Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bella actor thanks prolifers who supported the movie

Eduardo Verastegui, who plays the lead role in the film and is a former star actor and singer in Mexico, says he has been "overwhelmed with joy" by the support.
In the email, Verastegui said three miracles have marked the progress of the film -- finding investors to make the movie, completing the movie itself, and winning the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival's People's Choice award.
But seeing the outpouring of support form pro-life groups is the most rewarding of all, he said.
"The most touching of all has been traveling the country and meeting all of you, and your support this week has been inspirational," he wrote.

Verastegui said hundreds of theaters showing the movie have pre-sold all of their seats to members of pro-life groups and that some organizations are buying hundreds, and even thousands of tickets, for their members.
He also said that one woman who has seen an advanced screening of the film has decided against having an abortion.
"It is a beautiful film that to me was created by something bigger than us all, and I will never forget all of the passion, support and life this film has inspired," he wrote.
He called on pro-life groups to continue promoting the movie leading up to its Friday premier. And they are doing just that.

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I will mention "Bella" and show a trailer as part of my talk Saturday at the Society of Catholic Social Scientists Meeting at St. John's University Law School.

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