Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Thoughts on the Supreme Court

My favorite political/Catholic blog, "The Cafeteria is Closed" has some of today's goings on in the Supreme Court as they considered the ban on Partial Birth Abortion(click on church icon above). It seems they are trotting out the same old canard about the woman's health, when the AMA had said that this procedure is NEVER medically necessary.

I raised this issue with my newly re-elected Congressman Tim Bishop in a meeting two years ago in Westhampton, only to have him deny the truth to my face.
One of his wealthy constituents yelled at me, "Shut up and sit down!"
Emboldened by the Spirit, I held up my little Christina, and challenged, "90% of these babies are killed by abortion, many by the very procedure we are discussing, do you think she should have been killed?"
He grumbled, "you Catholics want these babies to be born, are ya gonna support them then?" (I had never identified myself as a Catholic, but I'm glad it showed!)
I replied, "Well, my husband and I support many of his family members in El Salvador, so I think I'm doing my part".
The disgruntled old man was momentarily non-plussed, so I got in my parting shot,"I know you're worried about the future of Social Security, but if 1/3 of our US population for the past 33 years had not been murdered by abortion, think of all those young workers who could've been paying into the system!"

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