Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The World is Crying Out for God's Mercy: Lets Bring it to Them!

My daughter Chrissy and her friend Mary pray in front of Our Lady.
“The real crisis that our world is going through now is not essentially economic or political, but a ‘crisis of God,’” says Cardinal Sarah,  the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

The thought came to me as I read in a commentary about ISIS that most of the participants are young Muslims who are not living their faith. They repent of their licentiousness by converting to and embracing an extreme version of the faith they lived without. As a young teacher in an African American school whose students had been through Riker's Island, I was schooled by my students in the racist teachings of Malcolm X, who taught an extreme version of Islam.
Young people are tired of following their sinful passions into downward spirals of hopelessness. They are searching for God and their secular institutions and broken families have little to give them in terms of solutions. So they follow the race-baiters and the terrorists. They descend further into hell but with a difference, they passionately believe their sacrifice of their lives will reap eternal rewards for them.

IT is tragic that our youth are so desperate to fill that God-shaped hole in their hearts that they would lose their souls in an effort to save them. Do not despair, God has seen this horrible waste of lives and souls! The many warnings of Our Lady in apparitions for the past 100 years, warn that the word will suffer chastisements as a consequence of our rejection of God and His laws for the pleasures of the world. She begged us to pray, offer penances and fast for sinners. She led us to hope that her Immaculate Heart would triumph if we persevered in prayer. That is why Pope Francis' Jubilee of Mercy is so profvdentially well-timed. Just as it seems that the world will devolve into utter chaos we are offered a lifeline to save it. Its time to act.

More than once when Islam threatened to take over Europe by force, Catholics prayed the Rosary and  Mary protected them. Now we have opened the floodgates ourselves by our sins and callous indifference to God just as Israel did, time after time in the Old Testament. And God still saved them when they drew close to Him again. In fact, He sent us His Only Son to give us eternal life.
 Let's listen to His command, and join forces and pray for the conversion of our enemies. Here is a plan which can work.

Pray the Rosary to Defeat ISIS

How do you defeat a global terrorist organization like ISIS, whose members are largely hidden throughout the world, and are willing to die in suicide bombings for their diabolical goals of worldwide mass murder and destruction?
The ultimate answer is through prayer. The battle against ISIS is, at its roots, a spiritual battle against the Devil and the forces of darkness.
We believe Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Spiritual Mother of all peoples, has been given the power by God to crush the head of Satan (cf. Gen 3:15) and to successfully lead the spiritual battle against the great Dragon (cf. Rev. 12). Historically, Our Lady has repeatedly interceded for victories against foreign invasion seeking to destroy Christianity and Judeo-Christian civilization (e.g., Lepanto, 1571; Vienna, 1683).
Join the spiritual battle to stop ISIS. Please pray the Rosary every day, and include in your Rosary the intention “for the defeat of ISIS and for the conversion of its members.”
Recently, Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of  Nigeria was praying before the Blessed Sacrament and asking Our Lord how to combat the horrific terrorist attacks of ISIS affiliate, Boko Haram upon the people of his diocese.   Suddenly, Jesus appeared to the bishop with a sword in his hand.  When Jesus handed to sword to the bishop, it turned into a Rosary. Jesus repeated three times: “Boko Haram gone.” This confirms that it is heaven’s directive that we battle and defeat ISIS through the power of the Rosary.
In this worldwide expression of prayer and unity, please add your name as a sign of your commitment to pray the Rosary daily to defeat ISIS. Let us entrust the spiritual defeat of ISIS to the most powerful intercession of Mary, the Spiritual Mother of all peoples and the Mediatrix of all graces.

Once, at a Marian conference, I witnessed a devout Muslim man and his family convert to Catholicism in an afternoon thanks to the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima. Read the amazing story here.

Then, pray, fast,
and offer penance with hope in your heart. Let the Jubilee of Mercy be the turning point for the world.  Its in our hands.