Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't miss this article on the movie "Bella"

In this article in the intellectual conservative, Some pro-lifers are upset with Bella because they don't see a clear enough anti-abortion message, for their taste. I say that is exactly what's right with Bella. It struck a chord with the Toronto Film Festival Audience, winning the coveted People's Choice Award, and it will change hearts because it reflects the world in which a woman in a crisis pregnancy lives; fast-moving, heartless, anonymous, where her unborn baby would merely slow her down, and prove an obstacle to her finding happiness. What these women need is a character like Eduardo Verastegui's Jose, a real man, compassionate and self-sacrificing, willing to listen, not preach, and embrace the woman's pain.
Research has shown that the prolife movement is most effective when the woman in a crisis pregnancy sees us as her friend, reaching out to help her resolve her crisis, rather than finger waggers, telling her what a sinner she is. This is exactly the approach taken by Bella, and why it won Focus on the Family's Family Film of the Year award.

We can win hearts with this film. Some of the most popular films out now, include pro-life themes, including "Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days", the Cannes Film Festival winner, proving that abortion is on moviegoer's minds, and this is the perfect time to get the pro-life message heard, by means of an engaging story. Let's show our support by hosting screenings in our hometowns.


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Bella sounds good!