Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does Lowe's support the gay agenda like Home Depot does? Now Home Depot has come to their senses!

UDATE: the boycott of Home Depot has officially been suspended. Because it worked. 

Home Depot practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott

September 5, 2013
When AFA called for a boycott of Home Depot three years ago because of its support of homosexual activist groups, I knew we were taking on a huge task. After all, Home Depot is a huge company. But I knew we had a lot of friends who would stand with us.
Now, I'm glad to report to you that we are suspending the boycott of Home Depot. Aftermonitoring the company for several months, AFA is satisfied the company has withdrawn its major financial contributions to gay activist groups and events.
I truly believe this is a direct result of your willingness to become involved. In fact, more than 750,000 people signed the Boycott Home Depot Pledge.
Although Home Depot has made changes, we will continue to monitor their behavior. We suspect Home Depot will publicly deny having made changes, but their actions speak louder than words.
Your AFA will continue to challenge major U.S. companies to remain neutral in the culture wars rather than to use their resources to promote anti-family issues.
Thank you for standing with us. Our efforts are making a difference!


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

Below was the email answer I received from Lowe's Home Improvement.
As a response, I spent about $300 there buying molding for Gabbi's new bedroom. The salespeople were more attentive and extremely helpful.
I noticed that Lowe's has a much larger, more upscale inventory of the items women like; draperies, lighting, carpets, appliances, flooring, decor items. The lamps in particular are stunning.
I am deciding between three lovely Tiffany style ceiling fixtures for my entry foyer/breakfast nook, all are under $100. Help me choose. Which one do you like?
I will be returning to Lowe's soon to finish my shoppping. I just want to bring Gabbi along to select her ceiling fan, and ask her opinion as the selection is amazing.
I owe Home Depot a favor; I have been a loyal customer since becoming a homeowner in 1995, but their support of the homosexual agenda has given me the impetus to find a better store.

Dear Leticia Velasquez,
Thank you for your interest in the community organizations that we support.
The primary philanthropic areas Lowe's supports are K-12 public school initiatives and not-for-profit, community-based organizations.
We believe that the communities we serve should be the primary beneficiaries of our charitable contributions and therefore work with the appropriate community organizations to make this happen.
Some of the organizations we work with are Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and Rebuilding Together. For a complete listing, please visit our community website at

If you have any additional questions about our charitable contributions, please contact us at for more details.
Thank you,
Lowe's Customer Care
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Monica Rafie said...

I think the 1st or 3rd would be right for a girl's room and I think you are great!

Anonymous said...

Here's an article that may interest you:

As for the ceiling fixture, I have the one on the right hanging in my living room, and others from the same style collection in my dining room and foyer.

And, btw, I'm gay.

The actual fact is that gay people spend A LOT of money at Home Depot, and by contributing to Pride events, Home Depot builds a loyal LGBT customer base. They're not corrupting children, they're doing smart marketing.

Lowes isn't adverse to doing the same thing if it benefits their bottom line.

Know why? Gay money spends the same.

Anonymous said...

Before you get too comfortable in your decision to shop at Lowes, you might want to know this:

"Nationally, at least 145 local and county governments and 13 state governments offer domestic partner benefits of some kind, the HRC says. In the private sector, HRC counts 9,375 private employers that do, including a majority of the biggest ones—269 of the Fortune 500. Major North Carolina employers with domestic partner benefits include Wachovia, BB&T, SAS, Lowe's, and such political notables as the law firm of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice—where former Gov. Jim Hunt is a partner—and a 2007 addition, Progress Energy."

Leticia said...

I am thinking of disallowing anonymous comments on this blog, people behave far better when you can look them up.
To anonymous:
I know it's probably impossible to find a company which doesn't foster sin on some level, however, I object to the open displays of perverted sexuality which are part of gay pride parades. I am not interested in private affairs of anyone, and I pray for the converstion of all those living in sinful lifestyles, gay or straight, yet I will keep my children from being corrupted by them. I will also keep my money from supporting sodomy in the streets.

Leticia said...

Thanks Monica, I value your taste.

Leticia said...

By the way anonymous, a loyal customer base comprised of only 2-3% of the population would need to outspend the straight community several times over, like about 500% to even come close.
You can't buy your way or legislate your way into respectability. God has ordined that marriage is for one man one woman, and no one can change that.
Get yourselves right with Our Lord. He is waiting for your repentance with his Sacred Heart pierced for all our sins.

Leticia said...

By the way, anonymous on my blog, I didn't delete the post the way you told your friends I would. You live in the St Louis area and you go by Haakon on the stltoday forum.
Here is your post about me.
I wish you the peace of Christ, but if you want to bully people, be brave enough to use your name. No more anonymous comments for you!

Marisela Gutierrez said...

This morning, I was going shopping to Home Depot when I was told that Home Depot is openly supporting the sad and sinful gay lifestyle!

I stumbled upon this blog as I googled Home Depot supporting gays!

Your blog helped me to make a decision NOT to shop at Home Depot. I would rather spend more money at Lowe's than support a company who has booths for children at Gay Pride events!

For "whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6

Excellent blog, btw!

Marisela Gutierrez said...

Check this out:

Go to

Write a message to them to reverse their support of GLBT. (Remember how this worked with McDonald's and Ford)

Anonymous said...

Home Depots responce to complaint. I wonder if they would support a Hetro Sexual Pride Parade....

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care.

We appreciate your feedback. We sponsor numerous community events to
reach our wide-reaching, diverse customer base.

At the discretion of our field teams, Kids Workshops are a standard part
of any community event we sponsor; intended for those already attending
the event.

We understand your concerns and will certainly take your feedback into
consideration for future events.

Thank you again for contacting us.


Customer Care Research Team


Anonymous said...

I keep asking all my gay friends about their gay agenda and they keep denying it exists. I know all the gays won't rest until we all live in an islamo-fascist communo-nazi state. Those crazy fascist gays and their agendas.
Gay agenda? seriously? Wow. Grow up would you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Lowe's completely dodged the question.

Anonymous said...

As a response to Home depot's setting a children's booth at a gay pride parade. If this is all about money they made a very bad corporate decision.

As of today 8/16/10

Lowes net earnings rose 9.6% per wall street Journal.
Home depot only 1%

Keep it up Home depot if its not an agenda then they should backtrack but they won't.
If lowes is smart they will never make the mistake to support something most american don't

David DiYanni said...

Thanks for your blog. I totally agree with the decision to stop shopping at Home Depot. I have been a loyal customer for over ten years, spending thousands of dollars there each year. I have contacted them and received the same answer. I have checked out Lowes and the organizations they support. I am going to start shopping there.

Sara Joseph said...

I need to gently remind you that if you do not agree with the gay lifestyle, it is best that you start:

1. Making your own clothes and by that I mean, grow the cotton, pick the cotton, spin the cotton, and sew your own garment.

2. Make your own food. You cannot eat processed or canned food ever again. Grow the seed, harvest the plant and turn it into bread or salsa or whatever you need.

3. Build your own house. Cut the tree, plane the wood, make your own nails and hammer, and build your home by hand.

My point? Somewhere along the line, a homosexual has made or created or *gasp* even touched something you are wearing, eating or living in.

I bet at least one similar style chandelier is now residing in a gay persons home.

If you want a lifestyle truly devoid of the homosexuals, may I suggest you move to the middle of nowhere, have no contact with the outside world and live on your skills and abilities alone.

Anonymous said...

LOWE's now has 100% of my support and money. It’s not the idea of gay or straight, but that of showing perverted scenes or nudity out in public with children around. If it were to be a man showing his privates to children he's considered a sex-offender, but what about events like the pride that was supported by HOME DEPOT. It’s showing a wrong message to our children not equality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good info you give out Leticia. I will be shopping at Lowe's or McLendon's from now on. I had caught wind that Home Depot was doing this, but I finally looked it up for myself.

And to all those who have homosexual tendancy's and are acting on them, I would have to say
that Leticia is showing more concern and love for you than the people who are telling you it's ok to live that kind of lifestyle. I know that it appears that she's attacking homosexuals and that lifestyle, but she's not. There are many bad consequences that come from living that lifestyle and those who are speaking out against it are trying to save them from those cosequence's, most importantly the loss of your soul.

Anonymous said...

Leticia, thank you for posting. I found your blog researching the Home Depot LGBT support rumor/email I received recently. I just wanted to compliment you on your gracious tone towards those of differing opinions. It seems most of America is being asked to be tolerant of the views of a few. So 1000 people no longer say "Merry Christmas" because 1 person might take offense at that. I went to our neighbors Islamic wedding reception. When they prayed, I respectfully bowed my head and quietly in my heart directed my prayer to my God following the man's prayer for a blessed future for the newly weds. That's tolerance. We all had a wonderful time celebrating what we had in common (the happy couple) rather than tearing apart our differences. My comments are more about overall attitudes towards differences/tolerance/acceptance. Let's hope those who disagree with you will be as gracious and tolerate with you as you are with them. Let's hope they take the "high road" as you have done. p.s. that said, my personal opinion is people living a lifestyle outside the norm should not expect everyone to embrace their decision. Thank you, Lynette

Joan said...

I am happy to read your comments and checked it out for myself it is true and I have a choice whether to shop there or not and my choice is Lowes. I am in the construction industry and spend 100,000 or more from year to year at home depot and would be happy to change to Lowes. I believe in Gods values and the bible and it cleary states that marriage is designed for a man and woman, if not why did God create Eve, how many man can have natural conception of a child together, it just doesnt work and it is time for people in this country to take a stand against all this sin. shop anywhere but home depot but make sure you check the company out first. life is not all about money it is all about God, families and values.

Anonymous said...

If your beliefs or religion do not support same sex love and relationships -- then do not have one.

By your actions - working to prevent civil equality for citizens in the secular area you are spreading hatred.

Same as the Klan.

Anonymous said...

That's like saying that efforts to marginalize and discredit the "gangsta"/hiphop lifestyle is spreading hatred. If the "gangstas" and gay men could just behave in a civilized manner as opposed to flambuoyant, in-your-face and risky behavior, I wouldn't vote against their interests.

Leticia said...

Catholic teaching is to love the sinner, hate the sin,style has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. We all need to work together to protect what little values are left these days. The boycott by AFA against Home Depot has started to hurt them quite a bit. Over half a million consumers who no longer shop there.

Michelle Gardner said...

You are amazing, blog creator! May God continue to grant you -- no, increase! -- your courage and may hundreds of thousands read and understand what you write about this situation, and support life. You won me over when you dared to use the word sodomy. I didn't realize how that drives homosexuals in to such a titter. Let us just continue to repeat calmly to all who hear: "Gay" is homosexuality = sodomy = unnatural & sinful. Michelle Gardner

Anonymous said...

if you must know the men I have been with 75% turn out to be married and some 50% with kids. if you think that just because someone gets married they will stop being gay, sadly mistaken.
I myself will never marry for appearances I don't want to live a lie and hurt an innocent person.

Teresa said...

Thank you for this - we have an old house and spend a ton of money at Home Depot. Now will switch to Lowe's. Also not going to Target anymore - their loss, as I have a kid in diapers.

So, "anonymous" of May06 at 7:53 pm, who's apparently "been" with enough people to speak of them in percentages, doesn't want to "hurt an innocent person". What do you think adultery, especially adultery with someone who has kids, does?

here's the biology of the matter: gays actually can't have "sex", which is short for "sexual intercourse". There's no intercourse in sodomy or mutual masturbation. Homosexual sexual contact, no matter how "loving" anyone claims it to be, can never physically be equivalent to heterosexual sexual intercourse. It's a misnomer. The only reason they want to call their relationships "marriage" is to legitimize it for themselves by forcing others to recognize it as equivalent to real, natural, procreative sex. One person I know told me that "it still works, it gets you "off"." I replied "okay, and you can pick your nose and eat your boogers if you're hungry. You can abuse your body in a variety of ways, but there's only one type of sex that works with the design of the human body."

I think this debate has grown so much because long ago the secular world divorced sex from baby-making (as well as most Christian churches, back when Margaret Sanger, eugenicist and founder of what is now Planned Parenthood, gained the ear of the Episcopalian hierarchy and the rest of the Protestants followed their lead). So people no longer understand that sex is for making babies (uhh, reproductive organs and are for reproducing? Hmmm....revelatory!). So of course they don't get why homosexual marriage is nonsensical.

Overall though, I don't care, until it starts affecting MY civil liberties, such as my ability to teach my kids the Catholic sexual ethic without being charged with "hate-speech", or for my pastor to do so at Mass, or for my church not to have to rent our hall to gay wedding parties or face lawsuits for hate.

It's interesting that if you don't agree with homosexual sexual contact, you're automatically labelled a hater. How juvenile. How very telling of the level of maturity we're dealing with here.

Anonymous said...

You aren't Christian at all. When did Jesus talk about hating gay people? You're just another bigot who's on the wrong side of history. When you "meet your maker" I'm sure he/she/it will judge you based on what lighting fixture you chose and overlook the hatred oozing out of you and the pain and injustice you're causing.

You are sick and perverted trying to hurt a company for doing the right thing. Too bad people like you can't be bullied like that woman on the YouTube video.

Not only do you deserve it, you would understand what it's like to be a minority and have hateful hags like you working full-time to spread misery and injustice.

I'm glad your site is being linked to all over. It's time for fanatics like you, living in your narrow-minded little bubbles to see that there are Americans who aren't just like you and your fellow nasties.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to shop at home depot. I would like to see this company go out of business and be replaced by someone who can stay neutral.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Leticia for standing up for your beliefs. There are not many like you. Please keep up the good work. I aspire to help spread the word as you have. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't their new name be HOMO DEPOT? lol

Anonymous said...

Just for the Record I work for Lowe's and yes I am gay. I have a partner now for several years. I am sorry that some people have difficulty accepting my lifestyle. Since I am partnered with him I am happy and in no way out looking for another to be with. Some of us Gays fall in love and am happy with One person. Just like the rest of society. I am so tired of the straight folks thinking that all gay people are out to corrupt the straight guys in the world. and I definitely am not interested in any children. I have two wonderful Nephews and they are like my own children. I would never want to hurt them in any way. You see if you look at the statistics you will find that child molesters are the ones that are married, straight folks that use their marriage as a cloak the truth from the world. To me they are rapists and deserve to be incarcerated without parole. or worse. As for the Gay pride parades they are just exhibitions to bring out awareness to the community and to provide lots of shock value to get your attention. It usually works.. but then there are some Tv commercials just as racy today that was not tolerated in the past. Case in point, Any Victoria Secret commercial will show a woman in bra and panties when in time past I remember models had to wear a sweater and the bra displayed over that. Never skin showing.. but today its skin everywhere.. same thing with the Tampax and Condom commercials. ok for woman.. not for man.. its a double standard. Meanwhile if you live in say France and go to the beach will see boobs everywhere. and on some there are nude dudes as far as the eye can see. Its as the bible says.. you strain at a nat and swallow a camel.. As far as my career goes. The management staff at my store know I am gay. I make no fuss about it. Im just a plain ole Joe trying to make a living and am Honest with My creator God. and Yes, I do believe he made me this way. Some are called for different reasons. so Please do not judge me for being myself. I do not want to live in a closet somewhere as some that have been married before and later figure out they were gay all along and that is why their marriage fell apart. From them not being honest with them selves nor family. I hope you will realize that not all gays are the same just because we call ourselves gay. Lets learn to live together and allow both to co exist. Sincerely with much love.

Michelle T said...

Thank you for your blog: here is a list of places that support the gay movement of marriage:

Abercrombie & Fitch
Absolut Vodka
General Mills
J.C. Penney
Kenneth Cole
Kimpton Hotels
Tiffany & Co.
T.J. Maxx
Adobe Systems,

Allstate Insurance,,

American Apparel,

American Airlines,

Apple, Applebee’s,

Ben & Jerry’s,

Best Buy (Geek Squad),


Clorox(Clorox, Brita Filters, Glad Storage Bags, Hidden Valley Ranch, Pine-Sol),

The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid, Powerade, Dasani),

Concur Technologies,


Delta Airlines,


Electronic Arts,

Ford, Lincoln,


Banana Republic,

Old Navy,


General Mills(Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Wheaties, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Hamburger Helper),

General Motors,

Buick, Cadillac,



Goldman Sachs,




Hilton Worldwide (Hilton Hotels, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, Waldorf-Astoria),

The Home Depot,



J.C. Penney,

Kraft Foods (Cadbury, Kraft, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Planters),


Marriott Hotels (Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard Inn, Fairfield Inn),





Xbox 360,

Nationwide Insurance,



Olive Garden,

PepsiCo(Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Tropicana, Aquafina, Frito-Lay, Quaker Oats),


Proctor and Gamble(Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Duracell, Gillette, Old Spice, Pampers, Tide, Vicks),


RealNetworks, Inc.,

Red Lobster,

Rite Aid,


Southwest Airlines,


State Farm Insurance,

Target, United Airlines,


Vulcan Inc.,


The Walt Disney Company(ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, The Muppets),

Wells Fargo.

I am pretty upset over some of them. Especially: Disney, GM, and Target.

Here is a list of businesses that do not support the gay movement:

A-1 Self Storage
Auto Zone
Babies R Us
Boy Scouts
Celestial Seasonings
Cracker Barrel
Domino's Pizza
Exxon Mobil
Gold's Gym
John Deere
Radio Shack
Salvation Army
Sam's Club
Toys R Us
Urban Outfitters

JD Lenhert said...

JD Lenhert I have read many of the comments and will now add mine, according to God's Word.
Genesis chapter 19 clearly tells us that God did not tolerate homosexuality. He completely destoryed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexuality.
So, if you want to live that lifstyle, then go ahead, but be prepared to pay the awful consequence of total seperation from God for all eternity.

Anonymous said...


Tks very much for post:

I like it and hope that you continue posting.

Let me show other source that may be good for community.

Source: Home Depot interview questions

Best rgs

Anonymous said...

Lowes didn't "dodge" the question. They answered in a way that ALL business shud answer. Neutral. They may disagree with gay marriage, but choose not to say so. To be RESPECTFUL to people of all beliefs. Which is more than you can say for 90% of gays and gay supporters who try to FORCE homosexuality upon everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi There seems to be some confusion here about what a gay agenda is. So from one straight man here is mine.

Homosexuality is a perversion, akin to bestiality and incest from my vantage point. Now homosexuals want equal rights such as the right to adopt and parent. Something physically impossible and from my perspective very wrong.

I would bet that most homosexuals are also Darwinist. It is hard for a homosexual to Claim Christianity though some try. The Bible puts homosexuality in the same class as adulterers and people who lay with animals. Assuming my assumption is correct and you are a Darwinist, then you should be killed or would naturally be eliminated from the species being abnormal and unable to reproduce. This is of course if you were born that way.

However if you were not born homosexual and simply choose to be, then no more rights should come to that than if I announced that I was a part of a small community of people that believed we should be able to marry our pets.

Men and woman were designed to be couples, that is obvious. Simply because our liberal society is supporting it makes it now more right that when our liberal society starts to support bestiality and incest. All it takes is well placed liberals and socialists in our schools and media.


Anonymous said...

I work at lowes and their domestic partner benefits don't matter if you're gay or not. You just have to be living with that person for more than 12 months. Lowes supports the community and Veterans more than anything.

Anonymous said...

I think it is sad that people like you would be so closed-minded, as to take away business from a company simply because they do not discriminate against LGBT Americans. Would you have all gay people locked up in prison? Forced to register as sex offenders do? Where will it stop?