Monday, October 22, 2007

YOU be the critic! Write a review of Bella

IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base has a link to what they call 'external reviews'.
I have written a review for "Bella" here, and I will be writing one for Mercatornet.
Anyone who has seen the movie can offer a review for a site such as "Rotten Tomatoes" simply by registering, which takes a few clicks. Help this week's pre-release buzz by adding your comments, or write your own review right after you see "Bella" this weekend.
So far, both the critics and the general public overwhelmingly love "Bella". Only a couple of jaded cynics(Slant magazine) have rejected it. Be a positive voice for "Bella".
Remember what Dr. John Seel of Walden Media told me about "Amazing Grace" exit interviews, the expensive ads only pulled in 5% of their audience, and the blogs got them a whopping 55% of their audience! [Robert Koehler] [Variety Staff]
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