Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mary Ann Glendon US Ambassador appointee is a Real Woman

Washington, DC ( -- President Bush has nominated a prominent pro-life law professor as the new ambassador from the United States to the Vatican. The president's nomination of Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon follows the trend of keeping pro-life advocates in the key diplomatic position.
Glendon has a long-standing pro-life position and her 1987 book, "Abortion and Divorce in Western Law" criticized the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed unlimited abortions.
"What is clearly 'old-fashioned' today is the old feminism of the 1970s — with its negative attitudes toward men, marriage and motherhood, and its rigid party line on abortion," she has said.
She has urged society to build “a culture that is respectful of women, supportive of child-raising families and protective of the weak and vulnerable.”

A Harvard professor who so beautifully represents women and the family, often in an environment which is openly hostile to traditional morality, now that is my ideal woman.

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