Friday, June 15, 2007

Motu Proprio getting ready for release

Rorarte Caeli has a credible report of the Motu Proprio's preparation for release before the Holy Father goes on summer vacation. Could it be?
Start chilling the champagne!


David L Alexander said...

Rorate Caeli publishes every "credible report" it can get its hands on -- for over a year now. At some point, the position of the source no longer matters, and we are left with believing it when we see it. That it will happen is not in dispute; rather, whether a new speculation means any more than the last one.

Leticia said...

OK, so I'm a perpetual optimist,
I am actually hoping the MP will be issued on my birthday, June 28th!

Anonymous said...

I think it will be July 14th according to it being an anniversary of Latin Mass history. You have me chuckling because my husband and I have been planning to open an old Opus I that we've been saving when the MP is announced! I'll toast to you too on that glorious occasion. Your blogs and your commitment is wonderful. I recognize you from the IHM conference!

in +JMJ+,