Monday, November 26, 2007

The Birth of Christ: Catholic Christmas Cantata

Another artistic venture by a Catholic is coming on the scenes. This time, it's a beautiful cantata written to honor the Christmas story based on the Gospel of St. Luke. Liam Neeson narrates scriptural passages. This is really a classy production and will be aired locally. Here are the New York City airtimes:
Sat 12/1/2007
7:30 AM

Sat 12/22/2007
12:00 AM

Here's a video clip.

Please promote this by tell friends and family. You can find when and where in the U.S. other PBS stations will be airing the concert at this link:

Productions like this (and Bella and The Passion of the Christ) are genuine improvements in the entertainment industry. The people involved are taking risks and they need to hear that this type of entertainment is wanted. So don't forget to call your local station to thank them for showing something of such great quality. Be sure to let them know you appreciate them showing something that pays wonderful tribute to the birth of Our Lord.

You can also listen to Raymond Arroyo interviewing the composer, Andrew T. Miller, (originally aired 11/23/07) by checking the archives of The World Over at


Lisa, ofs said...

Aww, darn! I clicked on the link to view the video clip, and I'm getting the message, "We're sorry, this video is no longer available". :-(

Anonymous said...

Lovely post..

Anonymous said...

I had been following the story of Gloria before she passed away, so it was totally unexpected and touching to read that Glorified by Gloria section.