Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is the tide turning toward a Culture of Life?

I want to begin my second thousand posts on a hopeful note. A new survey by ABC News found that Americans are 6% more pro-life than 6 months ago. I believe that the rash of pro-lifed themed songs and movies out there may have had something to do with it. The Romanian "Nine Months" movie, which won the Cannes Film Festival this year, "Waitress","Juno", "Knocked Up", "In the Wake of Choice", "Bella", and "Noelle". I can't think of another year with so many movies, though not officially pro-life which contained strong pro-life themes, perhaps even unintentionally.
There is a saying "politics is downstream from culture" which a friend gave me as his reason to work for a family-friendly media company, Walden Media. I'm beginning to see the wisdom in that, and it inspires me to keep writing this blog, and the many articles which keep getting rejected, but eventually find their way to this blog. We are making a difference, Catholic bloggers!
Let's hope it will in influence this year's presidential election. From the look of the performance of Governor Mike Huckabee in the polls, it may be that pro-life, pro-family, homeschoolers are influencing the nation in a big way.

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