Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catholic Family Vignettes gives us another reason to homeschool

Manchester New Hampshire students went on a field trip; to Planned Parenthood. So, what's the problem? "Schools Superintendent Michael Ludwell said he would need to see a formal, written request from New Hampshire Right to Life before deciding whether a representative would meet with the students.
Ludwell said he hoped to finish an internal investigation by the end of the week and meet with the YMCA president to draw up new program guidelines, but overall he defended the STAY program.
"We have had a very long and, prior to this incident, a very positive relationship," he said. I bet you do. You provide fresh teens to the contraception business, they get pregnant when they fail, and, thanks to their wonderful public school education, they know where to go to get abortions when their adult boyfriends want to get off the hook in perfect secrecy.
Your tax dollars at work, folks. Thank God for homeschooling!
HT Catholic Family Vignettes

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Absolutely incredible.