Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The American Psychological Association is Reconsidering their stand on Homosexuality

Historically, homosexuality was considered by all medical professionals as a disorder, but the APA, wanting political correctness over sound practice, refused to call it a disorder which requires treatment, unless the homosexual is uncomfortable in the lifestyle.
At this time, they are re-considering this position, and former homosexuals have said they want therapy for homosexuals, since it helped them escape this emotionally painful lifestyle. The APA is not, however, open to input from such Christian groups as Focus on the Family who has specific outreaches to the homosexual community. I recommend the group Courage with Fr. Harvey to those suffering with same sex attraction, and Dr. Fitzgibbons Institute for Marital Healing.
I am praying that the psychological community decides on the side of truth vs. political correctness in this issue.

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Lynne said...

This is amazing! Dr Robert Spitzer, who in 1973 argued that homosexuality is not a clinical disorder has come to realize that some people are able to change their orientation.