Thursday, July 30, 2009

Divorce is lethal to more than children's hearts

We know that God hates divorce. It says so in Scripture. We know also that the Catholic Church for that reason has forbidden divorce. Isn't that enough for us?
When Judith Wasserstein wrote "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce" she was surprised to find in her longitudinal study that the long term affect of divorce was grown children who had never recovered.
Still the divorce rates of Catholics failed to differ significantly from the rest of the population. Now a study of 8,000 subjects from the Journal of Health and Behavior says that divorce kills us sooner.
"Losing a marriage or becoming widowed or divorced is extremely stressful," Waite said. "It's financially, sometimes, ruinous. It's socially extremely difficult. What's interesting is if people have done this and remarried, we still see, in their health, the scars or marks -- the damage that was done by this event."

I wonder if anyone is listening out there.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I can see this in the lives of people I know who have been divorced. It affects everyone else around them as well, not only family and friends but everyone who is touched by the confusion of exes not allowed custody, schedules of child-sharing, etc.