Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mr Blue Sky at number 4 in the country!

Do you realize what this means?
I have been promoting two independant, family-friendly films, "Bella" and "Mr. Blue Sky", for the past year. In the first two weekends in theatres, "Bella" was number 3 at box office receipts per theatre, and "Mr. Blue Sky" was number 4.
In the nation!
Do I know how to promote a movie or what?!

Here's a word from Tom Lee, the Producer and screenwriter of "Mr Blue Sky".
Due to popular success Mr. Blue Sky is extended at Babylon Clearview Cinemas through Thanksgiving at least. Randy Slaughter at Rocky Mountain Pictures is working on getting the film expanded distribution, so hopefully it will reach out to further theatres in NY and L.A. and other cities very shortly.
Also by way of the Wallstreet Journal,Mr. Blue Sky was the 4th best grossing film per theatre for the past weekend behind
1)Bee Movie
2)American Gangster
3)Fred Clause
...Ahead of such films as "Lions for Lambs" and "Dan In Real Life" and we crushed the competition at Babylon Clearview.
Thanks again,
Tom Lee

Here's a review from Newsday.

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