Friday, June 29, 2007

Teachers Protest National Educational Association's pro-death stance

Now that I have decided to come out as a pro-life teacher in what seems to be a predominantly pro-abortion profession, I am more than a little enthusiastic to have company. Pro-lifers are protesting the NEA's pro-abortion stance. They say most unions act in ways that help their membership, but the NEA is for aborting future students, which will ultimately mean fewer jobs for teachers. Already we have lost 1/3 of our students to abortion in the last 30 years.
For the three years I taught in secondary schools, I resented the part of my paycheck that paid union dues, which I knew supported the pro-abortion National Education Association. I avoided teacher's room banter that turned political. I kept pro-life speech limited to my Spanish speaking students, who, as recent immigrants hadn't realized they were in a fantastically rich country couldn't welcome one third of it's citizens into life.
Here is an example of where my high school students were coming from: I was teaching bilingual US history. We were studying how a bill becomes law. The class was Congress, and as, the President, I could veto any bill they passed.
Now, what kind of law would you expect teenagers to pass? Lower the drinking age, perhaps?
The first law was open immigration. OK, that I expected. The second law was to outlaw abortion, giving a life sentence to the mother, and the death penalty to the abortionist. This passed 29 to 1, with the only 'nea' coming from Maria, who was the only student from Europe, not Latin America. "Maria, you are intelligent, why can't you see that abortion is murder?" her classmate argued. I told the students not to listen to their other teachers, they already knew MUCH more than they.
My heart sank, the following week, when one of my students was counseled by the new Social Worker to abort her child. It set her on a self-destructive course which left her pregnant less than a year later, and living with the baby's father, an alcoholic gang member. Planned Parenthood was actively recruiting a bright young woman to serve as a 'peer counselor' (aka: contraception and abortion saleswoman)by offering her an expensive luncheon at the Marriott. I was asked to translate for their in-school condom demonstration, and flew into a panic, as I was pregnant, and needed the health benefits. I prayed for a way out, and the PP representative forgot his appointment. Deo gratias.
This is the daily struggle of a pro-life teacher in today's public secondary schools. Pray for us. Vote for change. Save your children from this moral wasteland.

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