Monday, October 01, 2007

Planned Parenthood at Holy Cross College

WORCHESTER, Massachusetts, September 28, 2007 ( - Jesuit-run Holy Cross, the oldest Catholic college in New England, is hosting the 2007 Teen Pregnancy Institute with Planned Parenthood promoting teenage contraception.
The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy presents the conference every year, but by hosting the conference the Holy Cross Jesuits are sending the message that they have no qualms with its promotion of contraception and the presence of Planned Parenthood, which are intrinsically inimical to the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church.Read the entire story here.
HT Life Site
As scandalous as this is, sadly, it is NOT unique. A few years ago, this same travesty occurred on Long Island, at St. Joseph's College, my closest Catholic college, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The President, a sister, was unrepentant when confronted by the Long Island Coalition for Life.
Guess whose daughter won't be attending classes there in four years?

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Judy M. said...

Thank you for spreading this news. I have not heard about this and probably would not have had it not been for you.
As a graduate of Holy Cross and a pro-life physician, I am sick about this. I will contact the College and let them know that I will no longer support them financially and that they will NOT be educating my daughters.

Judy M.