Sunday, June 17, 2007

Collection of Beautiful Corpus Christi Processions

Here is my collection of beautiful Corpus Christi processions. (The photo is of hte Corpus Christi Procession of the Holy Father in Rome. )
Something about them, always creates a lump in my throat. I enjoy watching the public profession of faith in the Body and Blood of Christ. Remember the events of the Eucharistic Procession last fall in Charlotte? A black man in a wheelchair pleaded for help to be lowered to his knees because, as he proudly and loudly proclaimed, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming!"
I personally thanked Bishop Jurgis for that telling him, after this year's Easter Vigil Mass in Charlotte's St. Patrick's Cathedral, that because of events like that, my friends are all relocating to his diocese. We expressed true humility at the breath of his influence, but invited me to his next conference this October.
CIN blog
Torun Daily Photo
Kansas City Catholic
Deo Juvante

Catholic Mom of 10
Solomon, I Have Surpassed Thee
Cause of Our Joy

The last link is to a simple procession at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island near my home. While it lacks the beauty of the others, God provided us with a lovely natural setting nonetheless. Last year, during our Eucharistic Congress, there were Corpus Christi Processions everywhere in the diocese, ordered by the bishop, this year, that I'm blogging they are fewer. Send me your link, if you have posted one.
Come Motu Proprio. ..

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