Thursday, November 15, 2007

USCCB: Forming Consciences for Faithful Citzenship

If you go WAY down to item 37 and 38, you will see a discussion about voting for a candidate who supports "instrinsic moral evil". This is code for abortion and euthanasia, the only two issues which have absolutely NO possible licit purpose. War, the death penalty, liberals' favorite no-nos, DO have legitimate uses, ie self-defense, and the protection of society.
I have one question for our shepherds: why not just come out and say "a candidate who supports abortion is never acceptable"? If you don't you are leaving liberals a loophole, so large, that someone like Guiliani gets called a "dedicated Catholic" by Pat Robertson. I saw him and Sean Hannity discussing Guiliani the other night, and had to turn off the TV. That's like saying Osama Bin Laden is good to the poor; as Fr. Pavone says, a candidate that supports murder of innocents of any kind, abortion, terrorism, embryonic research, or euthanasia has no character, and on this basis alone, has eliminated himself from consideration by serious Catholics.
Would you support Adolf Hitler for his health care plan?

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