. And it’s done biographically; these concrete examples reinforce his analysis of suffering.”

Terri Schiavo's memorial day will be March 31

It was a week to remember, Holy Week 2005. We watched two well-known people die publicly. One died with dignity while the world prayed outside his window, Pope John Paul II. The other died in agony, forcibly dehydrated while those who loved her suffered every pain with her, but could not, by law, give her a drop of water, and some of us prayed outside her door.

She was Terri Schiavo, and the world must remember her murder so that this won't happen again. Therefore, an educational program will be instituted leading up to March 31 the day of Terri's death, each year, to remember what a man is capable of doing to the woman he pledged to stand by "in sickness and in health".

Monday, December 10, 2007

Confirmation: "The Golden Compass" disappoints

They have $350 million to recoup, and they made less than $30 million this weekend, not a good sign. This is the company that made "Lord of the Rings"
They needed it to be that popular, or like "Harry Potter",which is obviously what they expected, so this is a blow. Here's a story about it.
I don't know if the protests kept people away, or the fact that it was panned by many secular critics. Either way, I am relieved that fewer children will fall prey to Pullman's lies.

Huckabee and the shootings

Here is why Governor Huckabee would make a great president, not only because he has his finger on the crux of the cultural crisis in which we find ourselves, but he has the courage to speak the truth, that all the government can do is issue stopgap measures to make up for the failure of the Christian Church to evangelize the hearts of the American people.
"The reason we have so much government is because we have so much broken humanity," he said. "And the reason we have so much broken humanity is because sin reigns in the hearts and lives of human beings instead of the Savior. "
The problems of those disturbed individuals are emotional and spiritual and this is NOT the government's territory, yet, so often it must clean up the devastation which such tragedies leave behind, that some are lead to believe some government agency could have prevented this. How many new laws can we put into place to protect the rest of us from those lost souls who have never felt the love of their parents' or a friend? We can outlaw guns, but so often they are sold illegally. We can have better means of background checks, but so often these young men have no criminal record. Emotional instability has not yet been listed as a reason to deny someone a gun permit.
"Government knows it does not have the answer, but it's arrogant and acts as though it does," Huckabee said. "Church does have the answer but will cowardly deny that it does and wonder when the world will be changed." The shootings were just one more wake-up call to the nation, he said. "I fear we will turn and hit the snooze button one more time and lose this great republic of ours."
THIS is what defines a true Christian conservative, this understanding of the prinicpal of subsidiarity, that problems are best delt with on the lowest possible level, and only when that fails utterly, do you start talking about federal laws. This rash of copy-cat shootings isn't a federal problem. It's a familial crisis which has been long ignored, until it threatens the whole of society.
For me, these young men, and so many others in this Culture of Death, are crying out for their fathers to love them. If their fathers are too broken or hard-hearted to fill their sons' need, then their Heavenly Father can make up for human inadequacy, if only they knew it. It is the job of all Christians to reach out to the lost young man like the Virginia Tech shooter, with the love of Christ. This is a point which our Holy Father is about to make in his upcoming document, which sources say will be released December 14.
Governor Huckabee would make a great president not because he agrees with Christian moral traditon, but because he knows the role of government and the role of the Church, a point which social liberals fail to understand. They have given up on the family's abitlity to regulate behavior,and want to create government programs to do that job. I have never seen an agency love a child. Only people do.

New Vatican Document Expected December 14

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Take the Roe IQ Test

Fr. Frank Pavone has always said that the great majority of Americans have no idea that Roe v Wade, and Doe v Bolton the landmark Supreme Court decisions of January 22, 1973 which permit abortion in all nine months of pregnancy up to the moment of birth. Pro-life groups have worked together on a website to commemorate the 35th anniversary of this tragedy in America.
What do you know about the most controversial Supreme Court decision since Brown v The Board of Ed?
Test you Roe IQ here.

Quote of the Day

"Do you ever wonder why God values obedience more than sacrifice? ... Because obedience is someone else's idea of what you should sacrifice."
--From David Manuel's A Matter of Roses.
HT The Wine Dark Sea

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Controversial Religious Movies

Responding to a posted review of "Noelle" by a faithful supporter of the movie, I reminded myself that I have supported a somewhat controversial movie, The Nativity Story. Many Catholics were offended by the directors' portrayal of the Virgin Mary.
I recently purchased the DVD for our home viewing, and enjoyed it with my older children.

Read my review of it here.

Catholic Fire: The Boring Compass: A Movie Review by Pete Vere, JCL

Catholic Fire: The Boring Compass: A Movie Review by Pete Vere, JCL

Catholic Fire: The Feast of the Immmaculate Conception

Catholic Fire: The Feast of the Immmaculate Conception

New York Magazine expects "The Golden Compass" to flop this weekend

Let's hope New Line Cinema learns a lesson from investing nearly $300 million in a film which is projected to make a mere $20-30 million this weekend.

Don't defame God and His Catholic Church. Besides the eternal punishments, there are temporal ones. America is still a nation of believers, and won't be won over by a shabby attempt to ape the literary masterpieces of CSLewis.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Silent Night

Sometimes, commercials actually get it right!

"Golden Compass" ad in diocesan newspapers pulled

Medlinger(responsible for pulling the ad) explained that when a sales representative first approached him about pitching advertisements for the film, "I said we have to find out what the USCCB movie rating is."
"When our sales rep heard that the rating from the Bishops Conference was A II he sent out that note," continued Medlinger. "Afterwards we had a conversation and we are not placing those ads."Asked what caused him to change his mind despite the positive USCCB review, Medlinger was hesitant and would only respond: "It was my decision, it was just business we didn't want to do."
Faithful Catholic activists and bloggers can take a pat on the back for the outcome. In a rare move, the Catholic League was quick to publicly condemn the review. Other Catholic leaders have called on the USCCB to fire their movie critic Harry Forbes, especially in light of the fact that he also caused scandal by giving a glowing review to the homosexual propaganda film Brokeback Mountain. (see coverage: ) readers, activists and Bloggers such as Amy Wellbourn, Thomas Peters of American Papist, among many others, have pursued both the USCCB review and the proposed ads stirring a healthy controversy.
Congratulations, fellow Catholic bloggers, job well done!

If you live in Maine, vote for Dean Scontras

Dean Scontras is running for Congress. This wonderful story is on his campaign site. I wish he were my Congressman.
I am pro-life. I have been advised on how to answer this question - say this, don’t say that. I have EVEN been advised to change my position. I can’t. I thought maybe I should speak about the nuances of Roe v. Wade, but the reasons for my position are not that complicated. In grad school I listened to a student deliver a presentation on how to remove Down Syndrome from the gene pool through selective abortion. I listened attentively. When he was finished, I stood up and told the following story:
I grew up on Love Lane in Kittery, Maine. That’s right, LOVE Lane. I was the youngest of seven children. At times you would have thought there was an 8th Scontras. His name was Billy. Billy Wurm was our neighbor. He graced our lives for more than 50 years. Billy had Down Syndrome. Sometimes Ya-ya, my Greek grandmother, would come stay with us. She spoke NO English, and she didn’t like to go to the beach with us. She would stay home by herself - quite content. She would walk about the yard, sit in the shade. I will never forget one particular July day when we returned home to find Billy and Ya-ya hand in hand, walking peacefully around the yard, talking to one another. Funny thing is, Billy couldn’t understand a word Ya-ya said, nor could Ya-ya understand Billy. Yet she had a wonderful look of peace and happiness on her face. Billy was also wearing his perpetual smile.
Years earlier when I was 3 or 4 years old, I stumbled and fell into our neighbor’s pool. No one was around. No one except for Billy Wurm, that is. I will never forget the image of Billy’s face coming toward me as I panicked in silence beneath the water’s surface. He scooped me up and placed me safely on the pool’s edge. I could tell you many more stories about Billy, each one suggesting some greater purpose to life. But they would all need to be considered in the context of that life-saving experience. Were it not for Billy, well…
Society hungers for perfection in our selves and our children, to a fault. As a parent, I see it. We want perfect children, perfect communities, free from pain and toil. It’s only human. My point to the speaker was this - I understand that sometimes a child may place a burden on society for any number of reasons. But they also bring with them unexpected grace, joy and the ability to touch other lives beyond measure. The most wonderful lessons in life often come from those who have had to overcome the greatest obstacles. Their lives seem to teach us the most about our own. Thankfully, our world is full of such stories... full of people like Billy Wurm. To me, it is the human spirit that needs to be considered and protected. It reminds me of my favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” One living person has the ability to shape so many others. It’s dangerous territory when WE become the arbiters of life. I told my classmate that I thought his thesis was well written, but sadly mistaken. Without Billy there would have been a hole in my life, or perhaps a hole where my life had once been.
Billy also had something that each one of us long for - unbridled happiness, unconditional love of all things. As I concluded my observations that day in class, a young woman rose up behind me. “I wasn’t going to say anything,” she said, “but I’m glad Dean did.” She continued, “I have several children. The youngest has Down Syndrome. He is by far the happiest of the bunch!”

If you live in Maine, vote for Dean Scontras

I am pro-life. I have been advised on how to answer this question - say this, don’t say that. I have EVEN been advised to change my position. I can’t. I thought maybe I should speak about the nuances of Roe v. Wade, but the reasons for my position are not that complicated. In grad school I listened to a student deliver a presentation on how to remove Down Syndrome from the gene pool through selective abortion. I listened attentively. When he was finished, I stood up and told the following story:
I grew up on Love Lane in Kittery, Maine. That’s right, LOVE Lane. I was the youngest of seven children. At times you would have thought there was an 8th Scontras. His name was Billy. Billy Wurm was our neighbor. He graced our lives for more than 50 years. Billy had Down Syndrome. Sometimes Ya-ya, my Greek grandmother, would come stay with us. She spoke NO English, and she didn’t like to go to the beach with us. She would stay home by herself - quite content. She would walk about the yard, sit in the shade. I will never forget one particular July day when we returned home to find Billy and Ya-ya hand in hand, walking peacefully around the yard, talking to one another. Funny thing is, Billy couldn’t understand a word Ya-ya said, nor could Ya-ya understand Billy. Yet she had a wonderful look of peace and happiness on her face. Billy was also wearing his perpetual smile.
Years earlier when I was 3 or 4 years old, I stumbled and fell into our neighbor’s pool. No one was around. No one except for Billy Wurm, that is. I will never forget the image of Billy’s face coming toward me as I panicked in silence beneath the water’s surface. He scooped me up and placed me safely on the pool’s edge. I could tell you many more stories about Billy, each one suggesting some greater purpose to life. But they would all need to be considered in the context of that life-saving experience. Were it not for Billy, well…
Society hungers for perfection in our selves and our children, to a fault. As a parent, I see it. We want perfect children, perfect communities, free from pain and toil. It’s only human. My point to the speaker was this - I understand that sometimes a child may place a burden on society for any number of reasons. But they also bring with them unexpected grace, joy and the ability to touch other lives beyond measure. The most wonderful lessons in life often come from those who have had to overcome the greatest obstacles. Their lives seem to teach us the most about our own. Thankfully, our world is full of such stories... full of people like Billy Wurm. To me, it is the human spirit that needs to be considered and protected. It reminds me of my favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” One living person has the ability to shape so many others. It’s dangerous territory when WE become the arbiters of life. I told my classmate that I thought his thesis was well written, but sadly mistaken. Without Billy there would have been a hole in my life, or perhaps a hole where my life had once been.
Billy also had something that each one of us long for - unbridled happiness, unconditional love of all things. As I concluded my observations that day in class, a young woman rose up behind me. “I wasn’t going to say anything,” she said, “but I’m glad Dean did.” She continued, “I have several children. The youngest has Down Syndrome. He is by far the happiest of the bunch!”

Pete Vere leads the charge against "The Golden Compass"

Pete Vere is a contributor to several publications including "The Wanderer" and "National Catholic Register". He has co-written book with Sandra Meisel on Phillip Pullman entitled, The Pied Piper of Atheism. He has also written several good articles, including, Pullman and the Seduction of Children. He says,
Meet Philip Pullman, the man whom English author Peter Hitchens refers to as “the most dangerous author in Britain.” He writes children’s literature that mocks God and ridicules church. “He is the anti-Lewis,” Hitchens states, referencing C.S. Lewis’s classic Chronicles of Narnia series. He adds that Pullman is “the one the atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed.” Yet, unlike most atheists who attack God through stuffy academic treatises that will never be read by the general public, Pullman uses children’s literature to foment rebellion against God.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Bella" still hanging on despite holiday competition

Somebody up there loves "Bella" or it wouldn't still be showing in the intensely competitive holiday season. I think I know Who.
“We’re alive, but at any moment we could die,” said Sean Wolfington, one of the film’s producers. “Every week we’re trying to survive because we don’t have ad budgets. Every week there is some type of publicity that helps us survive.” (here Tony Bennett has an animated conversation with Eduardo Verastegui.)

I'm taking the girls to see "Bella" again this weekend, in honor of the Immaculate Conception. Why don't you do the same, and bring an elderly friend who can't drive, as a good deed for Advent?

"Juno" another movie with a pro-life theme?

( -- Another movie with a "pro-life" theme is hitting theaters starting this weekend -- as the indie comedy "Juno" could delight pro-life advocates with its promotion of adoption over abortion. The movie follows Bella, which has touched the heart of millions with its beautiful presentation of appreciating human life.

My review of Enchanted

Is up at Mercatornet.

I would like to ask you for your vote . . .

. . . these are words you've been hearing a lot lately, and will certainly be hearing many more times in the coming year, but now, you're hearing them from me.

If you enjoy my blog, please vote for me for the best political/social commentary blog or the best curriculum/business blog at the Homeschool Blog Awards. I appreciate your support, and your readership.

This is Leticia and I approve this message!

Now, Here's a movie that Christians can revel in!

Prince Caspian is coming to theatres May 16, 2008.
Watch the trailer here.

LA Times snipes at Catholics who oppose "The Golden Compass"

"In America," I told Pettitt, "religious groups gain political advantage and rally their followers by presenting themselves as embattled. Actually listening to the other side is tantamount to admitting you're not really being persecuted." With a look of mild pity, he replied, "In order to come to views, you don't just listen to people you agree with. Education is a good thing, and, therefore, so is openness to different views."
Isn't the sarcasm and contempt just dripping off that sneering statement?! This is why I homeschool, so that these liberals don't have a platform to daily mock my children's faith, and their parents who hold it. I had 5 years of it myself in public school, and, by the grace of God and my mother's prayers, my faith survived intact. My brothers, however, think they are too intelligent for the Catholic Church and are living without faith, and raising their sons to be atheists.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The American Psychological Association is Reconsidering their stand on Homosexuality

Historically, homosexuality was considered by all medical professionals as a disorder, but the APA, wanting political correctness over sound practice, refused to call it a disorder which requires treatment, unless the homosexual is uncomfortable in the lifestyle.
At this time, they are re-considering this position, and former homosexuals have said they want therapy for homosexuals, since it helped them escape this emotionally painful lifestyle. The APA is not, however, open to input from such Christian groups as Focus on the Family who has specific outreaches to the homosexual community. I recommend the group Courage with Fr. Harvey to those suffering with same sex attraction, and Dr. Fitzgibbons Institute for Marital Healing.
I am praying that the psychological community decides on the side of truth vs. political correctness in this issue.

The Movie Review Controversy Grows

WASHINGTON, DC, November 30, 2007 ( - Harry Forbes has for many years been the Director of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Office for Film and Broadcasting. In 2005, pointed out that Forbes issued a glowingly positive review of the homosexual propaganda film "Brokeback Mountain". Yesterday, Forbes issued another positive review, this time for the film adaptation of the specifically anti-Catholic novel "The Golden Compass."

Missouri Task Force on Abortion riles Planned Parenthood

Poor Planned Parenthood! Ever since 40 Days for Life began, their business has been difficult. It seems that a sleeping giant; the American Christian with a conscience has been awakened, finally, after 35 years, and now they're coming after the baby killers.
In Missouri, the task force on abortion is unveiling more truth about Planned Parenthood, and, being true liberals, they want to stifle free speech.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Noelle" offers the viewer anti-Catholicism for Christmas

I wrote the producers about this film, asking to see a preview and voicing concern over the inappropriateness of this movie still used in their publicity, and they have yet to respond. I sniffed a whiff of anti-Catholicism, and called the Catholic League yesterday for Bill Donohue's take on the film. It was up merely ten minutes after my inquiry.
Now I am spared having to sit through the film. What a shame an inspiring pro-life movie like "Bella" which leaves denominational differences aside, hasn't inspired these filmmakers to something higher than this cheap shot at Catholicism. The Dove Foundation who approved of this film should no longer be trusted by Catholics. I am considering creating my own, Catholic movie review sign of approval. Here is the review by Bill Donohue in it's entirety.


On December 7, Gener8Xion Entertainment, a prominent Protestant film company, will release
"Noƫlle." Catholic League president Bill Donohue disputes the claim that the movie is merely 'a parable of forgiveness and grace':

"We've seen the movie and it's a gem. In the synopsis provided by Gener8Xion, it accurately describes Jonathan Keene as 'a young Catholic priest seemingly devoid of genuine human emotion'; his job is 'to do what he does best: shut down a failing parish.' Then there is 'the child-like Fr. Simeon Joyce, a faithful but disillusioned priest who blatantly disregards church regulations, uses church monies to pay an old fisherman's medical bills and spends most of his time drinking at the local pub." Both priests are portrayed as losers.

"Viewers learn that the only reason Fr. Keene became a priest is because he felt guilty about getting a girl pregnant when he was in college; to top things off, he pressured her to have an abortion. Fr. Joyce, the alcoholic, has serious reservations about celibacy and his idea of heaven is a jolly good Christmas party. Fr. Joyce tells Fr. Keene he wants to marry a woman named Marjorie so he can help raise her illegitimate kid, saying he "made a vow to God not to the Church." But Fr. Keene, a first-class klutz, is also in love with the same woman: he is shown bolting in the middle of Midnight Mass to be with her, knocking over a filled chalice and ripping off his vestments.

"Throughout the film, confession is trivialized, celibacy is ridiculed, the Virgin Mary is disrespected, nuns are belittled, last rites are mocked, and priestly vocations are caricatured. In short, that which is uniquely Catholic is trashed. However, the plot and the acting are so deliriously absurd that it is impossible for us to get too worked up about this flick.

"It means nothing that the movie has a pro-life message. Stereotypes about Protestant ministers abound, raising the question, Why didn't Gener8Xion choose to mock one of their own clergy? Similarly, given that the film's writer, David Hall, has said that his primary interest was in 'dealing with hypocrisy,' why didn't he consult with Sen. Charles Grassley about all those 'prosperity church' pastors being investigated for ripping off their flock? We know why, and that's why the Catholic League exists."

Why I won't wear a pink ribbon for breast cancer

Pink ribbons are one of my pet peeves. I have lost a dear friend, Mary, to breast cancer, and have seen several friends rescued from it's clutches. Why don't I jump on the breast cancer fundraising bandwagon? Joel Brind describes my position accurately here.
Actually, abortion is the single most avoidable cause of breast cancer. . . this is consistently denied by the breast cancer fundraising establishment
No, that doesn't mean that most women who have an abortion will get breast cancer, or that most women who get breast cancer have had an abortion. It just means that the effect of abortion is so strong that choosing abortion even once causes a measurable increase in breast cancer risk. Contrast this to, say, taking hormone replacement therapy or the pill, where it takes years of daily use—thousands of pills—to make a measurable difference in risk. In a normal pregnancy, a woman is exposed to far more estrogen—which stimulates the multiplication of breast cells—than any pills or normal cycles provide. If the pregnancy is not allowed to go to term (or at least 32 weeks gestation), a woman is left with more places for cancer to start. But a full-term pregnancy matures the breast tissue into cells which can make milk, but can no longer multiply. So a full-term pregnancy leaves a woman's breasts with fewer places for cancer to start, and permanent protection against breast cancer.

If those organizations want my support, then they'd better get off the women's lib bandwagon, and be true scientists in pursuit of the truth; our sinful lifestyles do increase our risk of breast cancer, whether we'd like to admit it or not. I met Dr. Chris Kahlenborn whose book details the abortion breast cancer link in painstaking clinical detail for those medically inclined, I highly recommend it. It's one of the biggest scandals of modern science how political correctness leads to a suppression of the truth in breast cancer research. Women die every day as a result of their ignorance, willfully propagated by the breast cancer establishment.

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii: Addressing Those Homeschooling Concerns

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii: Addressing Those Homeschooling Concerns

Demand for firing of USCCB Office of Film and Broadcasting Head

Catholic Exchange has the story by John-Henry Westen here.
Pete Vere, who has a written book on the author of The Golden Compass, spoke with about the USCCB review. "Several bishops have spoken to me about this review and they are horrified at what has been done in their name," Vere told "Certainly the USCCB has to revisit its rules for issuing movie reviews." Vere's book co-authored by Sandra Miesel, Pied Piper of Atheism: Philip Pullman and Children's Fantasy, is to be released by Ignatius Press before Christmas.
Fr. Tom Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International, has called on the US Bishops to fire Forbes and his subordinate John Mulderig who co-authored the review of The Golden Compass. The HLI leader was incredulous that the USCCB review could recommend the film for children despite the fact that it admits the film has "occult elements" and carries a "spirit of rebellion".

One of my commenter's on my previous post, had it right. Some of the decent bishops are peeved by this outrage.
Unless this mess is dealt with honestly,and the directors of the "Office for Film and Broadcasting" fired or converted, we must find alternative sources of film review. I am working to become one of these sources, a Catholic mother of three girls, who has taken great pains to shelter my girls from the filfth of popular culture, I will continue to share my thoughts on current films here, and on Mercatornet where you can find intelligent commentary on the film, and the books.
We have our children's souls to worry about, and Harry Forbes apparently feels no such burden. He should, he's putting the eternal destiny of innocents at risk by recommending such dangerously deceptive films. When I was a teen, my mother could trust the bishops' review. I remember them condemning Zeffirelli's beautiful "Romeo and Juliet" because of fleeting nudity as the couple, who were married, were in a marital embrace. How times have changed.
Marc T. Newman of Catholic Exchange has a philosophical point of view of "The Golden Compass", comparing Pullman's philosophy with Nietzche's.
What Pullman's promoters desperately hope is that parents will not get beyond the colorful covers, which appear to depict nothing more than an action/fantasy series filled with talking animals, exciting battles, and a child protagonist. What they desperately fear is that parents will discover the dark and sinister philosophy that unfolds within the pages of Pullman's work - a philosophy that condones the killing of children to advance knowledge; disparages virtue and glorifies cunning; and which poses the idea that the solution to humanity's problems is the killing of God. In short, the philosophy that underlies much of Pullman's fiction is Friedrich Nietzsche's - a German philosopher whose work was influential with the Third Reich.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Huckabee has a strong lead in Iowa!

Governor Mike Huckabee has a strong lead in Iowa, with 29% to Mitt Romney's 24%, and both of them stomp Guiliani who has 13%. I know that Iowa is a conservative state, and Alan Keyes won it 8 years ago, but Huckabee's recent perfomance in the polls is amazing. Hannity and Colmes will host a special tonight focusing on his meteoric rise in the polls.
Add that to the fact that all five top Republican candidates beat Hillary in a recent Zogby poll, and I am beginning to get interested in the presidential race. Of course the Hillary campaign tried to spin that there hadn't been any previous Zogby polls, but I know from personal experience, that Zogby has been continuously polling for months. I answer their polls about once a week, and they are exceedingly well written and enable me to make an impression that is personal, including my social, educational, cultural and religious background are noted as well as my issues (abortion) and my choice for president: Huckabee all the way! - I Like Mike!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

We need new blood at the USCCB Office of Film and Broadcasting

. . . if they are going to keep on approving movies like "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Golden Compass". Their approval of "Brokeback Mountain" was withdrawn amid a firestorm of protest, like they're going to get now.
Unbelievable ignorance, or willing complicity?

Friday, November 30, 2007

"Well done, good and faithful servant" Congressman Henry Hyde, RIP

I have been in the pro-life movement since it's inception, and one name stood above all others, Henry Hyde.
He was our leader in the dark decades that followed Roe v Wade. Here's a tribute to him on Catholic Exchange. I hope his example may inspire other politicians to follow his good example. You have fought the good fight, and finished the race, Henry.
Thank you from the babies.
May the angels carry you to Paradise.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why do teachers get away with child abuse?

Is the topic of an article in the National Catholic Register, which refers to the unpublicized Shakeshaft report on child predators in public schools.
A congressionally mandated study by Hofstra University had already found school-based sexual abuse to be a big problem.
“It was one of our priorities for the year,” said John Affleck, editor of the AP’s national reporting team.
The result was a three-part series, available to editors throughout the country beginning Oct. 20, that revealed widespread and routine sexual assault of public school students throughout the country.
The first story summarized: “Students in America’s schools are groped. They’re raped. They’re pursued, seduced and think they’re in love.”
The series told of an entrenched resistance to stopping abusers on the part of teachers, administrators and the National Education Association, a teacher’s union.
So why apparently have only a handful of newspapers nationwide run the series — in stark contrast to the avalanche of press received by the Catholic Church since 2002?

read the entire article at the
National Catholic Register
I posted on the Shakeshaft Report this summer.
The short answer is: the mainstream media is in cohoots with the liberal establishment, which includes the all powerful NEA and teacher's unions. They come first, before the welfare of our children, despite all their insistence to the contrary.
If your children are in public schools, be wary and look for signs of abuse, you may never know the truth otherwise. My 5 year old daughter Christina who has Down syndrome, goes for 3 hours of therapy in my local elementary school, and I watch her like a hawk. When she was three, one of her teachers in the special ed preschool disappeared suddenly after 20 years in that school, and the parents were never informed why he left. Thankfully a female teacher's aide changed Christina's diapers, but I took her out of school entirely for a year . It shattered my trust in public schools.

Scholastic Books interviews Philip Pullman

Scholastic Books, well known for the school book fairs it sponsors nationwide, is the co-sponsor of "The Golden Compass". Here is their interview with "His Dark Materials"trilogy, of which "The Golden Compass" is the first book, author Philip Pullman.
Email Scholastic and tell them that your children won't be purchasing their books unless they repudiate the anti-Catholic author, Pullman. My daughter has a book fair December 3rd with Scholastic, and that's exactly what their rep is going to hear from this mother.

The differing reactions to the new stem cell breakthrough

Pro-life Groups

National Review Editors
Fr Thomas Berg, LC
Focus on the Family
Genethique (Fondation Lejeune in Paris)
My personal reaction is one of prayerful gratitude; I have always felt that if you pursue research keeping within the parameters outlined by Holy Mother Church, that is, a respect for the dignity of man, that God will reward your efforts with success. It happened to Louis Pasteur, Dr. Jerome Lejeune, and Madame Curie.
May Cathoilc scientists continue to lead the world into greater discoveries which enhance, not demean, human life.
Update, here's the opinion of the Ethics and Public Policy Center on the stem cell discovery.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Long Island Catholic Summorum Pontificum Update

The Extraordinary Form is popping up all over one of the (formerly, I hope) most liberal dioceses in the nation,Rockville Centre, so there's hope for the rest of you!
My friend's son served today at that 8AM Low Mass today, at Our Lady of Lourdes, after which, Fr. Mason informed him and the other boy that they had, "made history".
Bravo, Fr. Mason, and young altar boys, we are so proud of what you are doing!

Pullman, author of "The Golden Compass" calls Donohue a "nitwit"

Philip Pullman is pulling out all the stops. He has called those of us who are on to him regarding his subterfuge with "The Golden Compass" and are boycotting his books, and the film, "nitwits". Bill Donohue must be SO hurt!
Pullman hit back with a furious counter-attack on his detractors, denying that his agenda was anything other than attracting readers and urging people to be allowed to make up their own mind.
"To regard it as this Donohue man has said - that I'm a militant
atheist, and my intention is to convert people - how the hell does he know
that?" he said, in an interview with Newsweek magazine.
"Why don't we trust
readers? Why don't we trust filmgoers? Oh, it causes me to shake my head with
sorrow that such nitwits could be loose in the world."
Read the UK Timesonline article here.
I've been called worse things by better people, Mr. Pullman. We're on to you, and you don't like it. Welcome to the democracy of the blogosphere.

"It's Perfectly Natural" is perfectly obscene!

Michael Hichborn of the American Life League has a video on the new sex manual which has ties to Planned Parenthood, entitled, "It's Perfectly Natural". Please be advised, that, although censored for content, the video is still rather explicit. It was rejected by a state prison because it met the criterion for pornography, yet, unless you and I raise a stink, it may be in the hands of your ten year old.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Birth of Christ: Catholic Christmas Cantata

Another artistic venture by a Catholic is coming on the scenes. This time, it's a beautiful cantata written to honor the Christmas story based on the Gospel of St. Luke. Liam Neeson narrates scriptural passages. This is really a classy production and will be aired locally. Here are the New York City airtimes:
Sat 12/1/2007
7:30 AM

Sat 12/22/2007
12:00 AM

Here's a video clip.

Please promote this by tell friends and family. You can find when and where in the U.S. other PBS stations will be airing the concert at this link:

Productions like this (and Bella and The Passion of the Christ) are genuine improvements in the entertainment industry. The people involved are taking risks and they need to hear that this type of entertainment is wanted. So don't forget to call your local station to thank them for showing something of such great quality. Be sure to let them know you appreciate them showing something that pays wonderful tribute to the birth of Our Lord.

You can also listen to Raymond Arroyo interviewing the composer, Andrew T. Miller, (originally aired 11/23/07) by checking the archives of The World Over at

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Take Action: New Jersey Legislature Seeks to Redefine Marriage for the Nation

from Focus on the Family Citzen Link
by Devon Williams, associate editor
Two bills aim to legalize "same-sex marriage."
Last December, the New Jersey Legislature created civil unions that offer same-sex couples all the protections and benefits of marriage.

The Legislature is using its lame-duck session to introduce multiple bills that would grant civil unions full "marriage" status.

Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, said there's a strong push for lawmakers to take on this controversial issue before the 2008 session, because the newly elected Legislature may be more inclined to defend the institution.

"A number of those that were elected, including Declan O'Scanlon in the 12th District, are people that will vote to protect marriage," he said. "So, we need to do everything we can to make sure that it doesn't come up now and that there is not a vote."

Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, said it's vital that people get involved in this fight.

"There is a likelihood that the bill will pass, especially if there's no outcry from those people that do support marriage as being the union of one man and one woman only," he said. "As long as the voice of the people is heard by the legislators, I think that will help in hopefully stopping this legislation from moving forward."

Since New Jersey does not have any residency laws that would restrict the exportation of "same-sex marriage," the passage of any of the bills would have a devastating impact nationwide.

"Couples could come here from outside the state, get married, go back to their states and then challenge their state legislatures and their state laws on the same-sex marriage issue," Deo said. "Therefore people have the right to call in, whether they live in Oklahoma or Pennsylvania or any other state."

He's asking people across the nation to call New Jersey's lawmakers — especially those in leadership: Gov. Corzine, Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts and Senate President Richard Codey.

Brown said the situation is not hopeless.

"We're nowhere near the point of no return on this," he said, "but it's going to require people standing up and making their voices heard."

Please e-mail three key New Jersey leaders and ask them to oppose "same-sex marriage" and to support an amendment to protect the definition of marriage.

Speaker of the Assembly Joseph Roberts is reachable through the CitizenLink Action Center.

Senate President Richard Codey is also reachable through the Action Center.

Gov. Jon Corzine can only be contacted electronically through a form on his Web site. The first page will ask you to select a topic from a list, but, as of this writing, the governor does not think marriage is important enough to place in that list. Our best advice is to choose one that seems to fit — or choose one at random.