Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Senate health care commitee defeating all prolife provisions

Day by day, in this declining economy, we are coming closer to having our limited funds pay for abortions.
In the same week when Obama insisted to the Holy Father that they were of one mind when it came to lowering abortion rates, Democrats do his bidding in the HELP committee to make abortions part of government health care, overriding the Hyde Amendment.
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor said that a poor woman who had no access to funded abortions was no better than Dred Scott, the man who the Supreme Court declared to be property in 1858 sparking the Civil War. Yet she once again fails to see that the unborn are the Dred Scotts of today, declared by the Supreme Court as subhuman without the most basic of rights; the right to life.
Obama may try to appear prolife, but he has his henchman working full tilt to make abortions a basic health care item under Obamacare.

"A Senate committee on Monday defeated four new amendments by pro-life advocates determined to stop a health care restructuring bill from paying for and promoting abortions. However, the decrement in the makeup of the Senate has made it so pro-life advocates are losing most committee and floor votes.
The Senate HELP Committee ultimately voted down four pro-life amendments, all on 12-11 party-line votes with Sen. Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, joining Republicans to support the abortion limits."

Contact the HELP committee by emailing them at Help_comments@help.senate.gov <Help_comments@help.senate.gov>.

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