Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Murphy Family is Extraordinary

I watched "Our 27 Kids" the other night on TLC. The Murphy Family had four biological children, and felt that God has called them to adopt another 23 children, the majority of whom have Down Syndrome, and fragile health. Jonathan, their bright blond-haired son with Down Syndrome, died young of leukemia, and broke their hearts, and they know that most of the children will not live to normal life expectancy.

What an incredible witness this couple are to the sactitiy of human life!

They are relentless givers, but practical: they homeschooled their special children to give them better self-help skills, so that they can reach maximum independence. The producers looked askance of a big sister with Down Syndrome quizzing a little brother with Down Syndrome on his sight words. I say, why not, if she knows them? Even if she's still learning, what better way to reinforce her knowlege?

Mother Murphy has her priorities straight, she said, "you could offer me the greatest fortune, but I wouldn't trade it for my kids". Don't we all feel that way, regardless of the sacrifice!

There is a movement afoot to build them a larger home, as theirs is too small and run-down. I say I never saw better candidates for a TLC "Extreme home makeover".

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