Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Demand for firing of USCCB Office of Film and Broadcasting Head

Catholic Exchange has the story by John-Henry Westen here.
Pete Vere, who has a written book on the author of The Golden Compass, spoke with LifeSiteNews.com about the USCCB review. "Several bishops have spoken to me about this review and they are horrified at what has been done in their name," Vere told LifeSiteNews.com. "Certainly the USCCB has to revisit its rules for issuing movie reviews." Vere's book co-authored by Sandra Miesel, Pied Piper of Atheism: Philip Pullman and Children's Fantasy, is to be released by Ignatius Press before Christmas.
Fr. Tom Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International, has called on the US Bishops to fire Forbes and his subordinate John Mulderig who co-authored the review of The Golden Compass. The HLI leader was incredulous that the USCCB review could recommend the film for children despite the fact that it admits the film has "occult elements" and carries a "spirit of rebellion".

One of my commenter's on my previous post, had it right. Some of the decent bishops are peeved by this outrage.
Unless this mess is dealt with honestly,and the directors of the "Office for Film and Broadcasting" fired or converted, we must find alternative sources of film review. I am working to become one of these sources, a Catholic mother of three girls, who has taken great pains to shelter my girls from the filfth of popular culture, I will continue to share my thoughts on current films here, and on Mercatornet where you can find intelligent commentary on the film, and the books.
We have our children's souls to worry about, and Harry Forbes apparently feels no such burden. He should, he's putting the eternal destiny of innocents at risk by recommending such dangerously deceptive films. When I was a teen, my mother could trust the bishops' review. I remember them condemning Zeffirelli's beautiful "Romeo and Juliet" because of fleeting nudity as the couple, who were married, were in a marital embrace. How times have changed.
Marc T. Newman of Catholic Exchange has a philosophical point of view of "The Golden Compass", comparing Pullman's philosophy with Nietzche's.
What Pullman's promoters desperately hope is that parents will not get beyond the colorful covers, which appear to depict nothing more than an action/fantasy series filled with talking animals, exciting battles, and a child protagonist. What they desperately fear is that parents will discover the dark and sinister philosophy that unfolds within the pages of Pullman's work - a philosophy that condones the killing of children to advance knowledge; disparages virtue and glorifies cunning; and which poses the idea that the solution to humanity's problems is the killing of God. In short, the philosophy that underlies much of Pullman's fiction is Friedrich Nietzsche's - a German philosopher whose work was influential with the Third Reich.

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