Friday, June 29, 2007

Cardinal Sean's endorsement of "Bella"

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, is writing about the recent bishop's conference in Santa Fe:
On another evening, all the bishops were invited to a screening of the movie “Bella” and to listen to a talk by the film’s director,
Alejandro Monteverde.He made the movie out of his desire to be at the service of
the Church and to teach a pro-life message using modern means. He told us of
people who, after seeing this film, decided not to have abortions and he said
that one family even named their baby “Bella.” He said that this was, in fact ,
the whole purpose of this film: to try to teach the Gospel of Life using a
story, a very simple story of a woman who finds herself in a difficult
pregnancy. She has lost her job and this Hispanic family befriends her… but I
won’t tell you how it ends! I recommend the film to all of you because I think
that the message is so beautiful. Please click here to watch trailers of the movie and spread the word to
your friends…

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