Monday, October 01, 2007

My First Blogiversary

In August of 2006, I had implusively started this blog, and went to a family Baptism party, where a number of my cousins scoffed at the idea that someone would read what I have to say.I have long been the family 'religious fanatic', and to them, I seem so odd that they couldn't imagine my religious talk interesting anyone. I felt embarrassed at my audacity to think I could develop a following, and abandoned the project.
Until six weeks later, I attended an Indult Latin Mass, and in the coffee hour afterward, I had a fateful encounter with Alice of Cottage Blessings. I casually mentioned I had started a blog, and Alice immediately began to encourage me. She asked me what type of blog it was, and I couldn't even remember, it had been so long. She promised to read an comment upon my posts, and the thought that at least one person out there, besides my mother was interested, fueled my enthusiasm, I posted for the first time, and the rest is history.
Thank you Alice. Remember, those of you who feel that you have nothing to say; if you have a love for our Holy Mother Church and Our Lady and Our Lord, and can write a coherent paragraph, your voice is needed in the blogosphere. I have successfully encourage the following bloggers to start blogs.
The Divine Gift of Motherhood by Elizabeth
Sr Marie de Mandat-Grancey by Lorraine
In God's Image on Long Island by Dennis
All these wonderful blogs were started from a friend encouraging a friend.


Love2Learn Mom said...

Congratulations and what a lovely story of encouragement. Not too surprising from Alice! :)

Esther said...

Happy Anniversary! I think many of us are happy you decided to blog and with a vengeance ;-)

catholicandgop said...

Your blog is only a year old? I would have sworn it was much older because it is so established and well-done.

Happy anniversary!

Lorraine said...

Congrats! What a blessed accomplishment. I am a daily reader. And THANK YOU for encouraging me to begin. I still have so much to learn. :) I'll just keep watching the "old pros" like you! God bless you.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Happy blogiversary, Leticia, and may you have many more!

"I have long been the family 'religious fanatic'"

That's something else we have in common.

We are certainly happy you took up blogging. Look what a difference blogging has made in your life and how it has touched the lives of so many.