Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to save babies with Down syndrome

There is an article about Nathan's Bill at the "National Catholic Register". I have written about it here. It ensures that women with an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis receive up-to- date information on the conditions with which their child is diagnosed, and referral to other parents who can help.
Most women I have spoken with say that, when they received the devastating news that their unborn baby had a disability, the information put into their hands was "how to abort". No other possibility was offered to them. That's how we have a 90% abortion rate for babies diagnosed with Down syndrome.
What a tragedy, to miss having more beautiful faces like Christina's in this world.
But there's a lot we can do to support this bill. Senator Brownback " gives the bill a “50-50” chance of passing, “particularly if we can get more families with disabilities, and particularly Down syndrome families, to stand up to the media and say, ‘We just want to live. That’s all we’re asking for.’”
HT National Catholic Register

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