Friday, November 16, 2007

Youth can get free tickets to see "Bella"

A generous donor has given Bella's producers a large sum to make it possible for 10,000 Catholic youth to see this movie at no cost nationwide.

The tickets are free, but must be reserved through Bella in blocks of 100 or more. To do so:
* Check to see if and when Bella is coming to your town:
* Click on your city in the left column for a listing of local theaters showing Bella.
* To identify the best local show time for your group, click on:
* Tip: get tickets for a Sunday p.m. show to give out at masses over the weekend.
* To reserve your free block of tickets
o call Joanna Styczenski at (228) 596-7912
o or e-mail Liz Saroki at
* Bella staff will then provide a "toolkit" to assist you in this short-term promotion.

The free tickets can then be distributed however is easiest:
* in advance or on a first-come-first-served basis at the theater
* give them out at youth group meetings today & Saturday
* request permission to make announcements from the pulpit (Bella can provide a sample announcement)
* pass them out after weekend masses

You could even make it a fundraiser with no overhead!
* Reserve 200+ tickets to secure the theater for a private showing.
* Distribute tickets as above.
* Welcome moviegoers before the film.
* Take 5 minutes at the end to connect the message of the film with the needs of real women in your community.
* Conclude with an "ask" for donations to your local pregnancy help center, non-profit adoption service, maternity home, or outreach to at-risk youth.
* Place 2-3 volunteers at the exits to collect donations.


Jean Heimann said...

Thanks for the information, Leticia. I am linking to this.

God bless!

EC Gefroh said...

Me too. I posted in my Google Reader shared items. Mahalo Leticia.