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Catholic blogger gets pro-death Ann Lamott speech cancelled

High five to Jeff Baker the Catholic blogger at Defend Us In Battle, who posted about Ann Lamott's upcoming speech at Jesuit run Creighton University in Omaha, and the resulting cancellation! Nice work Jeff.
HT Lifesite

The Italian Twin Case gets worse

According to Life News, the Italian woman who aborted twins at 18 weeks, because one of them had Down syndrome, says "Neither my husband nor I can sleep at night," she told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. She said the happiness she and her husband had about the pregnancy has become heartbreak.
They are "truly desperate over this terrible mistake," she said and added they are consulting with attorneys to determine what to do next. She is suing the doctor, Anna Maria Marconi, from San Paolo hospital. She said her conscience was clear and that she had no reason to believe she did anything wrong -- pointing to the changed position of the babies during the abortion. She called that an "act of fate that could not have been foreseen" and said hospital officials have taken her side in the matter.
What kind of healing can the mother expect to find suing the doctor who was just doing as she was paid to do; kill the unborn children?
You, your husband, and the doctor need confession, not lawsuits. That's where you will find peace. Let's pray that they repent, and that a hospital named after St. Paul and a doctor named for the Blessed Mother and St. Ann, no longer bring disgrace to their namesakes by performing the sin of abortion.

If the Mexico City Policy is Discontinued

You have read my story of how President Bush, in his first full day in office, reinstated Ronald Reagan's Mexico City Policy, discontinued by Clinton, which prohibits funds going to support abortion overseas. This outrage is what we will be paying for if Hillary or Obama win. Forced abortions of late term children in China.
HT Life News
By a vote of 218-205, the House rejected a bipartisan amendment by Reps. Chris Smith, R-N.J., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich., that would have preserved the pro-life Mexico City policy — named after the location where President Reagan announced it in 1984. It was rescinded by President Clinton in 1993. President Bush reinstated the policy on his first day in office. The policy denies foreign aid funds to organizations that promote or provide abortions.
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Newspapers self-censor Muslim cartoons

"The Washington Post, and all the other newspapers which refuse to print these cartoons, are simultaneously sporting their cowardice and bigotry. In 2006, this same newspaper portrayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the symbol of the Democratic Party, and it depicted the disgraced Congressman Mark Foley as a candidate for the priesthood at ‘Saint Paedophilia's.' In 2004, it displayed a bishop monitoring Catholics in a voting booth, and it showed a habit-wearing nun brandishing a ruler while ‘little Mel Gibson gets beaten to a bloody pulp by Sister Dolores Excruciata of the Little Sisters of the Holy Agony.' In 2002, it depicted a bishop and two priests as the ‘Axis of Evil,' and in 2001 it twice mocked the Eucharist.
And where's our outrage? Not a murmur to be heard, besides Bill Donohue's article.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Faithmouse's take on the Mother Teresa news

More Endorsements of 40 Days for Life

I have been following the progress of 40 Days for Life over the last 6 weeks and feel that it has enormous potential on a national basis with 84 cities in 33 states involved. I am passing on Leticia’s request for help on Long Island knowing that not all of you live there, but perhaps you can pass it on to friends or family who do. There are 2 other locations nearby that will need help also in Bronx/Queens and Berkeley Heights, NJ so I am recommending that in addition to checking out Leticia’s website that you check also.

This campaign is endorsed by Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life and Father Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International as well as other pro-life leaders. Please support it in anyway you can, especially by your prayers, so that new pro-lifers will be recruited into this most important struggle against evil of our time. St. Michael needs more warriors in his battle with satan so that we can return to a Culture of Life as called for by John Paul the Great.

Please also consider joining Father Frank Pavone in the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Yours in Christ,

Ray Mooney, M.E.V.
Missionaries of the Gospel of Life
Lay Associate

The Vatican calls twin abortion Naziesque

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

40 Days for Life is Coming to Long Island

From Celeste Broyles at the Long Island Coalition for Life:
40 Days for Life: The Groundbreaking Pro-Life Campaign that GETS RESULTS!
Save Lives From Abortion... Protect Women and Men... Provide Healing to the Wounded... Mobilizes the Body of Christ in Your Town... IN JUST 40 DAYS!
40 DAYS FOR LIFE - LONG ISLAND, September 26th through November 4th
The 40 Days for Life campaign is a faith-based prayerful, peaceful, lawful, prolife effort that is comprised of 40 continuous days of
(1) prayer and fasting
(2) prayer vigil at an abortion facility
(3) community outreach.

Originating in Texas 3 years ago, 40 Days for Life campaigns have been held in several cities the past few years and there is one going on right now in Aurora, IL, where Planned Parenthood constructed a medical building under ANOTHER NAME so the locals wouldn’t know who was moving into town.

This year, 40 Days for Life is going national and 84 cities in 33 states plus the District of Columbia have signed on for a SIMULTANEOUS 40 DAYS FOR LIFE campaign... and LONG ISLAND will be part of it!
How large a part Long Island is to the national effort depends on how many prolifers share the vision of a 40-day, round the clock vigil at Planned Parenthood of Nassau County in Hempstead. How successful the Long Island campaign is depends on how many churches grasp the power of this campaign and lead their congregations in a 40-day prayer rally to stop abortion and start healing for post-abortive men and women.
Right now, I’m spearheading the 40 Days for Life - Long Island campaign.
I hope and pray you visit the links below. For all the reasons 40 Days for Life has gone national, this program is needed on Long Island.
More than one person has already told me that 40 Days for Life can’t happen on Long Island we can't do 960 hours at Planned Parenthood in Hempstead. Why? A big reason is because being a prolife activist on Long Island (or in NY) is demoralizing and depressing. There are nine Planned Parenthood facilities in Nassau and Suffolk. In 2005, there were 4100 surgical and medical abortions in Suffolk County and almost 3500 in Nassau County. And PP of Nassau County committed more than 1300 of those abortions. Politically, nothing even remotely resembling prolife legislation sees the light of day in Albany. Meanwhile, for the past few decades, the silence of the churches has been deafening. Despite countless recruitment efforts only a handful of us witness at abortuaries each week. People who have been fighting this battle for 30+ years are worn out and few people have stepped up to fill their 70- and 80-year old shoes. Based on experience, they simply don't believe there is the will or the leadership to carry out 40 Days for Life. And, I can't blame them.
But all this is EXACTLY why 40 Days for Life has Long Island written all over it! Certainly, there are those who are not able to stand outside an abortion facility, but there are scores who are able to come. These sideline prolife individuals, families, and clergy need to be moved out of their comfort zone - at the very least for just once out of 40 days for a few hours of prayerful witness at Planned Parenthood. Prayer is the uniting force behind 40DFL - that's the message to convey to get people excited about the challenge of fulfilling 40DFL. Forty days for 24 hours sounds like a lot... until you break it down. If one church covered one day, that would be only 40 churches needed.If groups of 3 people committed to 3 hours per week, that's only 56 groups and less than 200 people. Can we not even do that? Who can join the prayer vigil? It's easier to say who can't join the prayer vigil - those who don't agree to be peaceful, prayerful and lawful. So, it's time to think outside the box! -- Prayer groups, Moms In Touch groups,-- Religious ed/Bible study classes,-- Students who need to do community service,-- Members of prolife pregnancy help centers,-- Knights of Columbus (think night time slots!)-- College students (think night time slots)-- Parish youth groups,-- Parish respect life group,-- Any church organization (Columbiettes, Catholic Daughters, etc.)-- Smaller churches can join with other like churches to cover a day,-- Larger churches can take a full day.

40 Days for Life - Long Island, as of now, will do neighborhood/media outreach on an as-time-allows basis. The priority is the vigil and prayer and fasting. Each church can design its prayer and fasting however it wants. It would be nice to have a particular time in church each day for people to pray for the 40DFL intentions or for church bells to ring the same time each day of the 40 days, etc.

It is being sponsored by the Long Island Coalition for Life (631)243-1435. Frank Gariboldi of the Life Center of Long Island is building up a prayer force. Hurry and be the next prolife group to sign on!

Please spread this information to prolife friends, teachers, pastors, youth ministers, and prayer groups. If you don’t clue them in, they’ll miss out on being part of this awesome event.
Thank you for any and all support you can offer to 40DFL-LI.
And let me know now what hours you want to witness at Planned Parenthood.

1]40 Days for Life - overview, past campaigns, endorsements

2]BEING HUMAN video - why 40 DFL
(Show scheduled to air on EWTN Sept. 3, 2007 at 3:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.)

3]Coalition for Life - Bryan-College Station, TX

4]Wisconsin - the state that is making other 40DFL cities jealous - check out the dedicated 40DFL website, including calendars to get coverage at FIVE abortion mills:
Note Bene: Population Wisconsin: 5.5 million.
Population Nassau/Suffolk: 2.8 million. (Hint!)

5] Houston Coalition for Life - why 40 Days for Life is working there

Feast of St. Augustine

Jeanne at Catholic Fire has a great post on St. Augustine, whose feast is today, as well as his mother St. Monica, whose feast day was yesterday. I wonder if these two are the only mother-son saints.
My favorite quote of St. Augustine, "our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee".
And my favorite quote about him comes from St. Ambrose, to whom St Monica often came in tears about her stubbornly sinful son, "talk to God about Augustine, not to Augustine about God". This is sage advice for those of us with family members outside the Church who will not listen to our pleas for their conversion.

Monday, August 27, 2007

They Killed the Wrong Twin

Botched abortion shocks Italy
Rome - A botched abortion in which a healthy twin foetus was terminated instead of its sibling with Down syndrome has reignited the abortion debate in Italy and raised allegations of eugenics."The time has come to re-examine the abortion law" that dates back to 1978, wrote leftist Senator Paola Binetti, who is close to the Vatican, in the Corriere della Sera newspaper."What happened in this hospital was not a medical abortion but an abortion done for the purposes of eugenics," she said, referring to the belief that the human species can be improved through selective reproduction.The abortion was performed on a 38-year-old woman in Milan in June, but news of its outcome has only recently become public. Doctors blamed the mistake on movement of the foetuses between the examination and the abortion.
"They wanted to kill the sick foetus and save the healthy one and what didn't work properly in this business was the selection," Binetti wrote.Pro-life campaigners also seized on the case as an example of what can go wrong under the abortion law, according to the Ansa news agency.Health Minister Livia Turco, however, defended the existing abortion law as "very wise" and said it would not be changed.

The Roman Catholic Church and the conservative right have long called for its repeal.
HT Independent Online
Once again, our beloved Church is the voice crying in the wilderness! Why is everyone shocked, this happens every day! When will Italians, and Americans for that matter, wake up and realize how abortion is routinely used as a form of eugenics?
This is described in detail with personal testimonies from mothers who fought back in the book, Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics. The author, Melinda Tankard Reist writes, "It is estimated that between 200,00 and 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people were murdered from 1939 to 1940 under Operation T4 and other 'euthanasia programs". (p 42) Elizabeth R. Schiltz in her essay in the book writes, "I cannot remember a time when I did not know that the first targets of the Nazi's gas chambers were people with disabilities. I cannot remember a time when I din no know that my brother Jim would probably no have been allowed to live if he had been born just ten years earlier, in the same hospital in Frankfurt, Germany where I was later born."
What's the difference between the T4 progrom and what was just attempted in Italy?
The Nazis didn't have sonograms. They had to wait till you were born to decide if they were going to kill you.
We are far more efficient in the US, we get 90% of the children with Down syndrome, with help from the research done by the March of Dimes.
The mother of the children, a 38 year old from Milan, returned to kill her disabled son, and reported the doctor to the police. No doubt she feels that they put her under undue stress, having to return to abort again. May Almighty God have mercy on her!

Gonzales obstructed enforcement of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act

Alberto Gonzales has resigned today as United States Attorney General. Operation Rescue calls on President George Bush to appoint a replacement that will immediately enforce the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.
"We are not sorry at all to see Gonzales resign,"
said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "Since the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal ban on partial-birth abortions is constitutional, Gonzales has done nothing but obstruct enforcement. In fact, we don't think the temporary restraining order barring the ban from going into effect has even been vacated."
"Right now we don't know who is doing this illegal late-term abortion procedure. There has been no investigation or any attempt to find out if the abortionists are following the law," said Newman.
"We call on President Bush to appoint an Attorney General who will enforce the ban and investigate abortionists to ensure they are obeying the law, including Nebraska's LeRoy Carhart who defended the horrific abortion method all the way to the Supreme Court. Since Carhart is also employed by Kansas abortionist George Tiller, we are asking for an Federal investigation of him as well."
Newman is not impressed by abortionists, such as Tiller, who claim they do not do the illegal abortion procedure. Operation Rescue is calling for investigations of late-term abortionists Warren Hern of Colorado, James Pendergraft of Florida, and Martin Haskel of Ohio along with Carhart, Tiller and others.
"If you ask a drug dealer if he is dealing drugs, he will deny it, but no law enforcement officer will take him at his word until a thorough investigation substantiates it. It's crazy to trust the word of abortionists who say they are in compliance with a law that they avidly opposed," said Newman.
"We need a new Attorney General who will do his job and enforce the law with immediate investigations and arrests of those abortionist who are committing criminal partial-birth abortions," said Newman.

The Good Politicians Deserve Our Praise

It's getting harder to be a pro-life Congressman these days, just ask Chris Smith R-NJ, who tried to preserve President Bush's reinstatement of the pro-life Mexico City Policy against a hostile Congress. For now, we can count on President Bush to veto, anti-life policies, but we know this may not last past the next election.
Many of our good representatives in Washington have been fighting the good fight for years, and deserve our thanks. I am writing a piece for Canticle Magazine about these good guys, who have served God well in Washington. If you have any suggestions of Congressman or Senators, past or present who should be included, please leave a comment below. They may not be perfect, but they have withstood a lot of opposition for their brave pro-life stand.
So far, I have Senator Sam Brownback, former Senator Rick Santorum, Congressmen Chris Smith and Vito Fusella, and former Congressman Bob Dornan. I would like to add a woman to this list, but being pro-death seems to be a pre-requisite for a woman getting elected to Congress!

Mexico City Policy vote in Congress

An amendment to keep tax dollars from supporting abortion overseas failed in the U.S. House on Thursday, June 21, but more than 200 representatives who took a stand for life deserve to be thanked.

"Pro-family lawmakers are navigating their way through a minefield of anti-family legislation and rhetoric this Congress," said Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst for Focus on the Family Action. "Tell them you support their efforts to stand strong amid such strong opposition."

By a vote of 218-205, the House rejected a bipartisan amendment by Reps. Chris Smith, R-N.J., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich., that would have preserved the pro-life Mexico City policy — named after the location where President Reagan announced it in 1984. It was rescinded by President Clinton in 1993. President Bush reinstated the policy on his first day in office. The policy denies foreign aid funds to organizations that promote or provide abortions.

Bush has pledged to veto any bill that undermines his pro-life policies. Supporters of the Mexico City policy believe they can sustain a veto, according to Smith's office.

"Someday, future generations of Americans will look back on us and wonder how — and why — such a rich and seemingly enlightened society, so blessed and endowed with the capacity to protect and enhance vulnerable human life, could have instead, so aggressively promoted death
to children by abortion," Smith said during Thursday's debate.

"They will note that we prided ourselves on our human-rights rhetoric and record, while precluding all protection to the most persecuted minority in the world today — unborn babies," he added.

Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, said: "Regrettably, the pro-life amendment fell a little short. The president will veto this bill, if necessary. And the veto will be sustained.

"In the end, they have to decide if they want to get their bills signed or vetoed. It is important for the members who voted for the Smith-Stupak amendment to hear appreciation from constituents who do not want their dollars used for abortion."

The Smith-Stupak amendment was part of the foreign aid spending bill, which the House passed, 241-178.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Third Down Syndrome Carnival is at Cause of Our Joy

We have some new friends, and some resources to help special needs parents.

What are we doing in Iraq anyway?

I don't discuss Iraq much on this blog because I am in conflict about our presence there. I sided with the Holy Father against our invasion of Iraq, and wish it would just end soon, so we don't end up with President Hillary. I do understand the probable disaster which would occur if we withdraw prematurely, as recently expressed by President Bush. My point of view is; I didn't want to go in, but now that we're there, let's finish the job ASAP and get out. So, I pray for our troops, send them my support where possible and follow the news looking for signs of hope.
Here is the most powerful story I have ever heard from Iraq. Twenty four special needs boys were found in a terrible state in an Iraqi orphanage; naked, filthy, and starving while their well-supplied caretakers were cooking a meal for themselves in the next room. Our troops found them in the nick of time and brought them the first human compassion they have experienced in their lonely lives. My heart is bursting with conflicting emotions as I write this. As the mother of a special needs child I was sick with grief and rage at the thought that such helpless, innocent children are neglected like this, and as an American, I was bursting with pride at the heroic intervention of our troops, especially the tenderness of Leuitenant Jason Smith, a special ed teacher from North Carolina, whose brother-in-law has special needs, knew that the boys needed the personal of another human being. He brushed their teeth! See video of the interview of Lt. Smith.
They are OK now, in temporary quarters, but they need our help. Would anyone out there be interested in adopting them, to give them homes where they can be given the love they have missed out on their entire lives?
The original story was on CBS News June 18, 2007.Here is an update from CBS news, including how you can help the orphaned boys, and a video of their new orphanage.
A scene comes to mind from the Petrie sisters landmark documentary Mother Teresa. In the midst of the seige of Beirut, a similar emergency of abandoned special needs orphans appears hopeless, as the home lies on the other side of the embattled city. Mother Teresa confidently informs the rescue workers that she has asked Our Lady for a ceasefire on her feast day the following day, so that the children can be rescued. The next day arrives, and the silence reveals the power of prayer. Mother Teresa arrives at the home to terrified handicapped children, abandoned by their caregivers. They are removed, and the cameras focus on Mother caressing a trembling child, who gradually calms down enough to gaze gratefully into her eyes. Her compassion, likethat of Lt. Smith, overcome the terrors of war and neglect.

NY Governor Spitzer is a Pro-death zealot!

I knew his election would be bad news for New York State, we are a blue state already beset with pro-abortion zealots Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer as senators, and "Gang of 18" members Congressman Tim Bishop, and Carolyn McCarthy. Elliot Spitzer as Attorney General, tried to close down all crisis pregnancy centers in the state, accusing them of false advertising by saying they help pregnant women. I suppose calling an abortion mill "women's health care services" is truth in advertising!
But now that Elliot Spitzer is governor, his fanatical devotion to the NARAL crowd is even more evident. They are terrified that Roe v Wade might be overturned and want to make certain that if that happened, that not one single type of abortion would be banned in the Empire State. Governor Spitzer said the state of New York "must reaffirm our commitment to a woman’s right to choose."
“In the wake of the recent United States Supreme Court ruling, this legislation is a necessary measure to ensure that a woman’s fundamental right to privacy in New York is protected at all costs".
Here is the link describing this action of his.

Please take action and email Gov. Spitzer to tell him you are appalled by such extremely pro-death measures.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Children with disablilities are no longer protected by the medical profession

Nancy Valko, RN President of Missouri Nurses for Life has informed us in this shocking article in Cathlolic Exchange, how far down the slippery slope we have gone when she writes about infanticide of an infant with Down syndrome by his parent's refusal to allow life-saving treatment, thereby sentencing him to a Terri Shivao type death by dehydration.
We can't say "it could never happen in America", because it already has. We must admit that we are already living in the horrific society envisioned by Aldous Huxley in his 1930's novel, Brave New World.

Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Paul, at A Long Island Catholic, the blogger who inspired me when I was a new blogger last fall, has invited me to present on a panel of bloggers at the Society of Catholic Social Scientists Conference at St. John's University Law School on October 26-27.
We are joining in the panel discussion with writer Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol, and author of The Thrill of the Chaste.

Other Catholic luminaries to present at this Conference include:
Rev. Joseph Koterski, S. J.
Dr. William Donohue
Ronald Rychlak
Gregory Popcak
Kenneth Whitehead
Sister Margherita Marchione
Paul Vitz
Archbishop Chaput

Our panel is entitled "The Impact of Catholic Bloggers" and the very fact that, after less than one year in the blogosphere, I have been invited to share in such august company is indeed proof of the power of the blog!

Onward Christian Soldiers

Last night, in the three part series, "God's Warriors", Christiana Amanpour tried to incite fear of Christian conservative groups like the Moral Majority, lead by the late Rev. Falwell, who during the Carter Administration mobilized and are credited for Ronald Reagan's landslide victory. They brought the prolife movement to the forefront of American politics, and have kept it there.
Not only did she feature footage of the bombing of abortion mills interspersed with peaceful protests, but she brought up the Religious Right's support of the public display of the Ten Commandments as an ominous attempt to take over this nation with Judeo-Christian morality.
The cameras focused on Liberty University's mock Supreme Court room, while the President stated his intention to take back the court. She reminded viewers that Justices Ginsburg and Stevens, the Court's troglodyte liberals who can't possibly be expected to live much longer, could be replaced with conservatives who would then rule this nation.
It's an early campaign speech for the Democrats, and here's the coup de grace; Jimmy Carter is holding hands with Bill Clinton in an effort to steer the Baptist Church away from Christian morality into touchy-feely "let's be nice to everyone, and sing Kumbaya" mumbo-jumbo. They are trying to fool voters into believing that you can ignore the 10 Commandments, throw the poor some programs, and call yourselves Christians. What happened to the Jimmy Carter who not too long ago, chastened his party for not being pro-life?!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Time to order your Christmas car magnets

My Godmother, Kathryn Mansolill, is a dynamic woman who has, like so many of us, grown irate over how the name of Christ is forbidden from the celebration of Christmas. Unlike so many of us, however, she's doing something about it. Here's the blog I started with her, to organize her efforts to preserve . . . The True Meaning of Christmas. Make a visit, and get involved!
If you want to order your Keep Christ in Christmas magnets to sell for this year, your order must be placed with us before November 1, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How the Culture of Death is Poisoning Latin America

Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia (see them on the web here) is a coalition of hard-left, Latin American feminist organizations. Just recently they showed their true colors, putting their anti-life agendas ahead of the well-being of an innocent 9-year-old girl.
Steve Mosher
Rosa's Case:Lies of a Feminist Network Exposed in Nicaragua
by Carlos Polo
"Rosa" was the name the feminists of the Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia, or Network of Women Against Violence (WNAV) gave to a 9-year-old Nicaraguan girl, who was raped and later became pregnant in the beginning of 2003 in Costa Rica. Accusations laid at the doorstep of the girl's neighbor are now being challenged by a more in-depth investigation, one that not only clears his name, but points to far more sinister forces at work.
WNAV used Rosa as a poster child to promote the decriminalization of abortion internationally, repeating the tired line that abortion is essential to save the lives of thousands of women. They produced videos, essays, books and organized several events in many American and European cities. At these events, the stepfather and the mother of Rosa were present, supported by the WNAV and demanding justice for Rosa, and a severe punishment of the rapist. On one of these occasions, egged on by the feminists, the girl's stepfather even said he would kill the neighbor with his own hands.
In a series of moves reminiscent of young children going to the right parent for the answer they want, some key case members of the WNAV traveled to Costa Rica with officials (ideologically pro abortion) of the Attorney General Office on Human Rights of Nicaragua. They advocated the "right" of Rosa to abort her baby, with the full approval of the stepfather and mother. Upon learning that the Costa Rican government refuses to permit abortion, they promptly rushed Rosa to Nicaragua. Once there, authorities established that the parents had the freedom to make their own decision, labeling this abortion as "therapeutic." Public pressure growing hotter, they quickly ended the life of Rosa’s baby.
After the abortion was completed, WNAV completely lost interest in the conviction and prosecution of "Rosita's" rapist.

As of November 17, 2006, abortion in Nicaragua is illegal with no exceptions.
We now know that the story was very different from WNAV's version. Reporters of a popular newspaper in Nicaragua, "El Nuevo Diario" (END), found "Rosita" and her mother in a WNAV lodging last month. Their actual situation was even more shocking than the one which made her unhappily famous to begin with: it is now known that the girl's 19-month-old daughter is not the neighbor's, rather, her stepfather's.
Not only that, but it soon became clear that WNAV had repeatedly ignored obvious warning signs about the baby's paternity. Even in the face of emerging evidence, they still argue that they had no knowledge of the truth of the matter, even though it is now coming to light that the stepfather raped the girl more than once, resulting in the conception of yet another child. WNAV's repeated half-baked explanations show how fanatical they are to legalize abortion, and how careless they had been with Rosa. "The true life of 'Rosita' was, until today, WNAV's best-kept secret," said END in an August 9 report. "It was the same girl, now 14 years old, who triggered the series of events that led END to expose what was happening."
WNAV still insists that Rosa's abortion was the best option available to the 9-year-old girl. According to her parents, after having an abortion she "was back to her dolls and was happy again". WNAV did not expect an investigation on the level of the one END conducted, one that uncovered the fact that Rosa’s life after the abortion was, in fact, hellish. Forever stigmatized by the event, Rosa was vilified by the community as a result of her abortion, as was everyone who participated.
Notwithstanding, WNAV's members' attitudes incriminate them. They have spent the duration of the case, now 4 years running, hiding information in order to keep "Rosita" and her mother away from anyone but them. END also complained that the police of Masaya province are also complicit in this crime, making any investigation into the matter extremely difficult. "For the time being, the whereabouts of "Rosita" and her daughter are privileged information of WNAV," END said bitterly. "This entire international campaign was based on a lie."
In the end, WNAV was forced to return "Rosita" to the authorities, but WNAV requested that one of their own psychologists supervise her at all times. The reason is simple: the truth could complicate WNAV's legal situation. It is now clear that WNAV's interest in the case arose solely from their interest in promoting the legalization of abortion. As a direct consequence of this, justice was not served, "Rosita" continued to be exposed to the rapist day and night for 4 years, and an innocent man suffered rebuke and imprisonment. These are serious charges, and WNAV is now desparate to avoid being prosecuted by the Family Affairs Ministry of Nicaragua.
The contradictions are multiplying every day, and the story can hardly have a happy ending for WNAV. If one good thing comes out of this entangled web of rape, murder, deception and coverup it is this: WNAV has lost its credibility in any future debate about abortion.

Colin Mason is the Director for Media Production at PRI.

Catholic Fire: When Helpers Turn into Destroyers

Catholic Fire: When Helpers Turn into Destroyers

Prolifers vs Islamofacist Murderers

On Tuesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough mocked the very concept of CNN's "God's Warriors" specials on Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremism. Anticipating the possible moral relativism that the Christiane Amanpour-hosted series may take, Scarborough sarcastically observed: "They're going to study Muslim extremism, then Christian extremism, because we know Christians have, have slaughtered thousands of people across the globe in bombings." Comparing the CNN anchor to a liberal talk show host, an incredulous Scarborough added: "Is this Rosie O'Donnell or is this Christine Amanpour?" Returning to the subject later in the 7am EDT hour, Scarborough derided the cable network again: "But to say, as CNN appears to be saying, that Muslim extremism and Jewish extremism and Christian extremism, sort of, is equal, that there is moral equivalence...between those three, that's just ridiculous."
HT Media Research Center
I especially love the juxtaposition of photos of an abortion mill bombing and an interview with the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. This way, the not-so-subtle point can be made that, by saying that America's moral depravity may have caused the attacks of 911, Rev. Falwell encouraged another bombing.
I am going to go on record saying that Rev. Falwell had a point. The Islamofacists aren't merely against us because America is the land of freedom (as President Bush insists); they are against the gross misuse of freedom of expression in this nation which shames our Judeo-Christian moral heritage. If American popular culture had any of the respect for the dignity of womanhood and family life, which it had in the 1950's, it would be less of a target. I am not painting the Islamofacists as arbiters of morality, far from it, but we must admit the excess depravity which fills our media and corrupts the world's TV sets, is highly insulting to all people of faith. 'If this is Christianity, then we'll have none of it', may well be the statement our culture provokes
Then there is the issue of the lifting of the veil of protection which God has seemingly kept over this nation. We hadn't been attacked in the Continental US since the Mexican-American war. We enjoy unparalleled prosperity, and are the envy of the world, as evidenced by the millions of immigrants who enter our land. And how do we repay this bounty? By saying we can't afford children, and aborting them, by abandoning our marriages to no-fault divorce, and deserting our children to 'fulfill ourselves' in the workplace, buying bigger homes and more gadgets than we need. We neglect the starving of the world while we are dying of obesity. We can't fit church into our weekend entertainment plans, yet we sit in front of TV shows which mock God and our morality, belittle women, by making them into sex objects, emasculate the men by mocking them in sitcoms, and we say nothing.
A loving God would let us have a wake-up call before we find ourselves before Him in the Judgement Seat. On 9/11/2001 we got the message, and for two weeks we filled the churches. Our Lady has been warning us of a coming chastisement for centuries. Must the hand of God be harsher to get our attention?

Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Litany of the Queenship of Mary

Lord, have mercy.Christ, have mercy.Lord, have mercy. God the Father in Heaven, have mercy on us.

God the son, Redeemer of the world...

God the Holy Spirit...
Holy Trinity, one God...

Holy Mary, pray for us.

Holy Mother of God...

Most honored of virgins...

Chosen daughter of the Father...

Mother of Christ the Kind...

Glory of the Holy Spirit...

Virgin daughter of Zion...

Virgin poor and humble...

Virgin gentle and obedient...

Handmaid of the Lord...

Mother of the Lord...

Helper of the Redeemer...

Full of grace...

Fountain of beauty...

Model of virtue...

First fruit of the redemption...

Perfect disciple of Christ...

Untarnished image of the Church...

Woman transformed...

Woman clothed with the sun...

Woman crowned with stars...

Gentle Lady...

Gracious Lady...

Our Lady...

Joy of Israel...

Splendor of the Church...

Pride of the human race...

Advocate of grace...

Minister of holiness...

Champion of God's people...

Queen of love...

Queen of mercy...

Queen of peace...

Queen of angels...

Queen of patriarchs and prophets...

Queen of apostles and martyrs...

Queen of confessors and virgins...

Queen of all saints...

Queen conceived without original sin...

Queen assumed into heaven...

Queen of all the earth...

Queen of heaven...

Queen of the universe...

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Oremus (Let Us Pray)Father, you have given us the mother of your Son to be our queen and mother. With the support of her prayers may we come to share the glory of your children in the kingdom of heaven.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

HT Images Fotos Cofrades

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Second Ever Down Syndrome Carnival is Up

Come and visit the carnival, meet some amazing moms, and learn some more about what Down syndrome really is, versus the popular misconceptions.
HT Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii for the button.

A Frightening Glimpse of the Future of Disabled Persons

Lifesite has a frightening look into the future for disabled people if this culture continues sinking into the mire of the Culture of Death.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fotos Cofrades

Roberto Villarrica, the photographer who writes this blog from Seville, Spain, has given permission for anyone to use his gorgeous photographs of traditional Spanish statuary, as long as he is credited.
They are a reminder of our rich artistic heritage as Catholics, as well as the beautiful devotionals processions which still take place in Spain. Enjoy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The other side is sounding frightened

It's a dead giveaway, when you're afraid you're losing the debate, and you resort to desperation tactics. This takes many ugly forms; lies, defamation of character, shouting, and scare tactics. The Culture of Death is beginning to realize that Roe v Wade is on life support (excuse the irony!) and is getting shrill. You see, with the blogosphere and new radio and cable new outlets outpacing the old propaganda machine, they hardly get away with whoppers like this, this and this anymore.
When all else fails in the pro-death camp, pull out the hangers!
Go pro-life bloggers GO!

Creative Minority Report: How do you put the genie back in the bottle? - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.

Creative Minority Report: How do you put the genie back in the bottle? - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.

Midnight Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC

There is a petition out there for Cardinal Egan to celebrate Midnight Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral with the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine). Their goal is 1000 signatures.
If they get the Latin Mass for Christmas, I'll make the effort to attend with my family.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of the New Evangelization!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Victory of "Emily Rose"

When The Exorcism of Emily Rose came out in 2005 most people were not aware that the movie was based on a true story of a young German woman named Anneliese Michel who was possessed for many years and died in 1976 at the age of 23 probably of the possession itself. Her heart-wrenching story is instructive, not so much about the nature of evil, but about how good can be brought out of so much evil, especially when offered for the spiritual benefit of others. I believe that Anneliese Michel's faithful endurance of such demonic sufferings would qualify as truly heroic.
The pious young woman came from a Catholic family in the southern region of Germany and would have been the last person that anyone would have expected to be the victim of a full-fledged possession. Anneliese was the innocent target of a witch's curse when she was a child, and that was what caused her demonic problems. She lived a so-called "normal" life until her sixteenth birthday when, without warning, she began to experience the oppression of her senses through hearing voices and seeing grotesque faces. From that point on she suffered a series of deepening internal problems which grew worse as the years went on. By her twentieth birthday she was almost fully taken over by the demonic spirits which threw her into catatonic states and caused extremely violent aversions to religious objects as well as other occult phenomena such as speaking in esoteric languages. During the series of exorcisms performed on her over the period of nearly a year, it was discovered that she was possessed by six very powerful demons, one of whom was named Hitler and the strongest of which was named Judas.

Anneliese's heroism throughout this whole ordeal is truly hard to believe. She not only attempted to complete all her school assignments until she was utterly unable to do so, but she was completely accepting of her trials because she knew that there was a deeper meaning in them. In the midst of her sufferings she had visions of Jesus and Mary and learned that the Lord wanted her to offer her intense agony at the hands of demons for two primary intentions: the Catholic Church in Germany and, in particular, the German clergy. In the post-Vatican II era, Germany was rife with clerical dissent and loss of faith: this suffering child of God was praying in a most profound way that no soul would be lost to the true Faith.

Needless to say, a real possession is a destructive and desolate experience for the possessed individual, and in the end, Anneliese succumbed to the power of the demons and died just after her 23rd birthday. Some speculate that a combination of misdiagnosed medications and her inability to eat anything during most of her ordeal led to her demise, but ultimately she died, according to her spiritual director, as a victim soul out of love for her people. He called her experience an "expiatory possession," that is, a suffering for the sins of others. It is evident that God permitted her death in this dramatic way, just as He permitted the death of His only-begotten Son, for the eternal benefit of others and as a witness to the reality of evil in a faithless age.
If we look only at her death at a young age or the tragic circumstances of her possession we will not see the meaning of her life or the heroism of her suffering. We have to look beyond the particulars to the fruit of her agony which needs the eyes of faith to see: that is, less than two years after Anneliese died as a victim for the German Church and clergy, a young priest by the name of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger was named Archbishop of Munich, the very region where Anneliese lived, suffered and died.
And well, you know the rest of the story.
Did Emily Rose see the Virgin Mary?
St Michael Prayer Card
Q & A Archive
Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,President, Human Life International
Copyright 2007 - Human Life InternationalPermission granted for unlimited use. Credit required.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Great News for Mother Angelica: Bishop Baker moves to Birmingham!

The diocese of Birmingham has been without a bishop for some time, as the Bishop Foley has retired. Now it has wonderfully orthodox Bishop Baker and I know that Mother Angelica is happy. The bishop of Birmingham determines a lot on EWTN. In particular, he determines how the Mass is televised to the millions of EWTN viewers around the world. Bishop Baker has always been friendly to EWTN.
Baker, a native of Ohio, has close ties to EWTN. He recently was co-author of the book, "When Did We See You, Lord?" with EWTN personality the Rev. Benedict J. Groeschel.

The Catholic Carnival is Up

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

There is a very special grace attached to Mary’s House at Ephesus, the place of the Assumption. Her Assumption gives us a glimpse of the Heaven we long for. The Assumption is about hope.

Read the entire meditation on the
Feast of the Assumption at Sr Marie de Mandat-Grancey.

Learn a traditional Marian hymn with the MIDI index: Who is She Who Ascends So High?

Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Jean over at Catholic Fire has a great post on St. Maximilian Kolbe and the pro-life movement. She ends her post with these quotes from a man who was ahead of his time in his use of the media to spread the Gospel, making him the patron saint of journalists. I think he should also be the patron saint of bloggers.

Here are some of his pro-life quotes which have spoken to my heart:

"No one in the world can change Truth. What we can do and should do is to seek truth and to serve it when we have found it. The real conflict is the inner conflict. Beyond armies of occupation and the hecatombs of extermination camps, there are two irreconcilable enemies in the depth of every soul: good and evil, sin and love. And what use are the victories on the battlefield if we ourselves are defeated in our innermost personal selves?"

"The most deadly poison of our times is indifference. And this happens, although the praise of God should know no limits. Let us strive, therefore, to praise Him to the greatest extent of our powers."

Why am I Catholic?

This video was just shown on Life on the Rock this week, so I thought I'd post it again.

How to keep the Culture of Death from taking over

Just as the parents of children with Down syndrome are coming together to protest the 90% abortion rate of such children, and advocate for pre-natal education, they find themselves in company with people they might never have imagined; Evangelical, Mormon, and Catholic pro-lifers. This alliance is gaining momentum and gaining notice from the forces of death. The New York Times had an online video about this phenomenon.

Whenever divergent groups of people support the same cause, their coalition grows stronger, sometimes with amazing results. Disability advocates have joined with pro-life Catholics in California to defeat assisted suicide legislation. Their opponents are taking notice.

The biggest admission of the role the disabled community played came from Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, a Democrat who was one of the main co-sponsors of the bill.
He told the newspaper "we really had two main groups working against us: the Catholic Church and the disability rights folks."
That combination of more liberal disabled activists and more conservative pro-life advocates is a powerful team that has stopped assisted suicide not only in California but in Hawaii, Vermont, Michigan, and Maine as well.
"What has happened in each of these states," Golden said, "is that a cross-constituency has come together that spans left, right and center."
To keep euthanasia at bay, that coalition needs to continue.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Something was different about this man

Allright, I'm incriminating myself. My focus, while on the communion line this morning, should not have been the beauty of seeing a little girl in a lovely, modest dress, holding her dad's hand as he carried the baby up the aisle. And the way her father walked, as if he were about to meet Almighty God Himself. I couldn't help but marvel at the sight. It inspired my own piety.

Perhaps I can switch the blame to our fellow parishoners whose behavior made this man stand out by his reverent demeanor. Or maybe that uncanny knack we underground Catholics (you know, the type who looked forward to the Motu Proprio, know a few Latin hymns, and actually bow during the Credo) have of finding one another. Seeing a truly reverent person is like drawing the icythus sign in the sand for the Early Christians under Roman Persecution. We wouldn't want the liberal organist or the DRE to find us together; they'd fear a conservative takeover, and our careers volunteering in the Church would be finished.

Like last fall, in the training class for DRE's, when I was foolish enough to express affection for the Baltimore Catechism. I wasn't thrown out of class, exactly, just asked NEVER to speak again. So much for 'dialogue' and 'sharing'. No, we Summorum Pontificum types must remain incognito until the Extraordinary Rite has worked it's transforming power over the average Catholic parish. It's been forty years in the desert, and now the tide is turning, so what's another, say ten years?
So, naturally, I didn't dare associate with this man until he approached me after Mass, and extended his hand saying, "are you Leticia, I'm Patrick Archbold, nice to finally meet you!"

I wasn't a bit surprised, in fact I suspected as much since Communion.

These nuns are the hope of the Church in America!

I have been emailing convents today, asking for intercessory prayers for the success of our application for the Mater Angelica Catholic Radio Station application to be submitted October 13, 2007. I found this link and was emailing all the convents on the list with my prayer intention, and was tremendously encouraged by the hundreds of young, smiling faces peeking out from behind their traditional habits.
The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious is the umbrella organization for 10% of all professed nuns. These are the traditional nuns. They have 90% of all the vocations in the USA, according to a lecture I attended from Dr. Brian Clowes of Human Life International.
Is anyone surprised here?

Collage from the Domincan Sisters of St. Cecelia, also known as the Nashville Dominicans

Will the GOP get the hint?

Results of Iowa Straw Polland are they Pro-life?

Romney 32% Depends on where he's running, and who's asking.

Huckabee 18% All the way

Brownback 15% Ditto

Tancredo 14% Ditto

Paul 9% Ditto

Question; where did all these guys under Romney come from?
Didn't they listen to Hannity et al who asked them to step out of Rudy's way?
Where WAS Rudy? Or McCain? Or Fred Thompson? Shh. . .you can hear crickets. . .
Why didn't they participate?

Are the good people of Iowa trying to tell the GOP something?
Please listen before we have to sing "Hail to the Chief" to the Wicked Witch of the White House!
At least Life Site has an intelligent take on the results of this poll.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Announcing the First Ever Down Syndrome Blog Carnival

This carnival at my other blog, Cause of Our Joy, is why I haven't been posting lately. I have emailed dozens of blogging parents of children with Down syndrome to invite them to participate in the carnival, and, as a result, seen so many beautiful examples of life with our lovely children. So many adorable photos, so many inspiring stories of bravery in the midst of medical problems, and heartbreaking setbacks. So many thrillling accomplishments, and happy family moments.

So many noble parents giving completely of themselves, far and above what they felt capable of BEFORE Down syndrome changed their lives forever. I can say now, with greater assurance than ever; thank God for children with Down syndrome.

Why take my word for it? Go and visit, then link to us!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Review of Becoming Jane was picked up by Reuters

Did you know I write for Reuters News Service?
Niether did I until I noticed this link in my sitemeter to my review of the film Becoming Jane.

I was rushing to the theatre in East Hampton yesterday in traffic, struggling with the strict parking regulations, and ultimately missing half the movie and having to wait until the next show. The air was stifling, the wait exhausting, as my mom and I ducked into one air-conditioned store after another, and I began to wonder if it was worth the effort. I would earn a link from the blog tour at MotherTalk by watching and reviewing this film before it's wide release on Friday. I knew that the link from MotherTalk would be a valuable reward, as bloggers are always looking for exposure, but Reuters! That far surpassed even my expectations!
Wouldn't Jane be pleased!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Future Depends on Love Tour

From August 3-11, 2007, seven to twelve CFR Friars of The Community of the Franciscans Friars of the Renewal will walk from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C . The friars will walk between six and thirteen miles per day. Our routes would include highly visible areas through cities, suburbs, poor neighborhoods, and rural settings, with stops at some religious and historic sites along the way. On days when the brothers are walking fewer miles, they will stop to pray at abortion clinics, to evangelize, to serve the poor in some capacity, and to help raise awareness or funds for various family-marriage-life organizations with the local associations on the route. Our hope is to arrange a different speaker to speak about a particular family-marriage-life issue each night.

In addition, we plan to work with several youth groups, Pro-Life groups, college students, and young adults. As the pilgrimage proceeds from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., these groups and individuals, we will evangelize people and engage their peers in the surrounding cities and towns by holding events about family-marriage-life matters, with particular focus upon purity, chastity, Theology of the Body, and community service. Th
ese groups and individuals will also inform people about the various speakers and locations of the walking preaching Tour.
Our purpose is to evangelize Americans about the Catholic mission to build a "Civilization of Love" through "The Culture of Life," at the heart of which are the following issues: the sanctity of the family, marriage, human life, corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We believe that spreading the Catholic principles of purity, chastity and Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, through corporal and spiritual works of mercy are a critical part of restoring the dignity of the human person in the consciousness of our culture. This task is vital to our ultimate goal which is to lead others to participate in the Church's mission to save as many lives and souls as possible.

Prayer for Renewal of Consecration of The United States to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Most Holy Trinity: Our Father in Heaven, who chose Mary as the fairest of your daughters; Holy Spirit, who chose Mary as Your spouse; God the Son, who chose Mary as Your Mother; in union with Mary, we adore your majesty and acknowledge Your supreme, eternal dominion and authority.

Most Holy Trinity, we put the United States of America into the hands of Mary Immaculate in order that she may present the country to you. Through her we wish to thank you for the great resources of this land and for the freedom, which has been its heritage. Through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on the Catholic Church in America. Grant us peace. Have mercy on our president and on all the officers of our government. Grant us a fruitful economy born of justice and charity. Have mercy on capital and industry and labor. Protect the family life of the nation. Guard the precious gift of many religious vocations. Through the intercession of our Mother, have mercy on the sick, the poor, the tempted, sinners—on all who are in need.

Mary, Immaculate Virgin, Our Mother, Patroness of our land, we praise you and honor you and give our country and ourselves to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. O’ Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary pierced by the sword of sorrow prophesized by Simeon save us from degeneration, disaster and war. Protect us from all harm. O’ Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, you who bore the sufferings of your Son in the depths of your heart be our Advocate. Pray for us, that acting always according to your will and the Will of your Divine Son, we may live and die pleasing to God.


A Saint by Any Other Name

I grew up in the sixties, when, if you were Catholic, you named your children after a saint. Period. There was plenty of variety, you could go for a popular saint like John or Mary, or go a bit ethnic with Stanislaus, or Brigid. For my parents I was between Angela or Brigid, each catering toward their own particular ethnic tradition. They compromised, and found Leticia in a "What to Name Your Catholic Baby Book", which is actually Spanish, and a name for the Blessed Mother, Causa Nostrae Laetitiae, which means Cause of Our Joy(are you seeing a pattern here?), a title of the Blessed Virgin in the Litany of the Virgin..You could get brownie points and use a family name, like my friend who has chosen her grandmother's name, Concetta, and placed it within her daughter's array of names, in Italian tradition, Maria Teresa Concetta.
In the case of boys, you could get a tradition going, with, say, John Junior, or carry on an established tradition with Peter the third. You could name a boy after the Holy Father, like so many John Pauls I know.You could get fancy, and look up a rarely heard version a tried-and-true name like Elizabeth, choosing instead, Sabeth, Isabella(as I did for my second daughter), or Liza. You could marry a couple of common names and come up with Marybeth, Bethanne, Anna Maria, or Maria Elena. And, despite his downgrade to questionable origin, there are many Catholic versions of Christopher, like my daughter's Christina. We just like to include a reference to Our Lord's name without seeming presumptuous, and using Jesus.
Some parents went uber-traditional with names like Benedict, Aloysius, Xavier, or Dolores. And of course, there are many formerly ignord, but now popular Biblical names like Joshua and Gabriel. Saint's names give the child a good example to follow, a heavenly patron to pray for them, and a feast day to celebrate.
It always hurts when new parents reject this time-honored tradition and name a child after the latest meaningless trend. Doesn't it bother you when Brittany, the name you thought was oh-so-unique ends up splashed across the papers with the words rehab or divorce associated with it? All right, I admit, this has happened with good saint's names like Monica and Justin, so there's no guarantee, however, there IS hope that, with a saint's name, that the former association of the child's name will outlive the bad publicity.Names, according to a book I once read, DO have an effect on a child's future. Take that nurse who poked her head into my mother's maternity ward room and pronounced, "you'd better change that little baby's name from Leticia, or she'll never forgive you!" Mom, it's been rough at times, enduring misspellings and awful pronunciations and unwanted nicknames, but, as an adult, I love the semi-uniqueness of my name, and wouldn't change it. Girls are supposed to do well with unusual names, according to the book, but boys get teased unmercifully if you have the poor judgement to name them after their great-grandfather Leopold, for instance. My girls love the list of baby names in the Berenstain's Baby Book, with appropriate comments: Egbert (he's your kid. lady!) or Romwauld(wonderful, a little brother for Brunehilde!).Today's Generation Y parents, who have largely disconnected from any religious condition find themselves without spiritual roots to help them name their children, yet they are compelled to find meaning where there is none, and are going to ridiculous extremes to name their children.
One couple hired a pair of consultants to draw up a list of suggestions based on "phonetic elements, popularity and ethnic and linguistic origins."One woman paid a "nameologist" $350 for three half-hour phone calls and a personalized manual describing each name's history and personality traits.Another spent $475 on a numerologist to see if her favorite name had positive associations, whatever the heck that means.Why the obsession over child names? One baby-naming expert says that we live in a market-oriented society. That by giving your kid the right name — the right branding, if you will — he or she will have a head start in life.
If my Gen Y cousins would ask me,and you can be cetain they won't, I would tell them to save the consultant fees, and re-investigate their own religious tradition for guidance. With all the new saints and blesseds our late Pope John Paul II named in his tenure, you have many more choices than I did. I love Gianna, Pio, Jose Maria, or today's saint, Teresa Benedicta. Find your child their own heavenly patron and role model, and they'll turn out well in the end, by the grace of God.
HT Catholic Exchange

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Eduardo Verastegui will be on Life on the Rock Streaming Video

Just click here to get the link to EWTN's Life on the Rock interview of Bella producer and star, Eduardo Verastegui. His reversion story is very powerful. This man is a Catholic hero, and deserves our full support for his new film company Metanoia. Magazines such as Columbia, and Celebrate Life are featuring interviews with Eduardo this month.
The Legionaries of Christ, who are affiliated with Sean Wolfington, the financier of the film, have joined the effort to promote Bella, and are organizing screenings with the blessing of my bishop here on Long Island. Here is an email I'm sending out from the leader of the Legionaries' promotion of Bella, Fr. Roderick Ermatinger:

I am Fr Roderick Ermatinger with the Legionaries of Christ. I believe Leticia has already mentioned to you that Metanoia Films, the producer of the movie Bella, has asked me to help them with their grassroots promotional efforts for this inspiring movie. This is Metanoia’s first film, and hopefully there will be many more to come. Metanoia’s mission is to attract young film makers, producers, directors, writers and actors, and to help them to appreciate the fact that they should use their artistic talents to advance the dignity of the human person, while still making movies that will make money. They want their movies to reach beyond the “choir” to the mainstream. They also want to send a message to Hollywood that people want movies that will elevate them rather than be demeaning. Bella is a simple movie with a deep message – how one person, one event can change a person’s life. Ultimately, it is a celebration of life, both the life of an individual and that of the family. Bella presents an opportunity for high impact on a large scale.
Last summer Bella won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
I would like the opportunity to talk with you to discuss how we are promoting Bella on a grassroots level.
Please feel free to contact me by email Also, please feel free to contact Leticia, if you are interested in learning more and helping with this important effort.
Thank you.
Fr Roderick Ermatinger,LC

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Forty Days for Life; National Day of Prayer and Fasting

With just one day left before registrations beginfor 40 Days for Life, the national coordinatorsare asking you -- and other believers in yourcommunity and across the country -- to jointogether in a nationwide day of prayer and fasting TODAY, Monday, August 6.
Realizing that 164 cities and towns in 43 states are actively considering joining this historic campaign, it's vital that we all get down on ourknees and turn this entire effort over to God.
Please spread the word and ask others to join youin seeking God's will for our nation, for yourcommunity's involvement in 40 Days for Life, andfor each person's unique role in this effort.
I received this email, but it was Esther who reminded me to post it. We must unite to drive the demon of abortion from this country if we expect protection from outside forces of evil.
I tremble when I think about where we would be if God had not spared us in His infinite mercy.

Abortion is No. 1 Killer in Black Community

Abortion is No. 1 Killer in Black Community
Since 1973, more than 13 million black babies have been killed by abortion, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's more than twice the number of black deaths attributed to AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease during that period.
"Planned Parenthood kills more black people in three days than the Klan has killed in its entire history of existence," said Joseph Parker, pastor of Campbell Chapel AME Church in Pulaski, Tenn., the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. "Yet many in the African-American community don't even see Planned Parenthood as an enemy, (they) would see them as a friend.
"Right now the biggest killer of the African-American community is abortion."
Dawn Vargo, associate bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said, "Pro-abortionists — with the help of anti-life organizations like Planned Parenthood — often succeed in making women think abortion is their only choice. This 'choice,' which isn't true choice at all, hurts both mother and child. "It's important for women to realize that abortion is not their only option. There are many life-affirming choices for women facing an unplanned pregnancy."

HT Focus on the Family Citizen Watch email
For more information on this topic, go to Blackgenocide. com

Population Research Institute: Part I

This video explains the orgins of Population Research Institute.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Harnessing the Power of Viral Marketing

Pro-Lifers need to use all the tools at their disposal to get their baby-saving message out. Viral marketing is one such tool that we are using at PRI—and you can help simply by forwarding our messages and videos.
Steven Mosher
Viral Marketing and the Pro-Life Cause
by Colin Mason
Earlier this year, an anonymous YouTube user known only as ParkRidge47 uploaded a video expressing his views about Hillary Clinton. The video blended footage from Ridley Scott’s famous 1984 Apple commercial with clips from Hillary's "Conversations with America" series. Hilary appeared as an Orwellian "Big Brother," an effect alternately unsettling or hilarious depending on your views of the Clintons. In a matter of a month, this no-budget, 74-second video garnered nationwide media attention and over three and a half million views on YouTube alone.We now know that ParkRidge47 is a man named Phillip De Vellis, and that his video was not authorized by any candidate. De Vellis cleverly used Photoshop and video editing software to create a video interesting enough (and controversial enough) to spread throughout the internet like a benign virus.

Viral marketing is cost-effective: a compelling message can be produced and disseminated with as little equipment as a video camera and a desktop computer.
As both the Clinton and Obama campaigns reacted publically to the video, the San Francisco Chronicle announced that we had reached "a watershed moment in 21st century media and political advertising." An ordinary citizen, albeit one with impressive editing skills, was able to create and post a video that impacted a huge number of people and may have changed the course of a presidential campaign.This incident is only one example of the growing phenomenon of what has become known as viral marketing. Made possible by the advent of the internet, viral marketing is a way of educating people about an idea, or spreading awareness about a product, by simply getting people interested enough to want to spread the word. Instead of paying to market a product, information is simply passed along from one person to another in the same way that a virus spreads.
Enthusiatic recipients spread the message at a geometric rate, giving a massive return on a small advertising investment.
Because of the success of Mr. ParkRidge47 and others, the huge potential of this means of communication is now understood, and political parties and companies are trying to harness it for their own ends. We at PRI are excited about harnessing the power of viral marketing, especially in the form of videos on YouTube, for the good of the pro-life movement.The pro-life movement faces a powerful opponent, one with far deeper pockets and better media connections than we.But as Howard Kurtz of Reliable Sources recently noted on CNN, viral marketing marks an "historic shift from a world in which a few important media outlets control the dialogue, to a game where anybody can play." Viral marketing and YouTube present us with unique opportunities not only to get our message out, but to stay one step ahead of our over-funded, bureaucratized anti-life adversaries. In fact, a grassroots movement like ours should enjoy a real advantage in this new kind of marketing, by virtue of our numbers and individual social networks.
In fact, whether or not pro-lifers will be able to win at this new media game depends almost entirely on our willingness to play it. After being battered for decades by a no-holds-barred media war against the pro-life movement, our side has every right to be suspicious of the press, the media, and marketing in general. But now we have access to a new technology that plays to our strengths. We have but to use it.Click here to see PRI's YouTube video in English or Spanish !
Colin Mason is the Director for Media Production at PRI.