Monday, December 10, 2007

Huckabee and the shootings

Here is why Governor Huckabee would make a great president, not only because he has his finger on the crux of the cultural crisis in which we find ourselves, but he has the courage to speak the truth, that all the government can do is issue stopgap measures to make up for the failure of the Christian Church to evangelize the hearts of the American people.
"The reason we have so much government is because we have so much broken humanity," he said. "And the reason we have so much broken humanity is because sin reigns in the hearts and lives of human beings instead of the Savior. "
The problems of those disturbed individuals are emotional and spiritual and this is NOT the government's territory, yet, so often it must clean up the devastation which such tragedies leave behind, that some are lead to believe some government agency could have prevented this. How many new laws can we put into place to protect the rest of us from those lost souls who have never felt the love of their parents' or a friend? We can outlaw guns, but so often they are sold illegally. We can have better means of background checks, but so often these young men have no criminal record. Emotional instability has not yet been listed as a reason to deny someone a gun permit.
"Government knows it does not have the answer, but it's arrogant and acts as though it does," Huckabee said. "Church does have the answer but will cowardly deny that it does and wonder when the world will be changed." The shootings were just one more wake-up call to the nation, he said. "I fear we will turn and hit the snooze button one more time and lose this great republic of ours."
THIS is what defines a true Christian conservative, this understanding of the prinicpal of subsidiarity, that problems are best delt with on the lowest possible level, and only when that fails utterly, do you start talking about federal laws. This rash of copy-cat shootings isn't a federal problem. It's a familial crisis which has been long ignored, until it threatens the whole of society.
For me, these young men, and so many others in this Culture of Death, are crying out for their fathers to love them. If their fathers are too broken or hard-hearted to fill their sons' need, then their Heavenly Father can make up for human inadequacy, if only they knew it. It is the job of all Christians to reach out to the lost young man like the Virginia Tech shooter, with the love of Christ. This is a point which our Holy Father is about to make in his upcoming document, which sources say will be released December 14.
Governor Huckabee would make a great president not because he agrees with Christian moral traditon, but because he knows the role of government and the role of the Church, a point which social liberals fail to understand. They have given up on the family's abitlity to regulate behavior,and want to create government programs to do that job. I have never seen an agency love a child. Only people do.

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