Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Missouri Task Force on Abortion riles Planned Parenthood

Poor Planned Parenthood! Ever since 40 Days for Life began, their business has been difficult. It seems that a sleeping giant; the American Christian with a conscience has been awakened, finally, after 35 years, and now they're coming after the baby killers.
In Missouri, the task force on abortion is unveiling more truth about Planned Parenthood, and, being true liberals, they want to stifle free speech.


Anonymous said...

Go Nancy Valko!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the movie, so I can only comment on the trailer I just viewed on YouTube. In the typical unwittingly infected nature of our secular culture, the clip I saw is unworthy and disrespectful of the priesthood. A sniping remark about the priest not having to deal with abstinence is just what I don't need to go and see. I will not support anyone's pocket who contributes to such denegration - and yes, I only can base it on that one clip I saw - but that is quite enough! Thank-you.