Friday, July 31, 2009

Pro-lifers becoming Obama's worst nightmare

from David Bereit at 40 Days for Life

Last week, you and more than 36,000 other people
participated in what the Washington Post described as
a "massive webcast" -- the historic Stop the Abortion
Mandate web event.

The replay of that inspiring webcast is online at:

More than 100,000 letters and e-mails have already
been sent to Congress
because of your actions in
response to the webcast and the actions of others
associated with organizations making up the Stop the
Abortion Mandate coalition.

Reporting on the webcast, U.S. News & World Report
documented: "In the last few days, Christian
conservatives have quickly organized themselves into a
coalition opposing the inclusion of abortion coverage
in President Obama's proposed public healthcare plan

The Washington Post reported: "If the organization and
strident words during the webcast are any indication,
the anti-abortion tide that is rising against
President Obama's health care plan may shape up to be
a sizable force in coming weeks."

Bottom-line: YOU ARE MAKING AN IMPACT, and we have a
real shot at stopping this abortion mandate!

But the battle is far from over.


Last night, the House Energy and Commerce Committee
passed a pro-abortion amendment which would force
abortion into the public plan and force YOU to fund
abortion through your tax dollars.

After passage of the pro-abortion amendment, the
Committee then went on to defeat a bi-partisan
pro-life amendment.

Today, there will be another vote when an amendment
will be offered in committee to prevent taxpayer
funding of abortion.

This amendment could be the last chance to prevent the
abortion mandate before the vote goes to floor of the
House of Representatives.

And, if you've been following the news, you know that
things are changing almost hourly here in Washington.

Health care "compromises" are being proposed that
would do nothing to stop the abortion mandate and
there is a slim possibility that a full vote in the
Senate could happen prior to their recess next week.

With all the confusion and rapid changes, one thing is
clear -- this abortion mandate must be stopped. Your
action is needed TODAY to stop the largest abortion
expansion since Roe v. Wade!


Even if you have already sent letters and e-mails and
made calls, it is URGENT that you call the Washington
office and district office of your Representative and
two Senators TODAY with one clear message:

proposal or bill MUST explicitly and permanently
prohibit any use of taxpayer funds for abortion or
health plans that pay for abortion, and MUST
explicitly and permanently prohibit abortion from
being a mandated service."

Look up the phone numbers for your Senators:

Look up the phone numbers for your Representative:

The phone number for the switchboard of Congress is:

Please make these calls today if at all possible --
countless lives are at stake!

Stop The Abortion Mandate coalition

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