Monday, October 15, 2007

Return of the Tabernacle update

A retired priest at St. John's informed me yesterday, that the Tabernacle must be bolted down in it's new location in the reredos, and that this, coupled with the complexities of Bishop Murphy's schedule is causing the delay in scheduling the Mass which will place Jesus back at the center of my parish church.
You are all invited to celebrate with us, whether in person, or in spirit. I will be covering it for the blog, naturally.
Meanwhile, I was at a 'Commitment Mass" last night for the new Confirmation Class. After the Mass, once again there was pandemonium in the sanctuary. No lessons learned here, despite our priest's best efforts. At an earlier Mass yesterday, a deacon discussed dress and behavior at Mass, and I had to stand on a long line to shake his hand afterward.
There is a long row to hoe teaching reverence in a culture which reveres nothing. They have their work cut out for them. Didn't Our Lady warn about this irreverance over 90 years agon in Fatima? Let's keep them in prayer.

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