Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's Not the First Time I've Been Called a Nerd!

The "National Catholic Register", in it's Arts and Culture Section, ran an article this week entitled, "For Love of the Written Word:Bloggers and Their Books". Reading it, I realized that blogging is a bookworm nerd's dream come true. A journal that people actually read and interact with!

I have only been blogging since the Feast of the Little Flower, Oct 1st of this year, and already it has done so much for me.

I get to keep my writing skills honed,
get rid of excess thoughts before trying to sleep,
spread the Gospel of Life as best I can,
and I have made many new online friends.

I will be telling you about each of them in later entries.

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Suzanne said...'s true, isn't it? I haven't seen this article, but now want to read it. Blogging has been wonderful for me for many reasons. I found your blog via the Life of the Party website. I'm so glad you are in the blogosphere and look forward to many more thought-provoking posts from you! God Bless