Monday, December 03, 2007

Huckabee has a strong lead in Iowa!

Governor Mike Huckabee has a strong lead in Iowa, with 29% to Mitt Romney's 24%, and both of them stomp Guiliani who has 13%. I know that Iowa is a conservative state, and Alan Keyes won it 8 years ago, but Huckabee's recent perfomance in the polls is amazing. Hannity and Colmes will host a special tonight focusing on his meteoric rise in the polls.
Add that to the fact that all five top Republican candidates beat Hillary in a recent Zogby poll, and I am beginning to get interested in the presidential race. Of course the Hillary campaign tried to spin that there hadn't been any previous Zogby polls, but I know from personal experience, that Zogby has been continuously polling for months. I answer their polls about once a week, and they are exceedingly well written and enable me to make an impression that is personal, including my social, educational, cultural and religious background are noted as well as my issues (abortion) and my choice for president: Huckabee all the way! - I Like Mike!

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