Monday, June 04, 2007

What type of Catholic are you?

Results of Beliefnet's Catholic identity quiz
You Are a Daily Rosary (Very Traditional) Catholic You'd like the church to revive the time-honored devotions, liturgical practices, and strong institutional discipline that prevailed before the Second Vatican Council—and you're hoping that Pope Benedict XVI will lead the church in exactly that direction. Your favorite hymn is probably a traditional Latin composition such as the "Panis Angelicus," and your favorite pope is probably a pioneer of the Church's great liturgical tradition such as Gregory the Great. You loved "The Passion of the Christ."Read stories of interest to you: (they're right on all counts!)
How to Find a Spiritual DirectorBy Fr. John McCloskey
Faith-Based Accents for the HomeBy Jim Moore
The Gregorian Chant ComebackBy Arlene Oost-Zimmer and Jeffrey Tucker
Why This Catholic Won't Sing...Heretical HymnsBy George Weigel
We'll Take the "Quiet Mass"By Jeffrey Tuckeral Catholic.
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