Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christina had a doctor visit today

Her blood oxygen saturation is only in the low 90's, and she still has the "crackling" in her lungs, so we are back to using the nebulizer and steroids to open her lungs. She is not happy, due to recent memories, and is putting up a better fight as she gets stronger, so we still need your prayers to help our little one take her treatments. She is far from "all better" this will be a long recovery, from the looks of things.
However, she is NOT going near the hospital again, thanks be to God, and will be at home with her sisters and parents. Bella and she are enjoying playing with their many Christmas gifts under the tree, and Gabbi is helping with nightime, now that Francisco is back to work.
God is good.

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Allison said...

glad to hear she is littlest fights her nebulizer too...prayers ascending.