Monday, November 13, 2006

Christians are Actively Recruiting to Homeschool

This article gives a rationale for homeschooling. It is similar to the idea I heard at a Seton Conference in Connecticut by the late Dr. William Marra.He said the way to save our children from this pernicious culture was threefold:
1. Remove children from the toxic school environment, and eliminate all vestiges of modern culture (ie media) from the home. He reccommended stuffing a towel under the front door if it kept seeping back in!
2. Create a haven of Catholic Culture in your home replete with lovely visuals, music, prayer, and liturgical year observances. (this is where my fellow Catholic bloggers have helped me tremendously)
3. After you have accomplished all this, teach school subjects. Remember on bad days, when all attempts at homeschooling fall flat, you HAVE accomplished the first two steps. Just get a deck of playing cards, and have fun with you children!
This advice has helped me weather some homeschooling storms!

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