Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Supreme Court Vacancy Possible in the Near Future

I remember reading that Ann Coulter or Monica Crowley or Laura Ingraham (one of those bright blonde conservative bombshells that I'm so glad we have on OUR side!) once made the point to the Republican leadership that, as far as conservatives are concerned, the President could:
destroy the economy,
send us to war,
give amnesty to illegal immigrants,
NOT find Osama Bin Laden, and
raise taxes, IF and only IF, he
Conservatives understand that as the Court goes, so does the nation, and nothing matters to most conservatives as much as the moral decline of this country. The Supreme Court has the power to negate years of hard work of both the Congress and the President with one decision, as in Carhart v Nebraska invalidated the first Partial Birth Abortion BAN, or all the 50 state legislature's abortion bans in Roe v Wade.
So NOTHING matters compared to the Supreme Court, and it was President Bush's appointment of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito that made our recent victory over the henious practice of Partial Birth Abortion possible. This covers a multitude of sins, in our book. If Bush want s to get his base back he had BETTER appoint a solid conservative to replace liberal troglodytes Ginsburg or Stevens. Rush Limbaugh once said, "if you want to live forever, just get yourself an appontment to the Supreme Court!"
Here's the latest buzz over possible nominees.


Michelle McIntyre said...

The Republican Party leadership places too much emphasis on the Supreme Court. They do not have as much power as we attribute to them. The key to ending abortion is through the Congress. We are supposed to have a balance of power with the three branches. The courts are only to interpret and apply the law. We need a law that extends the Fourteenth Amendment protections of life, liberty and property to the unborn and the infirmed. Attributing this power passes the buck to the S.C. to take the heat off of the bad performances of the Republican party. Our platform, which is voted on by the grassroots of the party spells out the plan to end abortion.

Anita Moore said...

It's too bad we have to care about who's on the Court. Part of the point of a democratic republic is that we aren't supposed to have to be at the mercy of personalities.

One solution might be to circumscribe the federal courts' jurisdiction.

Leticia said...

I am just following the suggestion of Fr. Frank Pavone, who believes that lawsuits, which eventually get to the Supreme Court will be the most effective means of ending abortion. Like the action which has been taken against Tiller in Kansas for hiding the names of underage girl's molesters and doing illegal late term abortions.

Congress has produced precious little, and it always seems to be overturned. Of course, I'd like to see a Constitutional Amendment, but how likely is it? I think the best we can hope for is a proper intepretation of our Constitution, and get rid of the bogus "right to privacy" which was invented by the Supreme Court in the first place.