Monday, October 22, 2007

New York Students Exposed to Sexually Graphic Brochures

New York middle school and high school students were given sexually explicit pamphlets at a recent school “wellness fair” run by the county health department. The pamphlets, intended for adults, contained graphic language and advice on heterosexual and homosexual sex.
The Westchester County Department of Health claims it was a mistake and that it has revamped distribution procedures to prevent the mistake from happening again.
“Some of these brochures had information that was not appropriate for the younger kids and we're sorry about that. That was a mistake,” County Health Commissioner Dr. Joshua Lipsman told CBS.
Parents of the Irvington school students are furious that their children were exposed and that the principal failed to take action when a student brought the brochures to his attention, CBS reported.
“Parents should have the right to review all materials that contain sexual content in the public schools,” said Linda Klepacki, sexual health analyst for Focus on the Family Action. “This is clearly a violation of parental rights.”

HT Focus on the Family
Of course it's only shocking that this trash was shown to middle school students, right? Like dispensing the birth control pill and condoms to 11 year olds in Maine. We have come to accept this travesty in high school students.


j.a.varela said...

Dear Leticia:

The parent’s right to educate their children - in the sexual field also- is not a result of their more or less deep information. It’s a result of the fact of being parents. That’s why it’s a children’s right too.
The subsidiary principle emerges in all its force.
Of course, that it’s not an argument to neglect our study and formation of our conscience in those important matters.


Anita Moore said...

How about some criminal charges? It's a crime to provide obscene materials to minors.