Thursday, December 06, 2007

LA Times snipes at Catholics who oppose "The Golden Compass"

"In America," I told Pettitt, "religious groups gain political advantage and rally their followers by presenting themselves as embattled. Actually listening to the other side is tantamount to admitting you're not really being persecuted." With a look of mild pity, he replied, "In order to come to views, you don't just listen to people you agree with. Education is a good thing, and, therefore, so is openness to different views."
Isn't the sarcasm and contempt just dripping off that sneering statement?! This is why I homeschool, so that these liberals don't have a platform to daily mock my children's faith, and their parents who hold it. I had 5 years of it myself in public school, and, by the grace of God and my mother's prayers, my faith survived intact. My brothers, however, think they are too intelligent for the Catholic Church and are living without faith, and raising their sons to be atheists.

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