Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christina is slowly recovering

It's 10:30AM and Christina is still sleeping peacefully, through the night for the first time in nearly two weeks. No struggling to breathe, no fever. It was difficult getting her to sleep, she has been having diarrrhea with cramps, so she wouldn't settle down till 1AM, but I am SO grateful to see her sleeping deeply; I have been watching her for hours. I still hear the crackle of pnemonia in her breath, as my brother Bill an RN, told me that it takes two weeks to recover from viral pnemonia. So, please keep up the prayers.
Today we see her pediatrician and I will find out how high her oxygen level is. My pediatrician, though he didn't have priveleges at the hopsital we ended up in, nevertheless came by to visit her on his way to the hospital he works in. He once examined Christina's heart in our home when she was too anxious to let him do so in the office. He knew that, at home, she would be more relaxed, and offered to do a house call.
He is a very special man, and I am fortunate to have a doctor like him.

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Patrick said...

Wonderful news. I will keep praying.