Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Great Way to Share Theology of the Body

George Weigel has called Theology of the Body, "The ticking theological time bomb which, when it goes off, will ignite the New Springtime of Evangelization".
I agree, that this powerful teaching, when properly explained, revolutionizes how the Faith is taught in a Culture of Death, transforming it into a Culture of Life.
Kelly Pence, Catholic homeschooling mother of five, in the Chicago area, recently felt called by God to help evangelize using Theology of the Body. She started Share a CD outreach. Share a CD is an opportunity to receive great teaching CDs with famous Catholic speakers as Christopher West, Fr. Loya, and Fr. Larry Richards in the mail, with enough to share with others as a great tool of evangelization. We must combat the poor formation in the faith so many of my generation and older have had in their faith. So many Catholics do not attend Mass because they have misunderstood the Church's reasons for her teachings on marriage and family. Theology of the Body as explained on Share a CD is the answer to this problem.
There are many ideas on how you can purchase enough of these to share with your friends, prayer group, or your entire parish, at way below retail cost. You can get a CD for only$ 1.47 a month, plus shipping. Visit the website, which within a month will be completely renovated including a shopping cart, and live audio demonstrations of the CDs.
You may call Kelly at 815-426-2494 for information on how you can use these CD's in quantities of 11 or more to reach your parish or prayer group, Catholic school or family with this life-changing theology.
"...all baptized Christians must commit themselves to evangelization." - Pope John Paul II

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