Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Christen Gilbert died at the abortion mill of Dr. George Tiller

As a teenager, Christen Gilbert, a young woman with Down Syndrome was friends with half of her high school, often seen at sporting events, and was well known for her hugs. Then, after an act of rape, she was pregnant, a fact not discovered by her parents until she was 7 months along. They took her to Planned Parenthood to abort their grandchild, and were that only Dr. George Tiller's facility in Witchita, KS would abort her third trimester baby.
Three days after entering Dr. Tiller's abortion mill, Christen's lifeless body was brought to the hospital 'without lights or sirens' at the request of a mill worker. Christen died a slow, painful death of blood poisoning in a hotel, without medical care, until she collapsed, was brought to the facility, and the staff attempted to revive her. But it was too late. Two innocent young lives were lost forever.

Dr. Tiller was not indicted by a grand jury, for lack of evidence, most of which he and his staff withheld from the Kansas Attorney General, Phil Kline.

George, the baby killer, Tiller is still operating his abortion mill in Witchita, while the brave Attorney General who tried to bring Tiller to justice is involved in both a tough re-election battle.
Phil Kline is threatened with a lawsuit for his appearance in "The O'Reilly Factor"(click on church icon to see the interview). You see, somebody told Bill O'Reilly about the underage girls who have abortions at Tiller's facility which failed to give their assailants' names to law enforcement, a felony. His late term abortions are illegal because they are NOT to save the life of the mother, just for her mental health. The reason Dr. Tiller kills babies up until they are born is usually listed as 'depression' of the mother. All have been healthy mothers of healthy babies, with NO physical reason for killing their unborn child.

Tiller will never be brought to justice unless good pro-life voters get out tomorrow and vote for people like Attorney General Phil Kline. He kept investigating and requesting documents for months to get to the bottom of Killer Tiller's criminal activities. Don't just sit back and say, "how can something this horrific happen in America?" Be part of the solution.
Get to know who are the pro-life candidates. And VOTE. Do it for Christen.

Edmund Burke once said, "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

Have you made up your mind to vote yet?

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Alice said...

This story is so horrific and sad. I'll be voting, Leticia, don't worry.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord . . . .