Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The ladies leave the left

According to Concerned Women for America, there will be BIG changes in the way women vote. I think that women are sensing that Obama, who promised he would take care of us, is failing miserably, and in fact plotting to remove our supports, like the mortgage and child tax credit. Not to mention our health care.
So women are moving to the right. Finally realizing who is pro-family after all.

By Penny Nance, Chief Executive Officer
Concerned Women for America

On November 2, we could witness a tectonic shift in the
voting patters of American women -- a shift that could
reshape the political landscape for the rest of this decade.

But everything still depends on what happens in these
final days leading up to Election Day.

Here's the evidence...

According to a Pew Research poll, female likely voters are
now more likely to vote for a Republican than a Democrat --
49 to 43 percent. Why is this significant?

Because this is a huge shift from just two years ago when
female voters preferred Barack Obama by 13 points -- 56 to
43 percent. In addition, one has to go back more than two
decades (1988) to find the last national election cycle
in which female voters favored Republicans over Democrats.
And the "gender gap" has typically been 10 points or more.

A double-digit swing in the so-called "gender gap" in just
two years -- and a historic move that hasn't been seen in
22 years -- is a political tectonic shift.

But in the face of this shift, liberal feminists are on the
attack. They are demeaning conservative women leaders in
an effort to paint you and me as untrustworthy radicals.

Their goal? Stereotype conservative women as a threat and
sway votes away from conservative candidates!

The most vicious attach on conservatives is the horrible documentary "The Assassination of Dr George Tiller" a liberal attempt by Rachel Maddow to smear all pro-lifers with Tillers blood. His murder was the act of a disturbed man, Scott Roeder, who acted alone. But thanks to creative editing and failure to tell the facts, and staged photos, Maddow lionizes the man who was known for performing  horrendous abortions on babies who could live on their own. and the deaths of women like the 19 with Down syndrome, Christin Gilbert.(see photo at right) Her mother took her to Tiller's mill for a late term abortion and she died a horrible death of sepsis. Tiller's staff convinced her mother NOT to take her to the hospital till it was too late. After all, Tiller killed many a baby with Down syndrome, why should he care if a young woman like Christin died? Such is the mentality of the man who was canonized in this propaganda piece.

Not only does Maddow want to scare Democrats and moderates away from conservatives, but she is setting up a  lawsuit against all pro-lifers by alleging that those who prayed outside the mill, by their very activism, were encouraging Roeder to kill Tiller. She is even trying to bring down Bill O'Reilly who did several shows on Tiller. Way to improve your show's ratings, Maddow!
Liberals don't have the truth on their side, so they resort to smear tactics and since so much of the media is still on their side, the lies are repeated over and over till they are accepted as truth.
 Not as long as we have the internet, Maddow, we won't let your lies stand.
Women are educating themselves and not allowing feminazis like you to tell us what we think!
Read Jill Stanek's post on this propaganda piece.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

ObamaCare: The Facts On Abortion

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Vote YES on Colorado Prop 62!

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I'll be on the Drew Mariani Show today

At 6PM EST, the Drew Mariani Show, as part of their Marian Retreat In Mary's Hands, will be playing my story of  "The Prayers of  a Little Saint" from Mary's Touch Program on Catholic Radio International. Afterwards, Drew and I will discuss the story, and may even take calls. I look forward to telling you how much  my daughter Christina with Down syndrome has taught me though her simple trust in Our Lady.

You can listen to the show live by clicking on this link.

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NPR fired Juan Williams unfairly

Juan Williams was a reliable, though measured voice of liberalism on Fox News. He engaged in many debates, and presented the liberal point of view without losing his cool or stooping to name calling. He was, in the truest sense, a true liberal whose credo is: "I may not agree with your position, but I will defend with my life, your right to state it".
His recent comment about being nervous when Muslims dressed in traditional garb board airliners, resonates with most Americans. I can remember agonizing over whether I should notify a flight attendant, when, on a cross-country flight, a Muslim man reading the Koran, kept looking suspiciously over his shoulder, and then spent an extraordinarily long time in the bathroom. If the passengers on flights where Muslim men like the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber hadn't alerted them, they may have been killed. Its only common sense after 9/11, and makes us cautious not racist. I had a student reluctant to  enter my ESL class at a community collegeon 9/12 because she was wearing a Hijab, and I smiled and waved her in. I was aware that these two are different situations and called for different reactions. Using his comment to fire Williams was just a ruse.

The real reason Williams was fired is that George Soros' owns a new radio network, NPR.
His huge $1.8 million donation apparently came with strings attached; fire Williams to punish him for appearing on Fox News.
Well, now Williams has found a new job at Fox News, the ONLY network which is interested in presenting both sides of an issue.
Do NOT donate to NPR in their fund drive, or offer to donate IF Williams is reinstated. Of course, if you're not donating $1.9 million, you're not likely to have an impact. They do, after all have our tax dollars to keep them going.
Sheila Liaugminas on MercatorNet agrees;
Now he’s being accused of bigotry? That’s preposterous and offensive to the sensibilities of Americans who have already tolerated enough verbal engineering and political posturing in our media. Williams is one of the many regular Fox News contributors who presents a consistently liberal counterbalance to the conservative analysts there, which allows the network to claim the ‘Fair and Balanced’ motto.
Read Sheila's blog at MercatorNet.
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Eugencist Peter Singer at abortion debate at Princeton

The headline panel featured two heavyweight Australian philosophers – Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton, and John Finnis, a professor emeritus of philosophy in the University of Oxford.  The two debated the “Moral Status of the Fetus."
Singer defended his support for infanticide, stating that self-awareness confers moral status, and not species membership.  Abortion is the killing of a human being, but is not immoral because the child does not meet the self-awareness test, said Singer. 
In his utilitarian view, Singer believes that there can even be a moral duty to kill humans lacking self-awareness, including the disabled, which he has been criticized for not following in the case of his mother.
Singer's stance is absolutely terrifying, considering that he is considered an intellectual,  mainstream 'ethicist'.
The fact that "Catholics for Choice"leader Frances Kissling is a 'visiting ethics scholar'at University of Pennsylvania when she is niether ethical nor a scholar is also disturbing.
These monsters will be the ones who determine who lives or dies in this nation, if Obamacare is not overturned. These are the people whom Obama considers his peers and advisors.
VOTE pro-life. 
Read the entire article here

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My upcoming book, "A Special Mother is Born"

This is the latest program of "The Face of Pro-life" where I discuss "A Special Mother is Born". my book which is a collection of stories from Catholic parents of special needs children.

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Counter the lie that Obamacare doesn't fund abortion

 from PRI;            

                      Does Obamacare Fund Abortion?
Let Us Count the Ways.
by Steven W. Mosher
When Obamacare was signed into law in March, the President assured Americans that it does not, in any way, shape, or form, fund elective abortions. He even signed an executive order to this effect. The only problem with Obama's claims, which are being repeated by politicians like Harry Reid and partisan groups like Democrats for Life of America, is that they are not true.
The only real abortion restriction in Obamacare was in fact removed before the President signed the bill into law. This was the so-called “Stupak-Pitts Amendment”, named after Democrat Bart Stupak and Republican Joe Pitts, that was inserted into the House version of the bill. This amendment applied the Hyde Amendment abortion restrictions, which forbids certain Health and Human Services (HHS) funds from being used to pay for abortions, to Obamacare.
The Stupak-Pitts Amendment was necessary because the original bill did not include any blanket restriction on using taxpayer funds for abortion. Neither did the original Hyde Amendment suffice (despite what Harry Reid has claimed), since Obamacare creates lots of new pathways for sending money directly to various health care projects, bypassing HHS and the Hyde Amendment restrictions altogether. (We will talk about these in a minute.)
The problem was that the Senate version of the bill contained no abortion restrictions. But instead of putting pressure on the Senate Democrats to add the Stupak-Pitts Amendment to their version of the bill, the Obama administration chose instead to place enormous pressure on the House to take this language out of their bill. In the end, nearly all the House Democrats, including the small “pro-life” contingent, did as they were told. As a result, there are no restrictions against abortion in the bill itself.
In exchange, the President with great fanfare signed an executive order that supposedly amends the health care legislation to preclude abortion funding. The problem is that it does no such thing, because it can't: An executive order is not law and cannot amend legislation. The courts will throw out the President's piece of paper as soon as it is challenged. There is no way that Obama, who is a Harvard-trained lawyer, doesn't know this. His political allies certainly do. The head ofPlanned Parenthood, an organization that stands to make a lot of money off Obamacare, dismissed the executive order as nothing more than a “symbolic gesture.”
So what is all this presidential posturing really about? Was it merely an effort to provide some political cover for “pro-life” Democrats who voted for Obamacare despite its abortion funding? If so, it hasn't worked, to judge from the polls, which currently show most of them going down to defeat by large margins on November 2nd.
Most voters understand that, since there is no blanket restriction on abortion funding in the health care legislation, they will wind up paying for abortions, at least in some circumstances. Let me give you three of the Obamacare provisions that will, in my opinion, inevitably lead to abortion funding:
  • Money for so-called “Community Health Centers”: Many of these Community Health Centers will be run by Planned Parenthood and other groups that see abortion as an essential service and, without abortion-restricting language in the bill, money that goes to these centers will be used to pay for abortions.
  • Money for federal insurance plans: Obamacare will provide two or more state-sponsored insurance plans. According to the bill, only one of these plans actually needs to have restrictions on abortion—meaning that federal dollars will almost definitely be paying for abortions in the other state plan. And even this restriction is limited, and will have to be renewed every year.
  • Money for “temporary high-risk pools”: Obamacare provides 5 billion dollars for “temporary high-risk pools” that will cover people with pre-existing conditions until the actual health care exchanges kick in 2014. This money goes straight to the states and is administered by them. Without abortion restrictions, the states are free to use this money to fund abortions if they feel like it. And in fact, some of them tried to do just that … until complaints by National Right to Life forced HHS to promise it would actually enforce Obama's executive order. This will last only as long as it takes to file a court challenge, however.
Vice President Biden has been going around the country saying that Obamacare is wonderful, but that it is simply “too complicated” to explain to the rubes out in the hustings. We disagree on many grounds, but most of all because it will force us—and all Americans—to pay for the execution of our unborn brothers and sisters.
Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute.

Don't vote for any politicians who will not revoke Obamacare.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pro-life day of silent Solidarity

In honor of the unborn who have died, students are taping their mouths with red duct tape or wearing red armbands, and distributing flyers to those who ask what they are doing.
Homeschooled students are doing in public places.
Read more here. 

Why Catholics should not vote for Congressman Joe Courtney (D, CT)

I'm new to Connecticut, but my Congressman knows me. I first met Joe Courtney when I was fuming about the union thugs lined up at the door of his one and only Town Hall meeting in August of 2009. The union members were lined up with signs in front of Montville HS, shouting and waving pro-Obamacare signs. They were loaded for bear. I was muttering about their being on the clock, when I turned and saw Joe Courtney behind me.
The union members were obviously on his side, for they were the ones who guarded the door to the auditorium where the meeting was conducted, and decided who entered.
Those of us with pro-life signs were left waiting in the vestibule. When, after an hour, I was finally admitted without my sign, I was greeted by a debacle. Two loud-mouthed union bosses in the back of the auditorium shouted down any attempt at honest questioning, and no attempt was made to stop them.
I left that meeting with a very bad taste in my mouth about Joe Courtney's partisanship. Not a month later, I was in Washington DC to participate in the Healthcare for Gunner Press Conference on Capitol Hill, and ran into Cong Courtney crossing the street to do a press conference on education. I had a group of parents of disabled children who had been lobbying Senator Lieberman about Obamacare with me, and asked him about his vote on the plan. When he asserted that he would be voting for Obamacare, I promised him I would support his opponent in the next election.
Here's what Juan O'Callaghan has to say about Courtney and Obamacare,
In regard to one of the real critical issues of the current times, Courtney whole-heartedly championed Obamacare, a disastrously flawed law that will decimate seniors in the decades ahead, in terms of cost escalation and care reduction:  A law that will also undoubtedly be manipulated to allow federal funding of abortions in due course, expanding the number of annual abortions by up to 30% (Guttmacher’s related analysis) and which could reinstate the banned late-term Partial Birth Abortion procedure.
Here is an excellent post by Juan O'Callaghan's CCCF blog on the true nature of Joe Courtney, a Catholic whose voting record is closely aligned with that of fellow Catholic, Nancy Pelosi.. Although Janet Peckinpaugh, is not pro-life, it's time to vote Courtney out.

Read the entire post here. 

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St Andre Bessette once lived near me

St Andre Bessette had a difficult youth. Orphaned at 12, he had a large family to help raise, and this sent him from Canada to Northeastern CT where I make my home. He worked in several factories in CT, RI and MA in the 1860's and when he returned to Canada to join the Holy Cross Fathers, his returned several times to visit relatives in this area.
 I ask his intercession for the faith of his ancestors in this area, where churches and Catholic schools are closing. St Andre Bessette, please pray for us, our weakened faith has allowed the proud Catholic heritage of this area to wane, ask St Joseph to stir up the Holy Spirit in us, that we can renew the faith in our children and bring back the Catholicism you once lived so beautifully. Heal us in body, mind and spirit, so that we may be proud of our spiritual inheritance.
St Andre worked in Moosup, CT, near Wauregan, where the Ave Maria Home has been offered a rectory to use to house a dozen pregnant homeless women. St Andre, please help us obtain Bishop's permission to use Sacred Heart Rectory to help these women. You who had so much compassion for the humble poor, help us to help these women with this home where they may find peace and love.

Read the entire article in Four County Catholic.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiring quotes from the Chilean miners

from an email from the Catholic League, proving that the rescue of the minters is a true Catholic moment.

· “There are actually 34 of us, because God has never left us down here.” Time.com

· “Altars, prayers, rosary beads all came out as soon as word came out. Bringing together the entire country with nuns and priests visiting the mine to provide relatives with emotional support, and praying for there for protection.” CBS

· “Mario Gore Messes who at 63 is the eldest of a group of miners. He became the group’s spiritual leader requesting a crucifix and Catholic statues of saints to construct an underground shrine.” CBS

· “Many miners wore the same t-shirt. It reads, ‘gracias, senor,’ or thank you, Lord.” CBS News

· “More than 1,000 relatives of the stranded miners move to the desert and set up tents. Before long, the area around the San Jose mine becomes a village. A village based on prayers, hope, faith. In fact, they call this place Camp Hope. Every Sunday, there’s a Catholic Mass.” WABC

· “He hugged and kissed just about everyone, and then said of his ordeal. ‘I met God, I met the devil, God won.’” WNBC

· “The miners aren’t coming out of the mine empty-handed. They will carry with them letters from loved ones, religion statues, and rocks from the mine.” WABC

· “It ended everything as a blessing of God.” Fox News Channel

· “Mario Gomez, 63 years old, he stepped out of that capsule into the arms of his wife, Lila, then he hugged her and then he took to her knee and prayed to God and the Virgin Mary.” CNN

· “Religion has played a large part in their hope insofar as their desire to get out of there.” Fox News Business

· “They have been touched by God.” Fox News Business

· “They’re being reunited with that land that they were singing about. It’s a belief in God, belief in religion, and the beauty of that country that helped to sustain them all of this time and now, here they are back up.” CNN

· “We’ve seen that for some of the miners that have come out talking about their spiritual cris underground and it’s a tremendously emotional moment for these men. Jeff, I wanted to talk about that religious moment there. We had one of the miners after he came up he said, he felt like he saw both God and the devil down there and he saw that God won. That is a case where religion can just be so important at a moment like that because faith sometimes is all you have to cling to.” MSNBC

· “Gomez’s ‘Dear Lila’ letter was filled with faith and determination, and showed the world the miners were holding strong. ‘Even if we have to wait months to communicate…I want to tell everyone that im good and we’ll surely come out OK. Patience and faith. God is great and the help of my God is going to make it possible to leave this mine alive.’” Miami Herald

· “When Esteban Rojas came out he knelt down and prayed. In that instant his wife presented him with an image of Our Lady. It would be an image that would stick with many of the others.” La Quarta

· “We find them with God’s help and rescued them as Chileans. In this regard, [the Chilean president] expressed that, ‘God put us to the test this year, but God never puts us a burden that we are not able to cope with.’” Chile.com

· “What began as a possible tragedy, we hope—and thank God—seems to be ending as a true blessing.” Bloomberg.com

· “We have lived a magical night, a night we will remember throughout our lives, a night in which life defeated death.” Los Angeles Times

· “No doubt there will be books and movies and richer detail of a long burial spent, as one miner described it, close to both God and the devil. But it will be hard to beat the day of rescue, when millions watched and celebrated the survival of all hands.”Anchorage Daily News

· “While Rojas was underground, he told his wife of 25 years that it was time for a church wedding ‘once and for all’ to make up for their civil ceremony. The couple have three children.” Arizona Republic

· “We have prayed to San Lorenzo, the patron saint of miners, and to many other saints so that my brothers Florencio and Renan would come out of the mine all right. It is as if they had been born again.” Associated Press Online

· “Pope Benedict XVI said in Spanish that he ‘continues with hope to entrust God’s goodness’ the fate of the men.” Associated Press Online

· “He dropped to his knees after he emerged, bowed his head in prayer and clutched the Chilean flag.” Associated Press Online

· “Gomez wrote ‘patience and faith. God is great and the help of my God is going to make it possible to leave this mine alive.’” Associated Press

· “Jose Henriquez, 55, formed and led a prayer group while trapped and had friends send 33 small Bibles down the tiny supply hole.” Associated Press

· “We give thanks to God.” Associated Press

· “I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

· “He dropped to his knees after he emerged, bowed his head in prayer, and clutched the Chilean flag.” Boston Globe
· “This has become spiritual.” Boston Globe

· “And so, suddenly, there they were, vigorous and exultant and newly thankful for the privilege of walking atop God’s orb.” Daily News

· “As they came to the surface, most were ebullient—rejoicing with family and friends—and praising God for their blessings.” Daily News Leader
· “Their survival was miracle enough.” Investor’s Business Daily

· “It’s a—I don’t know how to say ‘milagro.’ A miracle.” Journal News

· “Some knelt and prayed, other pumped their fists. All of them are finally free.” Miami Herald

· “I’m praying it all goes well.” New York Times

· “We hope that with the help of God this epic will end in a happy way.” New York Times

· “‘Miracle at the Mine’ is what ‘Good Morning America’ called it, and it was a Nativity scene witnessed worldwide.” New York Times

· “He hugged his wife and sank to his knees in prayer.” New York Times

· “He dropped to the ground in prayer.’ New York Times

· “Some of the miners rescued here said they were touched by God.” New York Times

· “I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God.” New York Times

· “Rarely are we reminded so clearly of the sweetness of human life.” News & Observer

· “And now they gathered at the premises owned by a Chilean native, quietly marveling as one by one, the miraculous rescues continued.” Newsday

· “God was always present. It’s a miracle. This recue was so difficult. It is a great miracle.” News Tribune

· “I have suffered much, in the toughest times, I thanked God I had a daughter.” AOLnews.com

· “God wanted me to stay here, I do not know why, maybe for me to change.” AOLnews.com

· “Esteban Rojas, 44, left the rescue capsule and prayed. He got down on his knees, crossed himself, put his hands together in the pose of prayer, crossed himself again, and then put his hands over his head.” CNN.com

· “No. 21 was Jose Henriquez, 55, who had asked for 33 small Bibles to be send to the miners so he could lead a prayer group.” Wall Street Journal

· “Gomez dropped to his knees in prayer and raised his arms up to the heavens before hugging his wife again.” Vancouver Sun

· “The 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Atacama, Chile, have requested that statues and religious pictures be sent down to them as they wait to be rescued.”Catholic Herald

· “Although a crucifix has already been sent down, the miners are continuing to request more statues of Mary and the saints to construct a makeshift chapel. The miners want to set up a section of the chamber they are in as a shrine.” TheNewAmerican.com

· “We always knew that we would be rescued, we never lost faith.” News Tribune

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths
is a beautiful meditation on the spiritual aspects of the saving of the 33 Chilean miners, and how their Catholic faith was the secret to preserving hope, and coming back to the light, safe and sound. The miners prayed the rosary every day, they carved a chapel out of the cave where they were trapped, and the rescue happened on the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.
This has not been shared on any news channel. they keep emphasizing that miner 22 has a mistress. What the archbishop of Chile said is "there is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future".
Let's pray that the miners carry the memory of their dependence on God and His answer throughout the rest of their lives.

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Most Americans Say Lawmakers Should Be Religious

I knew this, however this will surprise those who listen to mainstream media.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center,
 61% of Americans say it is important that members of Congress have strong religious beliefs;
 34% say it is not important. 
Majorities across all major religious groups, except the religiously unaffiliated, agree that it is important for national lawmakers to have strong religious beliefs. 

St Gianna Berrretta Molla video available

New DVD Tells Story of Modern Day Hero of Divine Love

“St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Day Hero of Divine Love” is a new DVD about a saint who lived in our own time. The DVD is a visual delight, featuring photos and home movies of St. Gianna, who lived from 1922 to 1962. One gets to see her getting married and playing with her children and living out her career as a doctor. Viewers see her laughing and smiling and loving life. This is a real woman. She is someone like us. 

Here we get to know a woman like so many of us who struggled to balance work and family. She was highly intelligent, excelling in her studies. She also loved music and art and being in the mountains. She loved her family above all else, but saw her career as a physician as a calling from God. Not only did she run her own practice, she was an active volunteer and sought to bring medical care to those who needed it, especially mothers and children. She would tell other doctors that “when you have finished your earthly profession, if you have done this well, you will enjoy divine life ‘because I was sick and you healed me.’” 

St. Gianna was raised in a Christ-centered family and sought to raise her children the same way. Her life was one of service and was deeply rooted in prayer. She attended daily Mass as often as possible and prayed her rosary daily. She was always ready to encourage others in their relationship with God. She was a woman who viewed life as a gift from God and trusted in the power of prayer. Totally pro-life, her ultimate sacrifice was to give birth to her last child, even though she was advised against it and knew it might result in her own death. After giving birth, she bravely bore her final suffering with grace and prayer. She died on April 28, 1962 at the age of 39. Beatified in 1994 and canonized in 2004, Pope John Paul II held St. Gianna up as a role model for mothers, physicians, and the pro-life cause.

“St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Day Hero of Divine Love” was produced by Catholic Action for Faith and Family which includes the St. Gianna Physician’s Guild. The mission of the Guild is to unite and encourage Catholic physicians and health care professionals, to promote and defend Catholic principles in a public way by word and example, and to inspire sanctification in their lives.

To order the video, please visit http://www.stgiannaphysicians.org/ 

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cardinal Arinze tells Church to defend the dignity of human life

Cardinal Arinze lecture at Holy Apostles Seminary, October 12, 2010
It was an important event in the Catholic community of Connecticut. Bishop Michael Cote, the Seminary Rector, Monsignor, Lynn and Tom Wehner, editors of the Faith and Family and National Catholic Register, EWTN host Rhonda Chervin, Sean and Julie Forrest, President of the Family Institute of Connecticut, Peter Wolfgang and his wife, Leslie, President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center Dr David Haas, dozens of seminary students, faculty members, religious sisters and friars in habit, and faithful Catholics came to hear Cardinal Arinze speak on the long history of the defense of the dignity of human life in the Church.

Dr John Haas, President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center,  iintroduced the Cardinal by reminding us of the urgency of keeping up with bioethics by pointing out that Nobel Prizes are being given to scientists who made human embryos subjects for destruction. The Church has always embraced science; said Dr Hass, and established the first Catholic Bioethics Center in 1972, a year before Roe v Wade, before AIDS, or stem cells. The Church has always been at the forefront of defending the dignity of human life from the threat of abortion, euthanasia or suicide, and opposes society’s efforts to decorate these crimes with the title of “rights”.

Cardinal Arinze’s address
(This is not a transcription, but a reconstruction of my notes. Any inaccuracies or inelegant language are, therefore, mine. )
      Humanity is the crown of creation; men were the last to be created in Genesis and placed in the Garden of Eden. Pope John Paul II said that man is the summit of creation, and all is subject to him. Man was created in the image of God with an immortal soul and free will. Man alone can participate in the Divine Life of eternal happiness; it is breathtaking proof that human life is precious.  As the Baltimore Catechism reminds us; why did God make us? “God made us to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this life, and be happy forever with Him in heaven.”
      St John the Evangelist said that human beings are gifted with intelligence, will and an immortal soul. Only the angels were created superior to mankind. By grace we recognize the sacred value of life beginning at conception through death. This is not romantic; it is reality that human life is sacred. There can be no civilization without recognition of the dignity of human life.
      The Passion of Jesus is proof that humans are precious to God. “For God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). In Genesis, God said, “let Us make man in Our Own Image, giving him dominion over all creation. Men have intellence and will; God filled our hearts full of understanding. Vatican II stated that we alone know and love the Creator. Only when Cain slew Abel did the conflict of man vs. man begin.

      Evangelium Vitae said those who kill the unborn, the sick and the elderly violate “thou shalt not kill”. The law from Mt Sinai forbids the slaying of the innocent. Jesus, on the Sermon on the Mount, said that the value of human life is not absolute, “he who finds his life will lose it, he who loses his life for My sake, will find it” in praise of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Faith., like St Stephen. Church Tradition respects human life at all stages, Church Father Tertullian calls abortion ‘an abominable crime’ and forbids killing a child before or after birth which was common at that time. The encyclicals Casti Connubi, Humane Vitae, Evangelium Vitae, and Caritas en Veritate of Pope Benedict all reaffirm the sacredness of human life. Pope Benedict sated in Caritas en Veritate that “openness to life is at the center of true development”. Evangelium Vitae states the inviolability of human life, Gaudium et Spes condemns murder, abortion, euthanasia, slavery, prostitution, human trafficking, and unjust working conditions. Vatican II says that life must be protected from the moment of conception, and thus abortion and euthanasia are unspeakable crimes which incur automatic excommunication.

      Threats to human life include not only those inherent in nature; natural disasters, but attacks on human life include scientific and technology, contraception, abortions, and the conditioning of society to present these crimes as rights. The slippery slope is conspiring against the ethical dimension of the medical profession as defined in the Hippocratic Oath, taken 2,500 years ago by doctors, in which physicians promised to do no harm, refrain from administering deadly drugs, or abortifacients to women, refrain from sexual involvement with patients, or revealing their confidential information.  This reflects the gift of God to see the truth; the Natural Laws, which proves that the 10 commandments are within the grasp of reason. In1964 Luis Lasagna revoked parts of the Hippocratic Oath, dealing with abortion and physician assisted suicide. Most doctors don’t take it now. Vatican II says that abortion is an unspeakable crime, an epidemic of worldwide proportions, In Europe, in 2008, there were 2.8 million abortions, or one every 11 seconds.
What are the excuses used to justify abortion?
 Pluralism, laws should not favor one religion over another. This fallacious, as abortion is against reason, it’s not Church law, like not eating meat on Fridays, its part of the Natural Law. It is not imposing religious views on others, others are imposing secular views on us. We are under what Pope Benedict called the Dictatorship of Relativism. If the right to life doesn’t exist, neither do any rights.
Freedom is often used to justify abortion; however, the use of my freedom cannot lead to the death of others. If I want the freedom to drive my car all over the road, and I kill you as a pedestrian, my freedom must be curtailed to protect your life.  Preservation of human life takes precedence over my freedom.
“It’s my body.” The baby is NOT part of the mother’s body. She has no right to turn her womb into a tomb.
“I am ‘personally opposed’ to abortion, but I don’t want to impose my views on others.” How about this’ “I am personally opposed to shooting you, but this man here wants to shoot you and I don’t want to impose my views on him, so I’m going to let him shoot you.” Objective norms of right and wrong DO exist!
Population Control Committees decide abortion is necessary. How about the members of the committee offer to die instead of the unborn? After all, they are usually 60-70 years old, and the baby is young, and has not had a chance to live yet.
Food shortage; the world could fee many more people than it does now. It is not true that the lower the population, the higher the level of civilization, look at the USA, it is densely populated and highly civilized. The population explosion is a myth, countries are unwilling to share with the poor. Pope Paul VI said, ‘If there is not enough bread, don’t kill the guests, make more bread!”
      Evangelium Vitae says that we are obligated to disobey unjust laws, the bishops under St Peter’s authority, have always said that direct abortion always constitutes a grave moral disorder. Common sense is not very common.
      These are situations which provide temptation to abortion; unmarried mothers, poverty, wish to continue one’s studies, feeling like you have too large a family, however they can’t change the illicit nature of abortion.
      In Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II states that the following are responsible for abortion; the mother, the father, friends, doctors, nurses, politicians, those who encourage sexual permissiveness, lack of respect for mothers, and national and international organizations which promote abortions. Contraception promotes abortion; they are fruits of the same tree. Pharmaceuticals to abort without doctors and use of embryonic stem cells are also unacceptable.
      Euthanasia is unacceptable, here are the reasons used to justify it; prolonged suffering,  a fragile person who wants to die, false compassion of relatives, a desire to have control over life and death, to transplant organs, a desire to decrease costs of caring for the sick, and a desire to kill handicapped children. Euthanasia is the result of a culture which takes no notice of Good Friday, an absence of religious inspiration.
Other types of death are suicide, which is wrong, but the person may fall prey to mitigating factors. Murder which is always sinful, and terrorism which cries to heaven for justice. The Church has no traditional objection to the death penalty, since the person is not innocent, however modern times it is no longer necessary to protect society.
It is a sinister tendency to claim euthanasia and abortion as rights Pope John Paul II said. Therefore, government funding to subsidize abortion, forcing families to promote abortion is wrong. Human beings are seen as objects, to be used, the sick, weak, or unborn cannot defend themselves, and it is an abuse of their freedom to extinguish their destiny. The life of people should never depend on majority vote, human freedom should never grant one person absolute power over another. That is the death of true freedom.
      Vatican II states that when God is forgotten, human creature is unintelligible, a fascination with technology and an overemphasis on preventing cruelty to animals are examples. For example, you cannot kill a dog, but you can kill an unborn child.. This type of practical materialism is an example of the Culture of Death.
     As we say at Mass, Dying you destroyed our death, raising you restored our life. The Church has received the mission to preach the Gospel of Life, via priests, teachers, catechists, and journalists. The Church extols the vocation of matrimony and sexuality. Jesus told us to expect opposition to this mission. In Rerum Novarum the Church defended the rights of workers, in Evangelium Vitae, the Church defends the unborn, and whose lives are snuffed out by abortion. In 1991, Pope John Paul II asked the bishops what they wanted, in 1995, he wrote Evangelium Vitae. Catholics have serious duties to insist on the sanctity of life, yet this shouldn’t bar them from prestigious positions. We shouldn’t say, “I am a Catholic, but. . . .” we should say, “I am a Catholic therefore. “    The right to life is from God not the state, and there will be accountability for this.
The state is not the only part of a civil society; it consists of families, churches, organizations, who all have duties toward the state. Pope Pius XI taught the right to private property and the principle of subsidiarty.
      Openness to life is at the center of true development. Some praiseworthy initiatives are; Natural Family Planning, hospitals, convalescent homes, religious and laypeople who serve sick, films like “The Silent Scream” and married couples who are open to life, especially that of the handicapped. The government should offer them assistance if they need it. Don’t just condemn abortion; offer women alternative homes to give birth.
Social and political action are needed, efforts to form consciences, mass media to promote the Culture of Life and send the Culture of Death packing.

The Cardinal’s remarks were met with a standing ovation and prolonged, thunderous applause. It seems his clear call to building a Culture of Life has struck a chord in the Catholic community of Connecticut. May we live up to the challenge he gave us to send the Culture of Death packing!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Christie for president

The GOP has a lot to learn, but will they listen?
Governor Chris Christie was allegedly too conservative, too Catholic, and too overweight to win election in New Jersey. Yet he won. And he hasn't looked back, doing what he promised to do, slashing the expenditures which put New Jersey in the same financial hole that all the blue states are in.
 My favorite cut is to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the world.
Just why were we funding them anyway? Their profit margin is the same size as the government subsidy, from our tax dollars. This month, as I participate in 40 Days for Life, I have seen more than one woman dragged into Planned Parenthood for an abortion against her will. Funny, they got abortions, wasn't Planned Parenthood supposed to offer them choice?
Run Chris run!
Read the entire article on the Drudge Report. 

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Who should a pro-life Catholic person vote for in CT this November?

 Some advice from CCCF (Concerned Catholics for Connecticutblog comments;
You should not vote for ANY of the incumbent candidates running for Congressional or Senate seats. In regard to the Senate race, Attorney General Blumenthal is one hundred percent pro-choice or, to put it more directly, pro abortion. His opponent is Linda McMahon, who has had some vicious attacks leveled at her about her business. Nevertheless, she is against Late Term Abortion, and is against federal funding of abortion. To this extent she is far preferable to Blumenthal, and you should vote for her.

In regard to the five incumbent Congressional U.S. Representaives from Connecticut, all five are 100 percent pro choice: They are even pro late-term abortion to the extent that the incumbents at the time of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban vote, those incumbents Rosa DeLauro of the 3rd District (New Haven) and John Larson of the 1st District (Hartford) – even though Catholics – voted against the PBA Ban several times! No Catholic should vote for Larson or DeLauro.
The other three, J. Courtney from the 2nd District (another self proclaimed Catholic) is categorically pro-choice…Catholics in his District should vote for his opponent Janet Peckinpaugh. In the 5th District, the incumbent Chris Murphy is Democrat and pro-choice: His opponent is Sam Caliguiri, Republican, and unashamedly Pro-Life…he should be supported in the strongest possible way. In the 4th District, the incumbent Jim Hines once again is pro-choice (pro abortion): His opponent is Dan Debicella and should be voted for.
The basic theme for pro-life advocates in Connecticut should be to vote out all incumbents, because the incumbents have given Connecticut the dubious status of being one of THE most pro-abortion states in the nation. There are several articles in this blog that cover the appalling situation in Connecticut vis-a-vis Life. For courage, read Archbishop Chaput’s speech/article on the “The Catholic Political Vocation”.

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Carl Palladino is right

He speaks the truth and supports Catholic teaching that homosexuality is an aberrant lifestyle. It is not best for the raising of children. And children should NOT be exposed to the nudity and sexual behavior which is on display at gay pride parades. Straight people don't typically act that way in public, or they'd be just as wrong.
And Bill O'Reilly is a pinhead. He said that Palladino isn't in sync with the American people. It's true that thanks to jamming of information in the media and the public schools, many Americans are getting sucked in by false compassion, I have a feeling that the majority are still turned off by gay marriage. And agree with Palladino no matter what they tell pollsters.We're fed up with the gay agenda being shoved down our throats.

Well know if he wins in November.
Read the entire article at Mercatornet.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Sunday's Gospel was about the 10 lepers Jesus cured and the fact that only one returned to thank Him.
Fr Tito's homily reminded us, that without gratitude, we can fall prey to bitterness, as we expect too much from the world. The world is good, but all it owes us is an opportunity to gain heaven. When you get more joy and abundance than trouble and trials, be grateful.

So when my beautiful kitchen window is full to overflowing with my tomato harvest, and I find myself having to can for the first time in decades, I am grateful. Last year, my tomatoes died of neglect, as I ran to Long Island to be with my mother who was wasting away from cancer. This year, I had my in-laws, farmers from El Salvador, to help tend the garden. I showed them how to can tomatoes and make savory homemade Italian spaghetti sauce. We invited over 10 of our friends, and had a party. We sent frozen sauce to Fr Tito, and my father. We were grateful.

. After our meal, we attended an inspiring presentation given at his youth group by Susan Conroy about her life helping Blessed Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta. Susan Conroy says she gives thanks each night she sleeps on a soft pillow with clean sheets, after she watched thousands sleep on the filthy sidewalks of Calcutta. She spoke fondly of watching a poor man die like an angel, and how Mother Teresa told her of the many graces which flowed into her from this experience. She is grateful.

 Fr Tito invites the best Catholic speakers available for his group, which has grown to 60 members. Last month we were able to see Fr Donald Calloway give his amazing testimony. Thanks be to God for a holy pastor who helps us grow spiritually.
We are grateful for you, Fr Tito.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pro-life counter rally at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is Ground Zero for the Culture of Death. We are wearing scapulars and Miraculous Medals, we are armed with rosaries in our pockets. We are running to the battle.
On our knees.But we are not alone, we are accompanied by the heavenly host, angels and archangels, saints and martyrs whose example we follow and whose prayers we invoke.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Culture of Death stems from post-abortive mother

Jill Stanek has a mesmerizing column on WND in which Abigail Seidman,  the daughter of a pro-abortion zealot describes her journey as the enslaved daughter of a woman in the abortion culture which includes; witchcraft, death goddess worship, drug culture, lesbian, abortion worship.
She was secretly pro-life and though coerced into an abortion by her mother in college, she eventually chose Jesus and the Culture of Life.
 She tells pro-lifers to fight abortion with the facts of post-abortion trauma.

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The Rosary: Our Weapon

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

40 Days for Life Rally at Planned Parenthood in Norwich, CT




This SAT Oct 9th from 10am to 12noon

Planned Parrenthood is planning a demonstration at the corner of Case Street (to support Women's health?)

PLEASE COME and prayerfully, peacefully support LIFE!!!

Come between 9:30 and 10 AM and stay as long as you can.

We'd like to fill the corner and sidewalk with prayer warriors even before they get there!
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Ironside says "I'd put a pillow over its head, as any good mother would"

Now you can see the natural outgrowth of four decades of eugenic abortion on demand. If you can abort a baby with Down syndrome at 35 weeks, or smother him at 40, after birth, is there any reason for the apparent horror at Ms Ironside's remarks? No one was stunned when she called the abortion of a disabled child an act of kindness.
"Virginia Ironside, an advice columnist in England (where they are also dubbed “agony aunts”) as well as a mother and grandmother, appeared on the show and shared her view that “a loving mother” would in fact abort a baby if she believed the child would be born with severe disabilities. In fact, Ironside went as far as to label the act of abortion in such a case as “a moral and unselfish act.”
Yet look at the reaction from the Anglican minister and the show host when she mentions infanticide. Pure hypocrisy.It's a good thing this has stirred up controversy, maybe people will realize you can't advocate eugenic abortion and then be horrified when Peter Singer or Virginia Ironside take it to the next step.
This remark launched a firestorm in British society.

Read here.and on Life Site News. 
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Monday, October 04, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This may sound mean spirited, but I have to admit it: I hate the pink breast cancer awareness campaign. And only a year ago, I lost my mother to cancer.
I hate the campaign because ALL the major breast cancer organizations from Susan B Komen to the American Cancer Society are in on the lie that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer. They are so beholden to the pro-abortion rhetoric that they would rather see women die than live with the truth.
I would recommend that you read Dr Chris Kahlenborn's book, on the Abortion, contraceptive pill and their link to  breast cancer  which is very detailed and scientific, and if you don't have time, but you want to educate yourself on how and why the connection between breast cancer and abortion is one of America's best kept secrets, you need to follow my friend Dr Gerard Nadal's blog Coming Home.
People who love women tell the truth to them. They don't let them die for a cause they didn't even sign on to.

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