Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hempstead Planned Parenthood is Affected by 40 Days for Life

Early Monday morning as the sun was rising, two pro-lifers were outside Planned Parenthood and one says, "Saturday was quieter than usual here, I saw a few couples going in, but not too many, and I didn't see the abortionists come in. Maybe there's a convention. "
Our victories are so scant around here that we can't even believe in one when we see it. The fact that few, if any, babies died last Saturday at a place where killing is a weekly routine, is WONDERFUL news - a BLESSING! !
Last night at the LI Coalition for Life meeting, a woman who has been in this battle for the preborn for 30+ years tells me that she decided Sunday to go over to the mill in Hempstead to pray for a little while. She arrived around 11:30AM to find about a half dozen women standing outside Planned Parenthood praying the rosary in Spanish.
It is TERRIFIC to have this presence and to have minorities working in their own communities. We are in such need of Spanish speaking and African American pro-lifers to stand vigil in Hempstead and participate in other prolife outreach.
It's heartening to know these committed people are keeping 40 Days for Life in their thoughts and actions. It is making a difference. And we can make even more of a difference if more people will scratch out even an hour this week to come to Planned Parenthood.
Many of your pro-life friends made a commitment for the first few weeks and kept the vigil alive. Now the babies need others to step up. Planned Parenthood is on notice that we know abortion is SO HORRIFIC that the least we can do for its victims is stand vigil for 40 days.
If you have not yet fit the vigil into your schedule, please find the time this week as the 40 Days for Life moves into it's final laps.
from Celeste Broyles, Long Island Coalition for Life

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